125 Places APIs: Google Maps, Bing Maps and Yahoo

Our API directory now includes 125 places APIs. The newest is the Waytag API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Google Maps API. We list 2369 Google Maps mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of places APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 84 places REST APIs and 16 places SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 72 places JSON APIs and 71 places XML APIs.

The most common tags within places are 94 mapping places APIs, 39 location places APIs and 24 social places APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 4 places mashups. The most recent was BizScrambler which was listed in February.

For reference, here is a list of all 125 places APIs.

  2GIS API: Russian Search Service

  AddressingHistory API: Historical online mapping service

  Alpinaut API: Adventure sport route sharing service

  ArcWeb API: Mapping and GIS services

  AtlasCT Geo-Services API: Maps and location-based services

  AtlasCT Places & Check-in API: Places and location check-in

  Beer Mapping API: Brewery data and mapping services

  Best Buy BBYOpen Stores API: Retail store data

  BestParking API: Paid parking location service

  bicingwatch API: Listing and mapping public cycling stations

  Bing Maps API: Microsoft online mapping service

  Bing Maps Geocode API: Geocoding service

  Bing Maps Geocode Dataflow API: Geocoding service

  Bing Maps Search API: Mapping search service

  Bing Maps Spatial Data Services API: Mapping geospatial data service

  Bing Static Maps API: Bing static map creation service

  Blogama (IPInfoDB) API: IP geolocation service

  Bluevia Location API: Mobile geolocation service

  Brightkite API: Location sharing service

  Buddycloud API: Social location service

  Bullseye Store Locator API: Store location search service

  BView API: Local vouchers and offers

  China Historical GIS API: Chinese history and geography information service

  CityGrid API: Local business directory search service

  Cloudmade Leaflet API: Interactive maps service

  CloudMade NavEngine API: Driving directions service

  CS50 HarvardMaps API: Harvard Map Data

  Dailyplaces API: Location based microblogging Platform

  Daum Maps API: Mapping services

  deCarta API: Location-based services

  Dehood API: Location based application design service

  Denmark Web service API: Denmark address and municipality services

  EPA Station API: Find EPA monitoring stations by geographic area

  Eventility API: Event organization and promotion service

  EveryTrail API: Travel experience platform

  Factual Places API: Open Data for sharing and reference tools

  Feest.je API: Netherlands-based location sharing service

  Fizber Events API: Local events search services

  Fizber Schools API: School finder service

  Fwix Location API: Business listing service

  Geoloqi API: Location sharing service

  Google Maps API: Mapping services

  Google Places API: Local business and point of interest service

  Gowalla API: Location aware social network

  Gruvr API: Live music and concert information

  HopStop API: Mass transit and walking directions

  Hyperpublic API: Geographic data collection service

  Infochimps Geo API: Geographic data and mapping service

  Localstreamer API: Geolocation service

  Location Genome API: Mobile location based services

  Loci.me API: Create and Share Places/Locations

  Loxcel API: Location based mapping service

  map4app API: Map Integration service

  mapme API: Location mapping service

  MapQuest Search API: Geographic search service

  MashSpots API: Local search and mapping

  MasterCard ATM Locations API: ATM information service

  MetaCarta API: Location and geotagging services

  Micello API: Indoor mapping service

  Microsoft Bing Maps API: Mapping services

  Multimap API: Global online mapping service

  Muselia API: Museum mapping service

  MyAvoxData API: Business entity data

  Mycitymate Location API: Local user reviews and city guides

  MyGeoPosition GeoPicker API: Geocoding and location service

  NakdReality API: Augmented reality and location-based service

  Nokia Ovi Places API: Online mapping service

  OfferGrid API: Deal distribution service

  Onboard Points of Interest API: Real estate listings and search service

  OpenAddresses GeoLocated Address Search API: Worldwide address search service

  OpenPaths API: Personal location information management application

  OpenStreetMap API: The free wiki world map

  OpenStreetMap Name Finder API: Location based information service

  Overpass OpenStreetMap API: Collaborative Mapping Service

  ParkingInMotion API: Parking information application

  ParkWhiz API: Access to parking and event data

  PeekaCity API: Location-based services

  Pin Drop API: Location application

  Placecast API: Location mapping tool

  PlaceIQ API: Location data and mapping service

  Plazes API: Location based social network

  Plings API: Places and Activities Database

  Postcode Anywhere Store Finder API: UK business listings service

  PostMapper API: Mapping service for blog posts

  Pushpin Location Data API: Location and statistical information about places

  Qype API: Local reviews service

  Roomorama API: Short-term travel rental service

  Rummble API: Location-based services

  Safe2pee API: Gender neutral bathroom search

  SaleLocator API: Sales search engine

  Sapo POI API: Location data service

  Sensis Business Search API: Australian business directory search service

  ServiceObjects DOTS Address API: Address validation and geocoding services

  Shizzow API: Location sharing social networking

  SimpleGeo Places API: Location Search Service

  SingTel inSing Business Search API: Mobile business search service

  SitOrSquat API: Public bathroom finding service

  Socialight API: Social community

  SoGeo API: Location aware business platform

  South African YellowPages Maps API: Mapping service

  Spot2be API: Online and mobile location sharing

  Stumble.to API: Automatic check in to Foursquare service

  TeliaSonera Landmark API API: Location tracking service

  Tellmewhere API: Location sharing service

  The Dealmap API: Local deals

  Tixik API: Famous places GPS services

  Touch Local API: Business locator and review service

  Trazzler API: Travel recommendation service

  Tripl API: Social travel service

  Unlock API: Name and location mapping service

  Urban Mapping Neighborhoods API: Urban geo-spatial data services

  Urbarama API: Architecture atlas

  US Yellow Pages API: US yellow pages telephone directory

  Veniu API: European geo-mobile social network

  Verizon NavBuilder MapKit API: Mobile location based services

  ViaMichelin API: Mapping, directions, and travel booking services

  waldstat API: Location sharing service

  Waytag API: Geolocation and place service

  welovelocal API: Local business search and recommendation service

  Where2GetIt SlippyMap API: Online mapping service

  Yahoo Local Search API: Local search service

  Yahoo PlaceFinder API: Geocoding of named places

  Yahoo Placemaker API: Geo-enrichment service

  Yellow API: Canadian business listings service

  YellowBot Location API: Local business search service

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