12 Top Real Estate APIs

Digital Transformation has impacted every industry and the Real Estate industry is no exception. "PropTech" provides intelligence and analytics for more modern real estate marketing targeted to savvy, mobile users; plus other innovations such as property management based on IoT, property insurance, construction automation for land developers, RESO compliance, & data analysis for property, homeownership, and mortgages.

Driving all this transformation are Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs. And developers can find the best APIs for creating innovative apps in the ProgrammableWeb Real Estate category. In this article, we highlight the twelve most popular Real Estate APIs as chosen by user visits to the ProgrammableWeb website.

1. Zillow

The Zillow API NetworkTrack this API is available for members to turn their own real estate sites into mini real estate portals using Zillow's real estate and mortgage content. Data returned includes reviews, neighborhood statistics such as Zillow Home Value Index, home and condo values, tax rates, demographic data, geocoordinates for mapping, house prices, historical prices, payment estimates, and more.

2. Metropix API

Metropix is a supplier of floor plan based products for the real estate market. Its products include 2D and 3D models, basic floor plans, and Google Earth 3D models among others. The Metropix APITrack this API enables users to access floor plans, create a new floor plan, print, edit, query property info, and other functions. The service is available in both REST and SOAP protocols.

Metropix API

Screenshot: Metropix

3. MyBuilding API

MyBuilding APITrack this API provides rental property management information functions such as vacancy announcements, rental applications, tenant status tracking, and maintenance requests. It also allows residents to post profiles. API methods support the management of resident accounts and profiles, rental unit assignments, tenancy termination. Methods also support submission and tracking of maintenance requests as well as community interaction among residents.

4. PropertyHub Real Estate API

Agentpoint's PropertyHub Real Estate APITrack this API provides real estate data about properties in Australia. Data can be returned from date ranges about residential sales, holiday leases, business sales, new developments, property status, prices, custom fields, and many others. (Note: This is the former Zoo Property API) Responses are XML or JSON formats.

5. Zilpy

Zilpy provides estimates for rental prices given a property address using data mining algorithms that consider crime rate, school ratings, walkability, demographics, and comparable neighborhood properties. The Zilpy APITrack this API enables users to retrieve estimated market rental prices for third-party app Integration, plus create and manage reports.

6. Estated Property Data

Estated is a property data provider. The Estated Property Data APITrack this API enables users to access property data from 10 billion data points across 135 million property records. API methods are available for geocoding, parcel, land user, structures, owners, assessments, mortgages, sales and much more. Data is provided in JSON format.

7. Zoopla

Zoopla provides data about real estate in the United Kingdom, including 27 million homes, over one million property listings, and 15 years of sold prices data. The Zoopla APITrack this API is useful to provide contextual local data on current property values or sold prices by property type, to show complete listings for sale or rental properties on maps, and to display graphs showing local property value data and trends.

8. DataNerds Property Data API

The DataNerds APITrack this API provides GeoJSON, JSON, and XML responses about property site, structure, ownership, tax, assessment, mortgages, market status, estimated market value, permit history, and comparables from 130 million properties in the United States.

9. ASC National Registry Search API

The U.S. Appraisal Subcommittee (ASC) is a governmental agency charged with overseeing the Appraisal Foundation, a private, not-for-profit organization for maintaining real estate appraisal standards in the United States. The ASC APITrack this API enables filtered searches of the ASC National Registry and is intended for use by lenders, regulatory agencies, and other interested parties. This is a SOAP-based API.

10. Homes.com API

Homes.com is an online Portal that allows consumers to find homes for sale and rent. The Homes.com APITrack this API provides methods for sales leads such as name, email, phone, company, address and for property listings such as listing URL, address, zip code, county, photos and more.

11. Numbeo Cost of Living API

The Numbeo Cost of Living APITrack this API integrates comparison information about living conditions between two cities or countries. API methods are available to retrieve data about cities, price items, currency exchange, rents, hotel prices, indices, crime, healthcare, pollution, traffic, and climate.

Numbeo provides tools to see and compare information about cost of living worldwide

Numbeo provides tools to see and compare information about cost of living worldwide. Screenshot: Numbeo

12. Walk Score API

Walk Score calculates the walkability of an address based on the distance from a house to nearby amenities. The Walk Score APITrack this API uses a RESTful interface and returns the Walk Score for any latitude and longitude in the U.S. in XML or JSON format.

If you don't see any suitable APIs for your Real Estate application in the list above, head on over to the Real Estate category on ProgrammableWeb, where you can find more than 190 APIs, 46 SDKs, and 29 Source Code Samples.

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