12 Shopping Visualization Mashups

Out of the 224 mashups tagged "shopping" and the 49 mashups tagged "visualization" there is an interesting intersection of a dozen mashups sharing both those tags. Some use the Amazon E-Commerce API, some the eBay API, or the Shopping.com API or even non-shopping APIs like the LastFM API. Some of the mashups are useful and can help you find deals or discover relationships, many are quite creative, and some just are fun to interact with. Here's a rundown:

  • CoverPop: Great use of the Amazon toolkit by Jim Bumgardner to combine hundreds of similar Amazon product images merged into a single interactive page. You can buy from here or use his banners in your own site. Some really fun combinations. One of the early mashups in our database.
  • amaDig: A unique graphical Amazon Browser to visualize your shopping experience.
  • CrispyShop: Allows instant visualization of 50 products by price, features and popularity.
  • DealsCloud: View popular deal threads from FatWallet and SlickDeals forums in a form of a tag cloud. More popular threads have larger tags.
  • Flowser: Flowser is graphical Amazon Browser. Type in a product name and see a visualization of the search results by product type.
  • Game System Wars: Uses Amazon and Google APIs to track the success of the competing next-generation game systems: XBox 360, Wii, and PS3.
  • listpic: Listpic finds posts to Craigslist that contain pictures and allows one to easily browse through the posts by theses pictures.
  • Mainbase: Grabs data from Google base and allows you to search, sort and plot records on a chart, map, and calendar.
  • Mpire: Sophisticated online shopping service that searches the most popular online stores in one place to show buyers the true market value of products they want to buy. Over 50 trillion historical sales analyzed. We've covered Mpire before in and .
  • Music Artist Cloud: Just enter your favorite musical artist and discover all related artists. It has never been easier to find good bands.
  • Superhighstreet.com: Virtual Tours. Real Streets. Beat the crowds and scroll down world-famous interactive virtual shopping streetscapes like Oxford Street in London.
  • TuneGlue: Slick interactive visualization of the relationship between music artists using the Last.fm and Amazon.com.uk APIs.

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<strong>Music Artist Cloud</strong>

Unter den etlichen zur Zeit aufkommenden Mashups gibt logischerweise auch viele die mit Musik zu tun haben. Ganz nett ist Music Artist Cloud, bei dem man ausgehend von seinen bevorzugten Künstlern nach ähnlichen Künstlern fahnden kann, und natürlich (d...

Can we all just step back and take a poll? Does anyone actually find this stuff helpful in their shopping experience? The internet is just smoke and mirrors now.