146 Location APIs: Foursquare, Panoramio and Geocoder

Our API directory now includes 146 location APIs. The newest is the LongLatToLocation API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the foursquare API. We list 86 foursquare mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of location APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 94 location REST APIs and 35 location SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 83 location XML APIs and 72 location JSON APIs.

The most common tags within location are 72 mapping location APIs, 40 places location APIs and 36 mobile location APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 54 location mashups. We named twoogle as mashup of the day in February.

For reference, here is a list of all 146 location APIs.

  Add to TomTom API: Route and place sharing service

  Alpha Micro Systems API: GPS tracking service

  AlterGeo API: Local recommendation service

  AtlasCT Mobile Maps API: Maps and GPS navigation

  Blipscape API: Mobile location based content feed service

  Breadcrumbs API: GPS data sharing service

  Brightkite API: Location sharing service

  C6 Huzip API: Hungarian zip code look-up service

  Cheeso's Zipcode Lookup Service API: Zip code look-up service

  Clearwire Location Platform API: Location based tracking service

  Codebump Zip Codes API: Zip code look-up service

  CycloMedia GlobeSpotter API: Local panoramic visualizations

  Dailyplaces API: Location based microblogging platform

  Data8 Movers Identification API: Address checking and update service

  Data8 Postcode Lookup API: UK address lookup service

  Dehood API: Location based application design service

  Dokiru API: Social location based service

  DRCOG API: Denver area spatial data

  Econz Eservice API: Job Management and Wireless Dispatch service

  Ericsson Mobile Location API: Mobile location tracking service

  EU Latitude API: Location Information Search Service

  EveryTrail API: Travel experience platform

  Factual Places API: Open Data for sharing and reference tools

  FeedMap API: Blog geo-coding

  Feest.je API: Netherlands-based location sharing service

  Fire Eagle API: Geo location sharing service

  Fizber Events API: Local events search services

  Fizber Schools API: School finder service

  Flig.ht Data API: Aviation and geo data service

  Foreca API: Weather forecasting service

  foursquare API: Social networking and city exploration

  FraudLabs AreaCodeWorld NPA NXX Area Code API: Geographical location service

  FraudLabs IP2Location API: Geolocate by IP address service

  Fwix API: Geolocation and location-based content service

  Gbanga Puppetmaster API: Location-based gaming platform

  Gecko Landmarks API: Location information services

  Geocoda API: Geolocation service

  geocoder API: Geocoding services for US

  geocoder.ca API: Geocoding services for Canada

  Geoloqi API: Location sharing service

  GeoReach Neighborhood API: Location based adversting service

  GEOSPAN API: Geographic information and visualization service

  Geotoko API: Location based campaign creation and search

  Gloe API: Geo-tagging service

  Glosk API: Location Based Photo Search

  Gowalla API: Location aware social network

  GroundLink API: Ground transportation service

  GSMA OneAPI Location API: Mobile location services

  GSMA OneAPI Zonal Presence API: Mobile location services

  Hyperpublic API: Geographic data collection service

  Instagram Real-time API: Real-time image sharing service

  IPAddressLabs API: IP Geolocation Service

  ktailab Mobile Country Code API: Find locations based on mobile information

  Lat49 API: Geo-targeted advertising for online maps

  Like A Little API: Social gaming and dating service

  LiveAddress Verification API: Street address verification web service

  LOC-AID API: Mobile Location Service

  Locaid API: Location based services

  Local Search Maps Geocoder API: Geocoding integration service

  Localstreamer API: Geolocation service

  Location Labs Geofence API: Location Alert Service

  Location Labs Spatial Storage API: Access and Search Geo-Tagged Content

  Loci.me API: Create and Share Places/Locations

  LocLizard API: Mobile application positioning service

  Locr API: Photo geotagging and sharing service

  Loki API: Website location service

  LongLatToLocation API: Ship Location Information service

  Loquest API: Question and answer service by location

  Loxcel API: Location based mapping service

  lukup API: Location based search and messaging service

  Map My Tracks API: Sport activity tracking service

  mapme API: Location mapping service

  MapQuest Open Guidance API: Mobile navigation service

  Mates API: Location-based networking service

  Melissa Data Data Quality Suite API: Location data lookup and verification services

  MessageMost API: Social and geo messaging service

  Micello API: Indoor mapping service

  NAC Real-time Conversion API: Worldwide geocoding information service

  NakdReality API: Augmented reality and location-based service

  Navizon ITS API: WiFi device tracking service

  NAVTEQ LocationPoint Advertising API: Location based advertising service

  Nearby.org.uk API: Geocoding service for UK

  NeuAer API: Proximity platform and application

  NoiseTube API: Noise pollution monitoring service

  NZTA Location Referencing API: New Zealand highway mapping and location service

  OfferGrid API: Deal distribution service

  OpenAddresses GeoLocated Address Search API: Worldwide address search service

  OpenGeoTracker API: GPS data tracking platform

  OpenPaths API: Personal location information management application

  OpenStreetMap Name Finder API: Location based information service

  Panoramio API: photo upload site with organizer and geolocation

  ParcelStream API: Parcel boundary data for mapping apps

  ParkWhiz API: Access to parking and event data

  PeekaCity API: Location-based services

  Placecast API: Location mapping tool

  PlaceIQ API: Location data and mapping service

  Plancast API: Social event service

  Plazes API: Location based social network

  Postcode Anywhere API: UK and international address management software, postcode finder web services and more

  Postcode Anywhere Geocoding API: Geolocation service

  Proxomo API: Social app development platform

  Pushpin Location Data API: Location and statistical information about places

  Qualified Address API: US address verification service

  Retailigence API: Location-based retail inventory

  Rogers Location API: Mobile location services

  Rummble API: Location-based services

  SaleLocator API: Sales search engine

  Sapo POI API: Location data service

  Satellite Situation Center Web (SSCWeb) API: Spacecraft location mapping

  Screach API: Location-based social networking service

  ServiceObjects DOTS Address API: Address validation and geocoding services

  SimpleGeo API: Location services platform

  SimpleGeo Places API: Location Search Service

  SingTel inSing Business Search API: Mobile business search service

  Skyhook Wireless API: Wifi positioning services

  SMSMyBus API: Madison transit service

  Snapr API: Real-time geosocial photosharing service

  Socializando Llevame API: Mexico City directions service

  SoGeo API: Location aware business platform

  StrikeIron US Addresses API: US address verification service

  Stumble.to API: Automatic check in to Foursquare service

  TeleNav GeoCloud API: Location based service integration

  TeleNav Track API: Location based monitoring and reporting service

  TeliaSonera Landmark API API: Location tracking service

  Tellmewhere API: Location sharing service

  Tiny GeoCoder API: Geocoding services

  TripTracker API: Trip Tracking Service

  Uberlife API: Social location based platform

  UK Postcodes API: UK postcode lookup service

  USC WebGIS Geocoder API: Geolocation service

  USGS Elevation Query Service API: Determine elevation based on latitude and longitude

  USGS United States National Grid Conversion API: Geological data service

  Vehiclepath API: Vehicle fleet tracking service

  Verizon Navigation API: Mobile navigation service

  Vote.ca Districts API: Canadian Voting Place Locator Service

  waldstat API: Location sharing service

  Walk Score API: Real estate walk score service

  WallaBee API: Location-based mobile game

  Waze API: Social navigation application

  WiLocate Indoor Location API: Indoor location application

  Xtify API: Location mapping service

  Xtracked API: Mobile location service

  Yahoo Geocoding API: Geocoding services

  Yahoo Placemaker API: Geo-enrichment service

  Yahoo Traffic API: Traffic data and routing

  ZipFeeder API: Zip code information service

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