11 Top Advertising APIs

Online advertising can be a complicated world for developers. There are many options and platforms, and not exactly any stringent industry standards (at least in the USA) for advertising. Perhaps this is why many of the most popular Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, in the advertising sector are offered by industry giants such as Facebook, Google, Verizon, and Amazon.

Developers looking to monetize their applications can turn to ProgrammableWeb's directory to find a massive list of APIs to help achieve their ad goals. The Advertising category contains hundreds of safe choices for supporting ad programs or monetizing applications, including ad network connection, mobile advertising, affiliate ad management, app marketplace ads, and advertising analysis.

Here we highlight eleven of the most popular Advertising APIs according to website visits on ProgrammableWeb.

1. Facebook Marketing API

The Facebook Marketing APITrack this API allows developers to programmatically access Facebook's advertising Platform. Developers can get programmatic access to data for dynamic ads, ad targeting, best practices, and other ad management services. The API also provides access for audience management and insights data such as tracking specs, conversion rates and much more.

2. Amazon Product Advertising API

The Amazon Product Advertising APITrack this API exposes Amazon's product data and eCommerce functionality. With the API developers can retrieve product information to advertise products and make money as an Amazon affiliate. This API consistently ranks high on the most popular overall APIs on ProgrammableWeb list, as more than 1000 ProgrammableWeb users keep track of it on their watchlists.

3. Google AdSense API

Google AdSense is a platform for users to earn money from websites, mobile sites, site searches with relevant ads. The Google AdSense API includes two parts. Google AdSense Host APITrack this API is a revenue sharing platform for web traffic and browsing activities attributable to user-generated content. The Google AdSense Management APITrack this API provides reports on AdSense earnings and enables users to manage AdSense inventory.

4. Google AdWords API

The Google AdWords APITrack this API allows applications to interact directly with the Google Ads platform, vastly increasing the efficiency of managing large or complex Google Ads accounts and campaigns. The API is useful for automated account management, custom reporting, ad management based on inventory, bid management based on business data, and more. With the AdWords API developers can build applications to manage ad accounts programmatically. Note: Google is soon replacing the AdWords API with the Google Ads API.

5. Google Admob API

Google AdMob APITrack this API helps users monetize mobile applications through in-app advertising. The AdMob API enables users to access the campaign, sites and applications data in an AdMob account with a secure programmatic interface. Developers can build custom applications using the AdMob API, which provides indirect access to corresponding C++, iOS, Android, and Unity SDKs.

AdMob simplifies earning revenue with in-app ads

AdMob simplifies earning revenue with in-app ads, actionable insights, and tools to grow app businesses. Screenshot: Google

6. Adform API

Adform provides enterprise software for advertisers and agencies. The Adform APITrack this API provides integrated advertising functionality for applications across Europe. Functions include serving custom ad images and other content, media campaign planning, traffic management, and media buys, and campaign reporting. Features include personalized, customizable dynamic advertising and interactive bidding for ad display slots. API methods support creating and updating advertising campaign listings with reporting of clickthrough rates and other statistics.

7. Impact Radius API

Impact provides a partnership cloud for performance marketing, affiliates, mobile ads, and more. The Impact Radius APITrack this API is available to advertising clients and media partners. It provides advertisers with functionality for uploading transactional histories from back-office systems, crediting media partners, and linking e-commerce systems to submit returns. For media partners, it provides functionality for keeping approved campaigns up to date, build new promotional links, and receive live performance and earnings data. The API is RESTful and access requires an account with Impact.

8. The Trade Desk RTB API

The Trade Desk Enterprise APITrack this API allows demand-side partners to construct their own real-time bidders for buying programmatic advertising inventory from more than 40 supply sources across display, mobile, video, audio, and connected TV. Interested developers can contact the provider about access and Documentation.

9. Craigslist Bulk Posting API

Craigslist is a website that lists classified ads divided by sections including jobs, housing, personals and more. The Craigslist Bulk Posting APITrack this API provides users with an interface that allows for the submission of multiple posts in a single request. Requests must include a description, a post category, the city the post will be submitted for and a reply email. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

10. Taboola Backstage API

Taboola is a content discovery and native advertising platform. The Taboola Backstage APITrack this API returns JSON data about video and content campaigns plus displays lists of items for a campaign, single items, children items, child update of an RSS item.

11. Twitter Ads API

The Twitter Ads APITrack this API provides developers with programmatic access to advertising accounts. Using the API, developers may integrate their solutions to promote Tweets and Twitter accounts, schedule campaigns, retrieve analytics, manage audiences, and much more. Twitter Developer Services uses three phases of API access to support partner development needs: Developer, Basic, and Standard. Each phase is required to structure the program while partners develop and pilot their solutions. Once a developer reaches the Standard phase, they are eligible for the Twitter Official Partner program.

Not finding what you need in the list above? Head on over to the Advertising category on ProgrammableWeb, where there are more than 500 APIs, 250 SDKs, and 125 Source Code Samples to look through.

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