14 New APIs: Create PDF Files, Predict Flight Delays, ZIP Code Lookup, Project Management, Legal Dictionary, and Music Playlists

This week we had 14 new APIs added to our API directory ranging from a new music playlist API (which we covered in our report on 8Tracks Debuts API At Music Hack Day Boston), a Web Service for storing and reading ePub-format books, a useful travel API for predicting airline flight delays, a new life sciences API, a web service API for synonyms, thesaurus and antonyms, an API for generating PDF files, an API for creating avatars, an API that gets you access to a legal dictionary, a project management API, as well as a variety of other new APIs. Below is a summary of each of these 14 new APIs:

8tracks8tracks API: 8tracks is a simple way for people to create or listen to a mix, a short playlist containing at least 30 minutes - roughly 8 tracks - of music. This API enables you to play back your 8tracks mixes through your website or app. 8tracks playback is provided through the Playback API. The 8tracks player "discovers" content through the API. The API is also available for 3rd parties to integrate the 8tracks service.

Bookworm ePub ReaderBookworm ePub Reader API: Bookwork is a free Platform for storing and reading ePub-format books online. The Bookworm API allows users and developers to access many of the features of Bookworm from other applications. Using the API, a developer can add, download, and list the ePub content over HTTP in a user's Library.

FlightCasterFlightCaster API: FlightCaster predicts flight delays, often hours before the airlines. From the developer page: "The FlightCaster API is primarily used for retrieving information about the likelihood that a flight will be on time. Although other information is available as well, such as general airport information, general airline information, general weather station data, METARs, and TAFs."

MetNetMetNet API: MetNet is life sciences software to visualize, explore, statistically analyze and model transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics data in the context of a growing metabolic and regulatory network map of Arabidopsis, Soybean, and other species. The MetNet API is a programming library that "provides direct-access to MetNetDB database. It allows software developers to interface with a central repository of pathway-related data. It offers flexible query and data-retrieval methods for Java- and R-based applications that import biological network knowledge".

PDF GeneratorPDF Generator API: The PDF Generator API lets you convert your data to a PDF document online with this free online PDF generator. You can convert most types of data to PDF using this tool, including Microsoft Word documents, RTF documents and photos and images.

Retro AvatarRetro Avatar API: This API creates a unique random pixel image with a retro look for a given seed value. These values include name, email, and others.

RimuHostingRimuHosting API: The RimuHosting API is a "programmable interface to manage some of RimuHosting services. It lets you do things like setup new VPSs, add memory or disk to existing VPSs, check your data transfer usage, grab host server load stats, reboot servers, and most other actions that until now you could only perform through the RimuHosting control panel."

Straight-StreetStraight-Street API: This is a RESTful API for the straight-street.com symbol set. It allows programs to search and access symbols, just as users can using the interactive gallery web page.

SynonymsSynonyms API: The Synonyms API from STANDS4 is REST service to enable you to get Synonyms, Thesaurus and Antonyms information in XML form for a given word.

WebLawsWebLaws API: The WebLaws API gives developers access to both the WebLaws.org and OregonLaws.org legal glossary. It features responses in JSON and XML, and is offered with no service fees.

Where I've Been Where I've Been API: Where I've Been offers a REST based API which allows third parties to gain access to their user base of millions of social travelers.

ZIP CodesZIP Codes API: The ZIP Codes API from STANDS4 support REST-style calls to enable you to get the US location behind the zip code in XML format.

Zoho ProjectsZoho Projects API: Zoho Projects offers planning and reporting capabilities, and makes the process social by bringing your project team together and helping them get the project done. Zoho Projects provides REST style APIs that return an XML or JSON document over HTTP. With this API, users/developers can extend their web applications to push or pull data into or from Zoho Projects for apps and mashups.

ZutualZutual API: The Zutual API allows you programmatic access to the Zutual platform, which is a service that "uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to calculate what any two twitter users have in common with one another".

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