111 Semantic APIs: MusicBrainz, Calais and DBpedia

Our API directory now includes 111 semantic APIs. The newest is the RACAI Linguistic API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the MusicBrainz API. We list 29 MusicBrainz mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of semantic APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 86 semantic REST APIs and 18 semantic SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 67 semantic XML APIs and 59 semantic JSON APIs.

The most common tags within semantic are 33 tools semantic APIs, 26 search semantic APIs and 15 text semantic APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 56 semantic mashups. We named RDFaCE as mashup of the day in July.

For reference, here is a list of all 111 semantic APIs.

  30 Digits Web Extractor API: Semantic web extraction tool

  Alchemy API: Semantic text and data dection and extraction

  AlchemyAPI Keyword and Term Extraction API: Text analysis and extraction tool

  AlchemyAPI Language Detection API: Language detection and analysis tool

  AlchemyAPI Text Categorization API: Text analysis and categorization tool

  Amplify API: Content analysis service

  Ask AMEE API: Natural language query service

  BeliefNetworks API: Semantic Intelligence, Site recommendations service

  Biosemantics JANE API: Journal and author name service

  Bueda API: Semantic analysis for user tags

  Calais API: Semantic data search and extraction service

  ClearForest Semantic Web Services1 API: Natural language processing tools

  Coginov API: Information interpretation and analysis service

  ComplexityIntelligence Named Entity Recognition API: Text analysis and extraction tool

  Crystal Semantics Content Categorization API: Content categorization services

  Cyc API: Semantic meaning service

  Data.gov.uk API: Public government database

  DataSift API: Real-Time Social Data Mining

  Daum Context Keyword API: Contextual keyword extraction service

  DBpedia API: Structured query interface to Wikipedia

  DBpedia Spotlight API: Semantic Text Annotation and Disambiguation

  Diffbot Article API: News article text extraction tool

  Dydra API: Cloud-based RDF store

  EBI SBO API: Ontology for computational modeling of systems biology

  EBI Whatizit API: Molecular biology term identification and reference linking

  eCoComa Convert API: Various text conversion services

  Enrycher API: Text analysis and keyword generation service

  Evri API: Recommendations and semantic search service

  Extractiv API: Semantic text extraction service

  GEMET API: Multi-language thesaurus management service

  GetGlue API: Social networking for entertainment service

  gnTEAM Full Text API: Text editing and bioinformatics data retrieval services

  Googe Refine ReconciliationService API: Semantic linking service

  Hakia API: Semantic search engine

  hbookmark API: Real-time semantic bookmarking via Twitter

  Influence Explorer Text API: Textual analysis tool

  Ingesture API: Light-weight social messaging service

  iPlant Semantic Web HTTP API: Botanical linked data/semantic web data service

  kikin EasySearch API: Embedded search service

  Kudos Flockworks API: Semantic text analysis service

  Lexaurus API: Vocabulary management service

  LTU Engine/ON Demand API: Image matching and search

  Lymbix Sentiment Analysis API: Sentiment analysis service

  Maiana API: Topic Maps Browser and Editor

  Meaningtool API: Semantic meaning service

  MetaGlance API: Metadata Generation Tool

  MusicBrainz API: Music metadata community service

  Mutalyzer API: Checks variant sequence nomenclature for correctness

  NaCTeM Termine API: Text mining service

  NBIC Peregrine API: Term recognition and tagging service

  O'Reilly Product Metadata Interface API: Book and publishing industry metadata interface

  Ookaboo API: Creative Commons photo search service

  OpenDover API: Semantic tagging webservice

  Openly Local API: Government information tracking service

  OpinionCrawl Sentiment Analysis API: Web sentiment analysis

  Ping the Semantic Web API: Semantic web standards service

  PopCV Semantic API: application processing service

  PredictiveIntent IntentPredictionServer API: Behavior profiling and filtering service

  Primal Semantics API: Related idea semantic service

  Purifyr API: Web content extraction service

  RACAI Linguistic API: Language identification, translation, and processing services

  Roistr API: Semantic Relevance Engine

  Saffron Sierra API: Natural intelligence database

  SalsaDev API: Semantic search and text analytics service

  Saplo Text Analysis API: Text Analysis Tool

  Sapo Semantic Lists API: Semantic word lists service

  Säsongmat API: Swedish-language seasonal food information service

  Scan & Target API: Digital conversations intelligence provider

  Seevl API: Music discovery service

  Semantic Contextual Advertising API: Contextual ad matching

  Semantic Engines Semantic API: Semantic analysis of documents or web pages

  SemanticHacker API: Semantic discovery service

  SemanticWire API: Semantic news reader service

  SemantiNet Knowledge Graph API: Web Data Query Service

  Sensebot API: Semantic search service

  Sholarometer API: Scholarly Resource search service

  Simple Semantic Web Architecture and Protocol API: Botanical semantic web conversion service

  Sindice API: Semantic data search and extraction service

  SISSVoc API: Interoperable spatial information service

  smartRealm SNAP API: Social network analysis tool

  Some Murrays Website Summaries API: Web site parsing tool

  SPIN RDF API: SPARQL query processing and translation service

  Strongsteam API: Artificial Intelligence tools

  Subj3ct API: Semantic Web subject identity resolution service

  Summarity API: Web page text summarization tool

  SuperTweet API: Twitter analysis, metadata, and monetization services

  Swoogle API: Semantic data search

  Syllabs API: Symantic text analysis service

  T-ma-tic API: Semantic meaning and connections service

  target API: Semantic targeting and personalization service

  Text-Processing.com API: Text Processing Service

  tldr.it API: Content Extraction & Summarization

  Topics.io API: Online content aggregation service

  True Knowledge API: General question and answers service

  TrustYou Matching API: Website content matching tool

  TrustYou Semantic API: Semantic Analysis Tool

  TweetSentiments API: Sentiment analysis for Twitter service

  UMBEL API: Semantic structure service

  URL Classifier API: Semantic web page categorization service

  VeryRelated Mind Maps Keyword API: Keywords generation service

  Watson API: Semantic web gateway

  WebKnox API: Entity and fact extraction tool

  WebLib Polymeta API: Federated search service

  Wikimeta API: Semantic tagging and content annotation service

  Wolfram Alpha API: Computational knowledge and search engine

  Yahoo Content Analysis API: Semantic relevance service

  Yahoo Geo Location API: Geolocation service for words and phrases

  Yebol API: Semantic search engine

  Yolink API: Semantic search

  Yummly API: Semantic recipe search Platform

  Zemanta API: Blog authoring extension services

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