11 Popular Stocks APIs for 2021

Editor's Note: This article was published in it's original form in March, 2019. It has been updated to provide the current most popular Stocks APIs based on page visits to ProgrammableWeb.

New web services for creating stocks applications are added to the ProgrammableWeb directory almost weekly. These web services are also known as Stocks APIs.

What is a Stocks API?

Stocks APIs are Application Programming Interfaces that can be used by developers for stock predictions, algorithmic trading, international trading, market news, mobile trading, and other trends to create enhance brokerage applications.

Here's a look at some popular and interesting Stocks APIs, as determined by web page visits to ProgrammableWeb. These APIs are all listed in our Stocks category.

1. Bloomberg API

Bloomberg is a financial, software, data, and media company that offers access to raw data for customers of its financial market information through Bloomberg Professional Services. The same publish/subscribe and request/response interactions available via its proprietary interface can be accessed via API. This functionality gives access to data on current market trades, either real-time or delayed, along with reference data on reference data, historical information, and records of intraday trading.

2. US Stocks Fundamentals

The US Stocks Fundamentals APITrack this API offers easy access to stocks data based on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Over 12,000 companies are supported with over 8,000 indicators, featuring data about assets, cash equivalents, liabilities, yearlies, quarterlies, and more. Developers need to register first to obtain a free Authentication Token.

3. NASDAQ Data-On-Demand

NASDAQ provides historical stock quote data with its Data-On-Demand APITrack this API. The API enables users to choose specific symbols and trading time periods for quick and efficient analysis. The data can be used to integrate stocks quote data into a developer's application, analyze trends, back test trading strategies and algorithms and build a stock quote book. The API includes calls that let users select historical stocks data from the exact trading dates and times, download stocks data after the markets close for pre-market analysis and request bulk data downloads. Responses are formatted in JSON or XML.

4. World Trading Data API

World Trading Data provides historical stock data as well as real time quote data. World Trading Data APITrack this API provides very fast access to historical and real time stock data. Over 30 years of historical data can be returned in under half a second, and real time data for up to 200 stocks can be returned in 200ms.

5. Stock News

The Stock News APITrack this API is a simple HTTP REST API that enables users to get the latest stock news from some of the best news sources. Developers can use this API to get relevant video and article content from companies listed in the stock market. You must register for an API Key in order to use this API.


Retrieve news, videos, reports about stocks with this API

Retrieve news, videos, reports about stocks with this API. Screenshot: stocknewsapi

6. Alpaca

Alpaca is a commission free, API-first stock brokerage Platform. With Alpaca, developers can manage capital, stocks, and algorithms in one integrated system. The Alpaca Trade APITrack this API a REST-based interface that connects applications with a real-time brokerage service. The API is used to access account information, orders, positions, assets, and more. The company also offers the Alpaca Paper Trading APITrack this API to enable developers to test code, resetting an algorithm as much as necessary to test it using free, real-time market data. As well as a Streaming APITrack this API which uses Websockets for realtime updates about account changes or trades.

7. Last 10K

Last 10K API enables users to integrate SEC filing data within apps. The Last 10K APITrack this API and Developer Portal can facilitate the rapid creation of applications in JSON and XML formats. API methods for returning data such as balance sheet, equity, company income, earnings per share, fair value measurements, historical prices, stock quotes and more are provided. Last 10K also features sentiment analysis for registered users, in the form of bullish or bearish remarks about stocks.


E*TRADE online trading platform offers an APITrack this API to create investment applications utilizing E*TRADE services. The API also allows E*TRADE customers who currently use a third-party trading platform to view E*TRADE account and market information and place trade orders directly to E*TRADE from that platform. The API enables developers to authenticate customers, manage all trade orders, review account information, retrieve prices and other data about indexes and stocks, and more.

9. TradeStation

TradeStation provides online brokerage services. The TradeStation Web APITrack this API returns market data about symbols, quotes, stream quotes, barcharts, and also brokerage account data, plus order execution management functions. TradeStation also provides developers with a simulator to explore API behavior, test apps and websites, and host trading and games.

10. Dow Jones

Dow Jones offers APIs for retrieving content from its stock market news and index services. Dow Jones Content APITrack this API enables curation of news articles from the Dow Jones Factiva content platform. It can be used to access individual articles and sets of complete news articles using a variety of parameters including organization codes and accession numbers. Dow Jones Organizations API allows developers to build applications for searching and retrieving company profiles. DJII (Dow Jones Industrial Index) Taxonomy APITrack this API translates search queries into the recommended Factiva codes required for organization profile searches.

11. StockMarketClock

The StockMarketClock Trading Hours APITrack this API is a simple RESTful API that can be integrated into new or existing trading tools that returns information about the operating status for all available stock exchanges. This API only tells users the current status of whether a market is open or closed for trading, but it works for 79 markets all around the world.

If none of the APIs on the list above are what you are looking for, have no fear. There are over 550 Stocks APIs in our directory. Plus you can also find nearly 130 Stocks SDKs, and more than 90 pieces of sample code.

Additional FAQs

ProgrammableWeb currently has 534 Stocks APIs in its directory.
The E-Trade API architectural style is rest, and the authentication model is OAuth 1.
The NASDAQ Data-On-Demand API offers simplified API Access via a web-based API and also available in plain text files.

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