11 Popular Marketplace APIs

Buyers and sellers of the world rejoice! Online marketplaces are the new normal, rapidly replacing fading shopping malls. Multiple sellers can now offer their goods in one sleek, centrally located place, and buyers can search and find desired products from multiple vendors and purchase them with one click, tap, or swipe--from their home, or from anywhere else.

Online marketplaces have digitally transformed the way consumers find coupons, compare prices, discover goods, purchase goods, read or leave reviews, and choose payment, shipping or delivery methods. And sellers can reduce costs, attract new customers, eliminate eCommerce overhead (securing domains, hosting, inventory systems, fulfillment systems, etc.), and leave the heavy lifting to pre-built marketplace software. It's a win-win for everybody (except brick and mortar stores).

Developers wanting to create and enhance applications with marketplace services will need the proper APIs to get the job done.

What is a Marketplace API?

A Marketplace API is an Application Programming Interface that enables developers to interact with data on a marketplace.

The best place to search for these APIs is in the Marketplace category of the ProgrammableWeb API directory. In this article, details are given of the eleven top Marketplace APIs, based on web page visits to the ProgrammableWeb Marketplace category.


SHOP.COM is an online store offering a wide range of products. The SHOP.COM APITrack this API allows developers to integrate SHOP.COM services and content into their applications. This enables users of the developer's applications to search and view product details for exclusive SHOP.COM products, and 1000s of major and specialty brand products.

2. Mirakl API

2. Mirakl offers online marketplace solutions for companies and brands. The Mirakl REST APITrack this API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Mirakl with other applications. API and Documentation access comes with Mirakl account service.

Mirakl offers API-first marketplace integrations

Mirakl offers API-first marketplace integrations. Image: Mirakl

3. Bandcamp API

Bandcamp is a music discovery website and marketplace where artists can provide tracks to stream or download and earn money from music sales. The Bandcamp APITrack this API features a RESTful interface and returns data in the JSON format, and provides users with artist accounts, label accounts, or partnerships information. It also returns song sales information and allows management of merchandise orders and shipments.

4. Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) API

The Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) APITrack this API enables sellers to automate and manage inventory, listings, orders, payments, reports, shipments, fulfillment and more. By exchanging data, sellers can integrate Amazon marketplace into their current applications and workflow. Note: Amazon is in the midst of transitioning from this API to the Amazon Selling Partner API (SP-API)Track this API, and in the future, new features will be integrated into SP-API, with MWS updates only for critical changes.

5. BitStamp API

BitStamp is an online exchange for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Online consumers and traders use BitStamp as a global marketplace to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Users make cash deposits to buy cryptocurrencies from other users, make purchases, or trade them back for cash. BitStamp also provides a fee schedule and market information about bitcoins. The BitStamp RESTful APITrack this API exposes transactional functions and access to crypto-market ticker information.

6. uShip API

uShip is an online shipping marketplace that connects people with customer-reviewed transport companies. Transporters use uShip to place competing bids to win a customer's business and meet their shipping needs. Partners, affiliates, and third party application developers interact with the uShip marketplace through integrations with the uShip APITrack this API. With uShip's API, users can create applications that interface with the uShip Platform and build on existing functionality.

7. Board Game Atlas API

Board Game Atlas is a directory and marketplace of board games. The Board Game Atlas APITrack this API returns JSON data to search for board games and retrieve board game data. API resources include game prices, game images, and game videos.

8. Boats Group Inventory

Boats Group is a recreational marine industry marketplace service that operates Boat Trader, YachtWorld, boats.com, Cosas De Barcos, and YachtCloser. The Boats Group Inventory APITrack this API provides detailed boating related information. This interface supports methods to perform searches, and access resources in several standard units of length and currencies. This information is provided in JSON, XML or PLIST format.

9. Freelancer API

Freelancer is a marketplace for employers to hire freelancers and for freelancers to find jobs with more than 26 million users. The Freelancer APITrack this API provides a way for users to access public information on the Freelancer website programmatically. The Freelancer API offers methods to manage users, projects, messaging, contests, collaborations, jobs, milestones, comments, polls and much more.

10. Alibaba Wholesale API

Alibaba.com is a global marketplace for wholesale buyers and sellers. The Alibaba Group WholeSale APITrack this API returns goods, categories, and search data associated with whole sale applications. XML and JSON responses are available when developers send a request call.

11. App Store Connect API

App Store is Apple's online store where users can discover, purchase, and download apps for their mobile iOS devices. The App Store Connect APITrack this API allows developers to automate tasks on the App Store, including uploading, submitting, and managing their apps. Developers can also view sales reports, access app analytics, invite users to test apps with TestFlight, and more.

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