113 Application APIs: API O Mat, Contentful and Ratchet

Our API directory now includes 113 application APIs. The newest is the Wurl API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Angularjs API. We list 1 Angularjs mashup. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of application APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and JSON lead the way. There are 86 application REST APIs, 18 application JavaScript APIs and 3 application SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 22 application XML APIs and 84 application JSON APIs.

The most common tags within application are 59 application mobile APIs, 52 application backend APIs and 13 application baas APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 2 application mashups. We named App Review Tube mashup as mashup of the day in January.

For reference, here is a list of all 113 application APIs.

Adfonic API: Mobile advertising service

Adobe Wave API: Desktop notification service

Amazon Mobile App API: Amazon mobile app creation tools

AngularJS API: Application feature service

AnyPresence API: Mobile application building and management service

API O MAT API: Mobile application backend service

App Annie API: Application metric tracking service

AppAddict API: Cracked applications and digital books for mobile devices

Appcelerator API: Application development Platform

AppDirect API: Web based software marketplace

Appery.io API: Mobile application building and management service

AppFirst API: Application monitoring service

AppFog API: Application Platform Service

AppGlu API: Mobile application management platform

AppHarbor API: .NET application deployment service

Applicasa API: Mobile backend platform

AppNowGo! API: Web app building platform

Appolicious API: Mobile application discovery service

Appsecute API: Application management platform

Appsee API: Mobile application User Experience platform

AppSocially API: Application engagement service

appto.us API: Mobile and web application database

Azukki API: Cloud-based game development platform

Backendless API: Application backend-as-a-service

Backlift API: Web application building service

biNu API: Mobile application backend service

bipio API: API pipelining service

Broadstack API: Application Stack add-on provisioning service

Cabana API: Mobile application building and backend service

Capptain API: Mobile apps analytics service

CardFlight API: In-application credit card payment service

CatApplus API: Android app organization service

cisimple API: Mobile application testing and deployment service

CloudyRec API: Mobile application backend service

Contentful API: Content management system for applications

Continuuity API: Big Data application builder

Corona Cloud API: Application backend-as-a-service

Crittercism API: Mobile application error monitoring service

Cumula API: Web application building service

Deeplink.me API: Mobile and web application linking service

DeployGate API: Application deployment service

Distimo API: Application analytics and metrics platform

Drawbridge API: Mobile advertising platform

Ember API: Web application building service

Errplane API: Application monitoring & metric service

Everlive API: Application backend services

ExpressPlay API: Media content protection service

Fabersys API: Internal employee work management service

FatFractal API: Application backend service

FeedHenry API: Mobile application backend service

Framebase API: Video Integration service for apps

GoInstant API: Multiplayer real-time application building platform

Good Technology Good Dynamics Shared Service Framework API: Mobile app connection and capability sharing service

Hojoki API: Cloud application integration service

iBuildApp API: Mobile application building platform

iKnode API: Application backend service

InsynQ API: Cloud-based application hosting service

IXAPI API: Application and API creation service

Jibe Mobile API: Peer-to-peer for apps platform

Kawet API: Mobile app creation platform

keen.io API: Mobile and web application usage service

Kii Cloud API: Mobile application backend service

Kiip API: Application reward service

Kinvey API: Application backend as a service

Kochava API: Mobile app installs tracking service

Kony API: Mobile application development and backend service

kudosKit by ironSource API: Application user appreciation platform

Librato Silverline API: Application Resource monitoring and management service

Loader.io API: Simple cloud-based load testing for your apps

Message Bus API: Messaging capability service

Meteor API: Web application building service

mobDB.net API: Mobile application backend and Push Notification service

MobileIgniter API: App development platform

Moolah Media API: Application advertising service

MoPub API: Application monetization platform

mydigitalstructure API: Web application building service

NativeX API: Application building and monetization platform

NovelASPect API: Application hosting services

Octopod API: Mobile application backend service

OpenLabels API: Database of labels for app-coders

Orchestrate.io API: Application features service

Phocoder API: Photo handling service for applications

Pixate API: Application building platform

Point.io API: Mobile application building and management service

Precog API: Application building platform

Ratchet API: Real time app error reporting service

Realtime ORTC API: Application messaging service

Rogerthat API: Mobile Enterprise Application Platform

Scringo API: Mobile and tablet application feature provider

Sencha API: Mobile application backend service

SetOnx API: Microsoft On{X} Service

Smadex API: Mobile advertising service

StatusPage API: Application status page platform

StreamIn API: Application notification platform

Swift Identity API: Web application security management service

Tambur.io API: Application backend service

TappingStone API: Application behavior tool

Temboo API: Application development tools

The WeatherRepo API: App security information service

Trigger.io API: Build iOS and Android apps from a HTML/ CSS/JS codebase

TrueVault API: HIPAA compliant healthcare data storage for apps

USA.gov Mobile App Gallery API: U.S. government apps information service

Validic API: Healthcare app connection service

Verivo Akula API: Enterprise Mobile Application Service

Vistarmedia API: Place-based advertising platform

Voice Actions Jeannie API: Voice control service for applications

Webinos API: Application building platform

Wibiya API: Social toolbar service

Wurl API: Streaming video content service

Xamarin API: Application backend and building service

Zapier API: Application integration service

Zazler API: Web & mobile application backend-as-a-service

ZeroPush API: iOS push notification service

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