11 Top APIs for Animals

Developers who want to create applications that are focused on animals need to find the most appropriate Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, from which to retrieve data. ProgrammableWeb's Animal category is a great place to start. There, developers can find dozens of APIs that cover a wide variety of animal topics, including finding pets, zoology, health & welfare, conservation, migration, livestock, endangered species, random photos, random facts, animal taxonomy data, hunting and fishing, and more.

In this article, we highlight the top eleven APIs from the ProgrammableWeb Animal category as chosen by popularity on our website. They are listed here in order of page visits.

1. Cat Facts! API

The Cat Facts! APITrack this API allows users to send a daily cat fact via text message. Developers can use the API to create and view a list of fact recipients. They can also add cat facts of their own. The Catbot auto-replies when recipients text back.

Get facts about cats with this popular API from the Animals category

Get facts about cats with this popular API from the Animals category. Screenshot: Cat Facts

2. Dog CEO API

The Dog CEO Dog APITrack this API allows developers to access and integrate over 20,000 images of dogs from over 120 breeds with other applications. The images are supplied by the Stanford Dogs Dataset and are returned by breed, sub-breed, or at random.

Get images of dogs by breed with this API

Get images of dogs by breed with this API. Screenshot: Dog CEO

3. Animal Shelter Manager API

The Animal Shelter Manager is an open-source software product for managing an animal shelter. The Animal Shelter Manager APITrack this API integrates data about animals, shelter, adoption, and care. It is targeted at animal shelters, rescue groups, and animal control facilities. The API can return animal images, thumbnails, and animal adoptable views.

4. Petfinder AP

Petfinder is a website that lets users search for pets that are up for adoption. Petfinder offers a RESTful APITrack this API that allows developers to create their own applications to query the Petfinder database. Searches can be by breed, pet, shelter, or by breed/pet at a specific shelter.

5. What Cat API

The What Cat APITrack this API enables users to determine the breed of a cat from an image. The What Cat API knows 67 breeds of cats and returns 5 breeds in order of similarity with a probability value. Metadata Inc., an application software company based in Japan, provides this API.

6. eBird API

eBird is a bird discovery website from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology partnered with Audubon. The eBird APITrack this API allows developers to programmatically retrieve data from the eBird website such as recent or notable observations within a region, observations of a given species within a region, recent nearby observations, and historic observations on a given date. Developers can also get information on regions, hotspots, bird taxonomy, and more.

eBird API

Image: eBird

7. RandomFox API

RandomFox APITrack this API provides access to random images of a fox or group of foxes.

8. Get Your Pet API

Get Your Pet is an online pet adoption community where people who want to adopt a pet connect with people who need to rehome a dog or cat. The Get Your Pet APITrack this API allows partners programmatic access to the platform. Developers can utilize the API to look up the details of pets available for adoption on the website, such as pet age, distance, good with children, good with other dogs, etc.

9. Movebank API

Movebank is an online database of free animal tracking data. This is a global data archive for animal movement data of any species. It is provided by 5000 researchers and research organizations and managed by the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, in coordination with the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, the Ohio State University and the University of Konstanz. Developers can use the Movebank APITrack this API to build applications that connect to the Movebank database.

Movebank API

Image: Movebank

10. iNaturalist API

iNaturalist.org is a website that allows naturalists, scientists, and citizens to record, share, and discuss their wildlife observations with others. iNaturalist hosts more than 28 million observations of more than 80,000 species around the world and is a joint initiative of the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society. The iNaturalist APITrack this API allows developers to integrate wildlife sighting data into their applications.

11. FishWatch API

The FishWatch API provides access to information on seafood sustainability. For a given fish species, the FishWatch APITrack this API can return information on population, fishing rate, habitat impacts, bycatch, availability, source, taste, texture, and more. This service and its content are provided by NOAA Fisheries to help spread information about the science behind U.S. sustainable seafood.

Find these and more than 48 other APIs in the Animal category of ProgrammableWeb. Also, find 23 SDKs and 10 Source Code Samples.

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