134 Security APIs: Google, Janrain and Windows Live

Our API directory now includes 134 security APIs. The newest is the Universign API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Google OpenID API. We list 8 Google OpenID mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of security APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 71 security REST APIs and 36 security SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 78 security XML APIs and 43 security JSON APIs.

The most common tags within security are 27 authentication security APIs, 20 internet security APIs and 15 identity security APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 20 security mashups. We named CompletelyPrivateFiles as mashup of the day in March 2011.

For reference, here is a list of all 134 security APIs.

   OneLogin API: Single sign-on solution

  Aadhaar UIDAI Authentication API: Online authentication for Indian citizens

  ACHWorks API: Online transaction service

  Anatoa API: Fraud protection service

  AOL Open Auth API: Authentication services

  Apigee OAuth API: OAuth authentication across several APIs

  ARCS API: Application resource control service

  AT&T Notary Management API: Digital signature service

  Atlassian Crowd API: Single Sign On service

  AuthDog API: Authentication creation service

  Bank Account Checker API: Bank account verification service

  BankCard Central VERePay API: eCommerce gateway

  BeenVerified API: Authentication services

  BlogSpam.net API: Detection for Blog & Forum SPAM

  BotScout API: Bot detection service

  Brightcloud API: Website filtering data service

  BriteVerify API: Realtime email data verification

  BrowserID API: Website sign in service

  buySAFE API: E-commerce trust network

  Call me API: Hide contact details on the internet

  Called.in Phone Verification API: Phone number verification service

  CaptChair API: Image-based captcha service

  CDYNE IP2Geo API: Geolocate by IP address

  CDYNE Phone Verification API: Phone number verification service

  CDYNE Postal Address Verification API: Postal address verification service

  CDYNE Profanity Filter API: Profanity filtering service

  CensorNet Hosted Web Security API: Web security service

  CheckIP API: IP lookup service

  CloudCracker API: Password Cracking Service

  CloudFlare Client Interface API: Content delivery network

  CompletelyPrivateFiles API: Data encryption service

  Confident CAPTCHA API: Image-based captcha service

  Cumulo Authorize API: Authentication services

  Data8 Credit Card Validation API: Credit card validation service

  DEA Filter API: Spam and email filter

  Defensio API: Blog and social site spam prevention services

  Dialawg API: Secure conversation platform

  Digital Monitoring Products API: Security monitoring provider

  DuoFactor API: Web authentication service

  e-SignLive API: Electronic signature service

  Easy Antispam API: Email spam services

  Enole API: Mobile Authentication Service

  Ericsson Captcha API: Security and Advertisement Service

  FoolDNS API: Online privacy protection service

  FraudLabs AreaCodeWorld NPA NXX Area Code API: Geographical location service

  FraudLabs BrowserObject Browser Detection API: Browser information detection service

  FraudLabs Credit Card Fraud Detection API: Credit card verification service

  FraudLabs IP2Proxy API: Annymous proxy detection service

  FraudLabs MailBox Validator API: Email address validation service

  Freak CMS User-agents API: User Agent checking service

  gamerID API: Gaming identity authenticater

  GeoCerts Reseller API: SSL reseller platform

  Google Client Authentication API: Account authentication for installed applications

  Google OpenID API: OpenID login for Google account users

  Google Safe Browsing API: Security service to verify URLs

  Google Single SignOn API: Authentication for Google Apps

  Google Site Verification API: Website owner verification service

  Google Web Authentication API: Account authentication proxy for web-based applications

  Guerrilla Mail API: Temporary Email Service

  Human Information Project Data API: User Information and Privacy

  I'm Human API: Visual CAPTCHA service

  Impermium API: Website protection service

  Innovative Merchant Solutions API: Payment processing service

  IP Address API: IP address lookup service

  IPGEO API: IP Address Geolocation Service

  IPInfoDB E-Commerce Fraud Detection API: Fraud detection service

  IPInfoDB Fraud Detection API: Online fraud detection service

  iplocationtools API: IP address services

  Jabbakam API: IP camera platform

  Janrain Engage API: Social networking login service

  Kinamik Data Integrity API: Tamper evident and digital evidence ready data

  Liberty Data API: Identity verification and risk management tools

  LiveEnsure API: Website and app authentication service

  Locker Project API: Personal data management service

  Lyons Account Verification API: Check account verification service

  Lyons OFAC API: OFAC screening service

  Lyons Routing Number Verification API: Bank routing number verification service

  Lyons SSN Validation API: Online social security number validation

  Microsoft HealthVault API: Health-related data storage, security, and records

  miiCard API: Secure internet identity service

  MLState OPA API: Web application development platform

  Mollom API: Blog and social site spam prevention services

  myOneLogin API: Login authentication service

  Myows API: Original works copyright service

  MyPW Authentication API: Authentication services

  MyWot API: Website reputation service

  Navizon ITS API: WiFi device tracking service

  One Time Secret API: Secret link generator for sensitive information

  ONVIF API: IP-based security products standardization initiative

  Orange Authentication API: Authentication service

  PagerDuty API: IT alerting service

  PayPal Permissions API: PayPal permission management service

  PeoplePond API: Identity management service

  Personal API: Personal Vault and Personal Network

  PhishTank API: Community site for tracking phishing

  Postcode Anywhere Payment Validation API: Bank and card validation

  PoxPay API: Payment verification service

  ProtecMail API: Antispam and Antivirus Solutions

  ProxyFraud API: Proxy detection service

  RealSearch FraudGATE API: Identity Validation and Fraud Detection service

  reCAPTCHA API: Security and Book Digitalization Service

  RPost API: Registered email services

  Safe.mn API: URL shortening service with security features

  SafeLinking API: Link Securing Service

  Secure Hosting API: Secure online payment service

  Sendinc REST API: Email encryption services

  Sendinc SMTP API: Email encryption services

  ServiceObjects DOTS BIN Validation API: Credit card validation service

  Seznam Captcha API: Captcha creation service

  Sfax API: Cloud-based secure faxing service

  SingTel Single Sign On API: Mobile network service

  Subuno API: Fraud monitoring service

  SuperTweet.net API: Access to Twitter API without OAuth

  TeleSign API: Telephone based verification services

  Text Disguise API: Image-based captcha service

  textCAPTCHA API: Text-based captcha service

  TokBox API: Authentication services

  Tossable Digits API: Disposable phone numbers service

  Trove API: Personal content management platform

  tru.ly Verification API: Dating verification tool

  TrustedX API: Online business security service

  TypeKey API: Authentication Framework

  Universign API: Electronic document signature service

  Verify.IM Trust API: Online identity verification service

  Vidoop API: Secure authentication service

  VoiceVault API: Voice biometric identity verification

  WebPurify Profanity Filter API: Profanity filtering service

  Windows Live Data API: Service for users to control data access

  Windows Live ID Client SDK API: Windows SDK for Windows Live sign-in authentication

  Windows Live ID Web Authentication API: Web based authentication service

  XWebEmailValidation API: Email address validation service

  Yahoo BBauth API: Browser based authentication service

  Yahoo Create Consumer Key API: Yahoo consumer API key creation service

  Yubikey API: Cloud-based authentication and validation service

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