112 Advertising APIs: Google AdSense, Google AdWords and FeedBurner

Our API directory now includes 112 advertising APIs. The newest is the TagLabs ActiveTag API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Google AdSense API. We list 74 Google AdSense mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of advertising APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 60 advertising REST APIs and 29 advertising SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 66 advertising XML APIs and 38 advertising JSON APIs.

The most common tags within advertising are 36 advertising marketing APIs, 18 mobile advertising APIs and 11 social advertising APIs

On the mashup side, we list 12 advertising mashups. We named ContractsForGeeks as mashup of the day last week.

For reference, here is a list of all 112 advertising APIs.

  140 Proof API: Twitter advertising service

  adBrite API: Online ad management service

  AdJuggler API: Ad management service

  Adknowledge API: Online advertising and marketing service

  Admob API: Mobile advertising service

  AdSpeed API: Online advertising management services

  Adzerk API: Online ad server service

  Ambassador API: Social Media Referral Software

  aRodar API: Used motorcycle listings

  Ask Sponsored Listings API: Search engine marketing service

  Badgeville API: Customer loyalty and reward Platform

  Baidu API: Online marketing service

  BigTribe API: Location based advertising

  BLAM Ads API: Content locking advertising service

  BlueVia Advertising API: Mobile advertising platform

  Burstly API: Monetization platform for app developers

  Click.st API: Social Media Marketing platform

  ClickAider API: PPC ad tracking service

  CrowdTwist API: Customer loyalty platform

  Cruvee Partner Link API: Wine database update system

  Crystal Semantics Content Categorization API: Content categorization services

  Curebit API: Customer sales referral service

  Digital River oneNetworkDirect API: Affiliate marketing network

  dotMailer API: Online marketing service Integration

  DoubleClick API: Online display ad service

  DoubleClick for Publishers API: Advertising management service

  Eniro API: Nordic business search directory

  Esponce API: Mobile marketing and QR code service

  Fabulous API: Domain revenue generation service

  Facebook Ads API: Advertising management service

  FanBridge API: Customer engagement and reward service

  FeedBurner API: Blog promotion tracking service

  Fliptop API: Social media profile service

  Flite Advertising API: Cloud based advertising platform

  foursquare Merchant API: foursquare merchant platform

  Freespree API: Call tracking and pay-per-call service

  GaggleAMP API: Social media advertising service

  GeoReach Neighborhood API: Location based adversting service

  Geotoko API: Location based campaign creation and search

  GetMobile API: Mobile advertising network

  Google AdSense API: Advertising management

  Google AdWords API: Search advertising

  Grocery Server API: Grocery search engine

  InMobi API: Mobile advertising network

  inneractive API: Mobile advertising mediation service

  Inwise API: Newsletter & Email marketing service

  IZEA Sponsored Tweets API: Independent Twitter advertising platform

  JAGTAG API: Mobile marketing service

  Kantar Video Analytics API: Video analytics service

  Knotice API: Digital direct marketing service

  Lat49 API: Geo-targeted advertising for online maps

  Lijit API: Trust network based search tool

  Linkbee.com API: Create Short Links and Cash Links

  Lipfeed.com API: Multimedia platform

  LiveDesigner API: Promotional clothing and product design service

  Loki API: Website location service

  Lookery API: User-targeting service

  LookSmart AdCenter API: Advertising campaign management

  LotVantage API: Auto listing service

  mail2 API: Email marketing service

  Mailjet API: Cloud hosted email platform

  mBLAST API: Media and marketing tools

  MdotM API: Mobile advertising network

  MediaEquals API: Advertising media buying and selling service

  MediaMind API: Advertising campaign management

  MerchantCircle.com API: Online marketing service for local businesses

  Microsoft adCenter API: Online advertisting services

  Miva API: Cost per click advertising network

  Mogreet API: Mobile marketing service

  Moolah Media API: Application advertising service

  MyAds API: Self-service advertising platform for the Rubicon Project

  myGPSID API: Geolocation based ads

  NAVTEQ LocationPoint Advertising API: Location based advertising service

  OnePageCRM API: Sales management and customer management platform

  OpenX API: Online advertising management services

  Orange SMS API: SMS Text Messaging Service

  Pardot Marketing Automation API: Website analytics and marketing

  Pinch API: Mobile analytics service

  Prosperent API: Affiliate marketing ad platform

  Proximic API: Contextual advertising service

  PubMatic API: Advertising monetization service

  Right Media Exchange API: Advertising management

  Rovi Cloud Services API: Digital entertainment technology

  Rvolve Hyperlocal Ads API: Hyperlocal advertising platform

  Sape API: Link monetization service

  SearchForecast Keywords API: Pay per click advertising keyword search and analysis

  Semantic Contextual Advertising API: Contextual ad matching

  Shiny Ads API: Self service ad platform

  Sklik API: Marketing and Advertisement service

  SnappyTV API: Real-time video and social media advertising platform

  Social Video Bytes API: Social application-based advertising network

  Spotzot API: Deal targeting and loyalty program service

  TagLabs ActiveTag API: Mobile QR code tagging service

  Tap.Me API: In game advertising service

  ThinkNear API: Local marketing and advertising service

  Trafficspaces API: Advertising management platform

  TubeMogul API: Video advertising and marketing service

  UltraCart Affiliate Management API: Affiliate marketing management service

  UrlTrends API: Link tracking and search optimization

  VigLink API: VigLink Affiliation Service

  visitor.js API: Website personalization and customization service

  Where2GetIt SlippyMap API: Online mapping service

  Wordpot API: Search engine optimization services

  Wordtracker API: Search engine optimization services

  Xa.ly API: URL shortener and monetizing service

  xAd API: Mobile advertising service

  Yahoo Ads API: Online ad management

  Yahoo Search Marketing API: Search advertising platform

  Yandex Direct API: Contextual advertising service

  Yospace API: Mobile video platform and service

  zanox API: Internet monetization services

  ZEDO API: Online advertising service

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