11 Popular Rewards APIs

Rewards programs increase customer engagement, loyalty, and ultimately, company profits. And these days, rewards are practically an expected requirement for savvy brands.

Customer loyalty and rewards programs are offered from a variety of sources and use a variety of systems, such as gamification or points earning systems. And perks can be anything from discounts and coupons to free shipping, VIP services, personalized merchandise, and exclusive offers. Developers can add rewards programs to their apps using Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs. The best way to find a suitable API is in the Rewards category of ProgrammableWeb's API directory.

In this article, we highlight ten popular Rewards APIs that developers can tap into for enticing users and increasing application engagement.

1. Amazon Moments Reward API

Amazon Moments is a marketing service that allows developers to encourage user engagement by offering real-life rewards. The Amazon Moments Rewards APITrack this API allows users to reward their customers who complete specific actions with physical or digital items and products that are fulfilled by Amazon. Moments is a cross- Platform service for any tech with an HTTPS connection. The service and will issue personalized notifications when app customers reach moments.

2. FanBridge API

FanBridge is a Fan Relationship Management (FRM) platform that offers customer engagement and rewards services. Clients of FanBridge can use their tools to interact with their customers and fans, reward them for being customers and fans, and make new customers and fans. The FanBridge APITrack this API allows developers to access the functionality of FanBridge. Some example API methods include creating and sending email campaigns to customers and enabling new customers and fans to join the marketing list.

3. FlexAwards API

FlexAwards is a rewards and recognition platform that provides digital gift cards. The FlexAwards APITrack this API enables users to access data for digital gifts and gift cards. Developers can integrate languages, countries, amounts, cards, currencies, stores, and balance methods. A JavaScript SDK is available. This one API integrates gift cards from over 250 retailers and is listed under the Rewards category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Rewards APIs.

FlexAwards API allows access to over 250 major retailers for corporate gifting services

FlexAwards API allows access to over 250 major retailers for corporate gifting services. Image: Screenshot: FlexAwards

4. Codemojo API

Codemojo provides application developers with tools for engagement with their Rewards Network platform. The Codemojo APITrack this API connects an application with a rewards platform that supports loyalty points management, wallet, referrals, gamification, and sync. The Codemojo platform is a rewards network for brand partners that delivers exclusive offers, freebies, and discounts.

5. Information Machine API

The Information Machine APITrack this API automatically & passively collects users' purchase data from online and loyalty card purchases at most healthcare, grocery, takeout and major stores (such as Amazon, Costco, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc.). The API connects this raw purchase data to product and pricing data. An example of a use case could be a developer can create a food or dieting application that remembers everything the user purchased to make food logging easier. Or the developer can add coupon recommendations based on a user's past purchasing data.

6. MasterCard Personalized Offers API

MasterCard Personalized Offers APITrack this API supports the customization of offers for cardholders based on historical payment card transactions. It allows developers to integrate customer loyalty features for tracking savings, redeeming offers, and rating offers. Cardholders can access and redeem the offers through the online banking platform of the issuing bank.

7. Walgreens Balance Rewards API

The Walgreens Balance Rewards APITrack this API enables partners to connect into Walgreens to share health information and receive Balance Rewards points for healthy activities like walking, running, and weight management. The API is designed to enable partners to seamlessly share individual health and lifestyle activity and create or validate user memberships. In order for individuals to receive points for health and wellness activity, they must be a Balance Rewards member and have successfully completed a Walgreens OAuth login or registration.

8. Citibank Pay with Points API

Developers who integrate with Citibank Pay with Points APITrack this API can enable Citi customers to use their Citi Points to pay for transactions on an application.

9. Paytronix API

Paytronix is a customer engagement platform. The Paytronix APITrack this API manages customer loyalty programs. This RESTful API can be integrated into applications to create reward programs or email clubs, manage giveaways, and analyze customer data. The Documentation includes detailed instructions on getting started with Paytronix as well as a practice console for experimenting with the API.

10. Lightrail API

Lightrail is a gift card, rewards, store credit and promotions service provider from Giftbit. The Lightrail APITrack this API returns data regarding digital account credits, gift cards, promotions, and points. Developers can leverage the API to enable apps to run promotions, manage customer loyalty points, create gift cards, and collect payments.

11. Currency Alliance Loyalty API

Currency Alliance provides enables existing and new loyalty programs to connect with other businesses and exchange loyalty currencies. The Currency Alliance Loyalty APITrack this API offers access to the issuance, transfer, redemption, or exchange of any loyalty currency in JSON format.

For more information, check out the Rewards category on ProgrammableWeb, where you can find 65 APIs, 30 SDKs, and 21 Sample Codes along with recent rewards-related articles.

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