1,500 Mashups

Last week the ProgrammableWeb database of mashups crossed the 1,500 mashups threshold. That's an average of just over 100 a month with a fairly steady climb (and as always, this is a sample of all the thousands of mashups out there). Beyond the base numbers it's generally more interesting to look at any trends or differences over time. If you compare the distribution by tag to back at the 1001 mashup level you can see that, with one exception, not a lot has changed. Mapping then was at 46% versus now at 44%, essentially the same. As are most of the other common mashup subjects: photo 9%, search 9%, and shopping 9%.

Top Mashup Tags

Probably the biggest change of note is that you can see video is now in the top 10, with 90 video mashups listed.

On the API side there are now 374 APIs listed. 11 more added in the past 7 days. Google Maps is still king here, with Flickr, Amazon and YouTube next. Again, due to the rise of video mashups, YouTube's gained a bigger slice of the mashup pie.

Top APIs