14 New APIs: Twitter Photos, Real Estate and Semantic Analysis

Earlier this week we reported on 7 new APIs added to our directory, and by today another 7 have been more added, bringing the total for the week to 14 new APIs. This latest set of web services includes a Twitter photo service, real estate question and answers, semantic web page categorization, and online maps. Here is a rundown of the other 7 new APIs from this week:

BuildasearchBuildasearch API: The Buildasearch.com Search Clash service "brings together unrelated data sources into one synchronous search. Search Clash is XML based and works with all major programming languages. Using Search Clash multiple data sources (APIs) can be combined to make unique custom search engines."

Ovi Maps PlayerOvi Maps Player API: The Ovi Maps Player API lets developers bring Nokia's Ovi Maps to their applications. It's a full-featured API with 3D view, satellite and terrain views and customizable visuals. Note that this program is in limited beta. To participate, submit your request here.

PointLoyaltyPointLoyalty API: PointLoyalty lets users create and manage their loyalty programs online. They offer a service called the PointLoyalty Manager system, designed to support loyalty programs and the calculation of bonus points earned by clients. The service "works for bonus calculation for any type of business clients, from traditional type shops to social networks support sites."

RealtyBaronRealtyBaron API: RealtyBaron is "an auction-based online marketplace for real estate services in the United States. RealtyBaron provides a free web service enabling real estate websites to quickly add a white-labeled Question and Answer service with minimal integration effort or administration. Users can earn a revenue split from advertising embedded in answers."

TwitrPixTwitrPix API: TwitrPix gives users the ability to "share photos on Twitter by mobile phone, email and the web. TwitrPix employs the use of Twitter credentials for authentication. TwitrPix provides a set of API tools to allow developers to integrate TwitrPix into their applications."

URL ClassifierURL Classifier API: ContextIn's URL classification service is "based on advanced semantic analysis to provide accurate web page categorization. The URL classification service allows the organization of specific web pages into different topics using advanced semantic analysis, and descriptive keywords extraction."

user-agent-stringuser-agent-string API: The user-agent-string service was developed for finding "information on client SW type (browser, webcrawler, anonymizer etc.), which OS is used by the client and moreover a detailed analysis of UA fragments together with the URL of client's SW producer and our commentary. The user-agent-string API is designed for access to our database with information about a user agent. Using it is simple, send UA string to our server and get an automatic response."

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