13 Great Frameworks for Node.js

When it comes to the server-side of Web app development, there are a lot of great languages to choose from; PHP, Python, and Ruby just to name a few. While JavaScript has dominated the scripting landscape on the client-side, it wasn't until Node.js came along that Javascript became a serious contender on the server-side.  One outgrowth of this opportunity for development shops to essentially go all-Javascript has to do with finding and retaining the necessary talent.  The closer you get to standardizing on one language across all of your offerings, the easier it is to keep your human resources efficiently allocated to your client- and server-side efforts (be they strategic efforts or fire drills).

The real sign of any Platform's come-uppance is the extent to which third-parties rally with supporting solutions. In that "department," Node.js has hit paydirt. In particular, it has garnered the support of dozens of frameworks.  In this slideshow, the folks at InfoWorld list 13 "lean and mean" Node.js that caught their eye for their ability to "streamline your development of fast websites, rich APIs, and real-time apps."

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13 fabulous frameworks for Node.js