13 New APIs: Twitter Search, Social Spending and Local Transit

This week we had 13 new APIs added to our API directory including a social spending service, content sharing service, smartphone setting dection service and social movie review service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

BlippyBlippy API: Blippy is a service to selectively share your purchases with friends. The API allows access via OAuth to much of the data available so developers can create tools based on user spending. See our full coverage, Blippy Opens Up Social Spending with New API.

CinchCastCinchCast API: Share audio, text and photo updates using your phone or computer. The API provides access to the read and write features of Cinch. Your content creations can then be shared through Facebook, Twitter and more.

ConduitConduit API: The Conduit API provides access to the Conduit app and toolbar creation platform. Use XML, HTML and JavaScript to interact with user's of the app. Provides access to RSS, gadgets and media players.

CyberSource SimpleCyberSource Simple API: CyberSource helps you accept payments on your website. The service supports payments by credit card, electronic check and PayPal. There are several methods that can be used and developer kits in a number of languages.

detectmyPhonedetectmyPhone API: The detectmyPhone API enables Smartphone handset detection with one line of JavaScript. You can easily redirect users to your mobile website based on the handset detected. You can also add custom javascript code which will be executed on the host page if you don't want to do a redirect.

MapfluenceMapfluence API: Mapfluence is a mapping web service that simplifies and speeds up the development and deployment of sophisticated online mapping applications by providing infrastructure and data. The API is available via a RESTful protocol or through JavaScript.

MomboMombo API: Mines Twitter for movie-related tweets and attempts to determine the sentiment. Provides methods to search movies, find lists of the most popular and retrieve details, including tweets, about the movie. We also covered Mombo on the blog this week.

ParkWhizParkWhiz API: The ParkWhiz API gives developers access all of ParkWhiz's real-time parking and event data in major US cities and around sports venues. The API features a RESTful interface and returns data via the JSON format. Calls are limited to 1000 a day and are authorized via an API Key.

Put.ioPut.io API: The Put.io API offers a storage service that fetches media files and lets you stream them immediately. It features a library in Python via the JSON protocol.

QuickFuseQuickFuse API: QuickFuse is a unique voice application editor and platform that's controlled from a web browser. Voice applications built on the QuickFuse platform are assembled by "snapping together" components from a library of visual application models that cover the requirements of IVR, messaging, telephony applications and data management.

TopsyTopsy API: Topsy is a Twitter search engine, ranking links, photos and tweets by the number--and quality--of retweets they receive. API provides search results and additional data, such as author influence. We wrote about Topsy this week and how it is Twitter Search Without an Expiration.

WinTheTrophyWinTheTrophy API: WinTheTrophy offers developers their BetBot API which gives access to making sports bets. The API features a RESTful protocol and returns data via the JSON and XML formats.

WMATAWMATA API: Provides access to Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority transparent data sets, including information about stations and lines. Provides arrival time estimates and incident information--from the same source that drives the public information displays in stations. Find out more in our blog post about DC Metro's API.


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