123 Database APIs: GeoNames, Freebase and Yahoo Query Language

Our API directory now includes 123 database APIs. The newest is the BigTable API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the GeoNames API. We list 81 GeoNames mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of database APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 80 database REST APIs and 36 database SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 77 database XML APIs and 62 database JSON APIs.

The most common tags within database are 30 science database APIs, 20 bioinformatics database APIs and 14 reference database APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 9 database mashups. We named New Dance Tracks as mashup of the day in October.

For reference, here is a list of all 123 database APIs.

  ADL 3D Repository (3DR) API: 3D model database

  Amazon DynamoDB API: NoSQL database service

  Amazon RDS Relational Database Service API: Relational database service in the cloud

  Amazon SimpleDB API: Online database service

  Analytical Path API: Application data vizualization service

  appto.us API: Mobile and web application database

  Archimedes Project Donatus API: Morphological analysis data service

  AtlasCT Location-Based Services API: Location-based services

  Beatport API: Electronic music downloads

  BigTable API: Online database service

  Bing Maps Spatial Data Services API: Mapping geospatial data service

  BioMart API: Scientific database service

  Boliven Patents API: 100 million Patent and Scientific documents

  Boliven Publications API: Patent and scientific document Portal

  Budget Your Trip API: Travel planning service

  BuzzData API: Data hosting and management service

  Cambridge University Library API: Library catalog and services

  CartoDB API: Geospatial data and map creation service

  Caspio Bridge API: cloud computing Integration service

  Charities Commission API: charity database service

  CICC gNova API: Chemical database search

  CKAN API: Data portal Platform service

  ClearDB API: Cloud based database

  Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network API: Community driven open knowledge database

  cPath API: Medical database lookup

  DabbleDB API: Online database service

  Dance-Tunes API: Electronic music downloads

  Database.com API: Cloud Computing Database Service

  Datafiniti API: Search engine for data

  DbApi API: Database management service

  DKFZ SoapDB API: Genetics and protein sequence databases

  Duplicated Genes Database API: Database of co-located and duplicated genes

  Dydra API: Cloud-based RDF store

  e-Fungi API: Fungi genomics database and analysis service

  EBI WSDbfetch API: Biological database search service

  EBI WU-BLAST API: Database search for biological sequence similarities

  Edmunds.com Dealer API: Vehicle dealer information

  Edmunds.com Vehicle API: Automobile information

  Evrythng API: Online profiles for physical objects

  Factolex API: Fact/Lexicon Database Service

  Factual API: Open Data for sharing and reference tools

  Factual Places API: Open Data for sharing and reference tools

  FixYa API: Question and answer site

  FluidDB API: Information Architecture & Database Service

  Fragmento API: Business compliance management service

  Freebase API: Community driven open database

  FreeCovers.net API: Album cover archive

  Game Jolt API: Independent video game directory

  GeoNames API: Geographic name and postal code lookup

  GIS Cloud API: Geospatial data cloud hosting & map creation service

  Golm Metabalome Database API: Metabolic molecule database

  Google Base API: Platform for structure and semi-structured data

  Google Fusion Tables API: Data sharing and visualization platform

  gubb API: List creation and management

  Health Indicators Warehouse API: Health indicators database

  HMMER API: Protein sequence search and alignment service

  Hoovers API: Corporate data services

  InfiniteGraph API: Distributed graph database

  Institute of Development Studies API: Research and data repository

  Intelius Search API: Public records database search

  iRefIndex API: Protein interaction databases

  Lexaurus API: Vocabulary management service

  Location Labs Spatial Storage API: Access and Search Geo-Tagged Content

  LongJump API: Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  LyrDB API: Lyrics Database

  M/DB API: Database service

  Maiana API: Topic Maps Browser and Editor

  Martindale-Hubbell API: Legal directory

  MetNet API: Biological database access service

  miRMaid API: miRNA database access service

  Missatsamtal.se API: Swedish Telemarketer/Unknown Caller Phone Number Database

  MongoLab API: Hosted MongoDB database

  MRS API: Biological and medical database search service

  MyAnimeList API: Anime collection referene list

  MyHits API: Protein domain database

  MyTaskHelper API: Database management service

  NASA Coordinated Data Analysis System (CDAS) API: Space physics instrument data

  NCSU Libraries CatalogWS API: Library catalog and services

  NetProspex API: Contact data management

  NextDB API: Hosted database accessible from JavaScript

  Norwegian Bioinformatics Platform API: Databases for significant sites in biological sequences

  Nuclear Protein Database API: Database of nuclear vertebrate proteins

  Nutritionix API: Nutrition data search and database

  Octopart Electronics API: Electronics parts search services

  Open EAN/GTIN Database API: Barcode database

  OpenLigaDB API: Community run sports database

  Pathbase API: Mouse pathology imagery database

  Phish.Net API: Phish fan site

  Phospho.ELM API: Protein phosphorylation site database

  PlantTFDB API: Database of plant transcription factors

  Plings API: Places and Activities Database

  ProDom API: Protein domain family database

  PSLC DataShop API: Educational research repository

  Qirina API: Keyword analysis database

  Qrimp API: Developer platform with database capabilities

  RCSB Protein Data Bank API: 3D protein database

  RdbHost API: SQL database Web Service

  Reactome API: Biological pathway database

  Realtors Property Resource API: Real estate data service

  Recreation.gov API: Federal recreation database

  SABIO-RK API: Biochemical reaction database

  SeqHound API: Bioinformatics research database

  ServerCyde API: Web application building service

  SimpleGeo API: Location services platform

  SimpleGeo Places API: Location Search Service

  Sindice API: Semantic data search and extraction service

  StructuredRetailProducts API: Financial and business database

  Sunlight Foundation's Party Time! API: Political fundraiser invitation database

  Swoogle API: Semantic data search

  TeamDesk API: Web based database application service

  TempoDB API: Time-series data database and analytics platform

  TFmodeller API: DNA-binding protein modeling service

  The SEED API: Genomic information database

  Trackingo API: Personal Data Tracking Service

  TreeBASE API: Phylogenetic tree database

  TuneFind API: Movie & TV Show Music Database Service

  UN Comtrade API: United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database

  Unfuddle API: Bug and issue tracking

  Urbarama API: Architecture atlas

  USA Today Sports Salaries API: Sports information service

  WeoGeo API: Geo-data storage and sharing service

  Xeround Cloud Database API: Cloud Database Service

  Yahoo Query Language API: Query Language platform for Yahoo services

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