15 API Used in 7 Days: Calais, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, MusicBrainz, SoundCloud, and Twitter

This past week the new apps added to our mashup directory used 15 different APIs. The most often used APIs this week are Flickr, Twilio, and Twitter. And the most frequently used types of APIs were Social (4 APIs, 6 mashups), Music (3 APIs, 4 mashups), and Bookmarks (1 API, 1 mashup). The list below shows which APIs were used by which mashups:

Brightkite Brightkite used in Snippee

Calais Calais used in Snippee

del.icio.us del.icio.us used in Snippee

Facebook Facebook used in Snippee

Flickr Flickr used in Flickr Spy, Snippee

FriendFeed FriendFeed used in Snippee

Google AJAX Libraries Google AJAX Libraries used in Snippee

Google Maps Google Maps used in 250 Wedding Tent Venues, Tracks On A Map

Last.fm Last.fm used in Normalisr, Snippee

LinkedIn LinkedIn used in Snippee

MusicBrainz MusicBrainz used in Normalisr

Sendible Sendible used in Snippee

SoundCloud SoundCloud used in Tracks On A Map

Twilio Twilio used in Order Pizza iPhone App, TweetToCall

Twitter Twitter used in Snippee, tweet mania, TweetToCall

Mashups of the day:
And each day there is one mashup selected to be Mashup of the Day. Here are some of last week's winners:

 Flickr Spy


 tweet mania


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