152 Tracking APIs: Debuggify, ProFit and Snoobi

Our API directory now includes 152 tracking APIs. The newest is the YouTracker Icon Creator API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Airbrake API. We list 2 Airbrake mashup. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of tracking APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and JSON lead the way. There are 89 tracking REST APIs, 11 tracking JavaScript APIs and 19 tracking SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 62 tracking XML APIs and 85 tracking JSON APIs.

The most common tags within tracking are 33 tracking tools APIs, 52 tracking analytics APIs and 13 tracking bug APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 20 tracking mashups. We named ConnectMyRide mashup as mashup of the day in September.

For reference, here is a list of all 152 tracking APIs.

AASHE STARS API: Sustainability tracking for colleges and universities

Active RegOnline API: Event Planning Service

AdYapper API: Digital advertising tracking Platform

Affilae API: Online marketing affiliate tracking platform

AfterShip API: Package tracking and notification API

Aiaioo Labs VakText API: Text Analysis Service

Air-Trak API: Vehicle location and tracking services

Airbrake API: Application errors tracking and reporting service

Altmetric API: Scholarly article discussion tracker

Analytical Path API: Application data vizualization service

App Annie API: Application metric tracking service

Apsalar ApScience API: Mobile analytics platform

Argos WebService API: Satellite-based monitoring service

Beeminder API: Goal tracking application

BIRT onDemand API: Business intelligence reporting service

Bontq API: Bug and issue tracking service

Boxmeup API: Box contents information management service

Brightcloud API: Website filtering data service

BugHerd API: Website bug tracking service

Bugly API: Issue tracking app

Bugrocket API: Bug tracking tool

Bugsense API: Real-time bug tracking service

Bugzilla API: Bug-tracking service

Carrier411 API: Trucking and transportation provider monitoring service

Certain API: Event management service

Climate Counts API: Corporate climate change monitoring service

Comindware API: Work management software

Connxys ReClaim API: Electronic luggage tagging service

CreativeWorx TimeTracker API: Time Tracking Service

Data Explorers API: Securities data tracking service

Dataplug API: Cloud shipping system

Debuggify API: Bug and error tracking for JavaScript code

DeliveryWatch API: European email delivery tracking service

Docket Alarm API: Litigation Tracking Service

DoneDone API: Issue Tracking Service

Donor Tools API: Donor management service

EasyPost API: Postage and shipping service

Elementool API: Bug tracking tools

EnvoyRelate API: Online donation tracking and reporting service

Errplane API: Application monitoring & metric service

Euro Bill Tracker API: Currency Tracking Service

Exceptional API: Web application bug tracking service

FanggleCast API: Message Sending and Tracking Service

Fareclock API: Web-based biometric employee time tracking

Field Force Manager API: Mobile workforce tracking and management service

Flurry API: Mobile analytics platform

Freespee API: Mobile display advertising service

FutureSimple Base API: CRM management

GPSit TrackFusion API: GPS tracking services for businesses and police

gTrax API: Google Apps time tracking service

HabitRPG API: Online habit building game

Hawkesbury City Council Masterview API: Local development application tracking service

Hindenbug API: Bug and log tracking service

Infunl Web Analytics API: Web analytics and tracking service

Insiteo Suite API: Indoor Location Mapping Service

InstaBug API: Mobile application bug tracking tool

IntelligenceFocus API: User analytics service

Jawbone UP API: Sleep, movement, and eating tracking tool

Jim Anning's International Space Station API: Internation Space Station tracking tool

Leftronic API: Data and analytics visualization service

LinkTrackr API: Link tracking service

Locaid API: Location based services

Mailing Report API: Email Analysis Service

MarkedUp API: Application metric tracking service

Market Intelligence Network API: Maritime cargo vessel tracking service

MESSAGEmanager API: SMS and email message monitoring service

Mind42 API: Brainstorming Display Service

MinuteDock API: Time Tracking Service

Moodpanda API: Mood tracking service

Mopapp API: Mobile app sales tracking service

Moves API: Movement activity tracking application

My Cycling Log API: Cycling tracking tool

MyFitnessPal API: Food and exercise tracker

MyGasFeed API: Gasoline price information service

MyHurricane API: Hurricane Tracking Service

New Zealand Post Label Printing API: Postal label and tracking code generator

New Zealand Post Tracking API: New Zealand parcel tracking service

New Zealand Post Tracking Notification API: Package tracking notification service

Next Big Sound API: Artist and Band Statistics

NWN master server tracker API: Never Winter Nights game server tracking service

Omnistar API: Affiliate software service

Ontimenow API: Agile Project Management and Bug Tracking Service

Opentracker Developer Analytics API: Online behavior tracking service

P4D API: Online shipping services

ParcelCheck API: Parcel Tracking Service

Parsel API: Shipping information application

PastPages API: Media homepage tracking and archiving

Performancing pMetrics API: Blog traffic analytics service

Pinpointers API: Fleet tracking system

Playnice.ly API: Bug tracking service

PrivacyChoice API: Application privacy policy creation service

PrivacyScore API: Website privacy information service

ProFit API: German online personal training service

ProjectBubble API: Project Management Service

ProPublica Free the Files API: Political ad funding tracking project

Raygun API: Software error tracking service

Redistats API: Web Stats Tracking Service

Response Tap API: Marketing Analytics Service

Rollbar API: Real-time error tracking & monitoring service

Sailthru API: Customized communication service

Sandglaz API: Task management service

ScrumNinja API: Programming Project Management Service

SensorLogic API: Server and network performance monitoring service

shipcloud API: Package shipping and tracking service

Sifter API: Bug and issue tracking service

SITA BagTrac API: Baggage tracking service

SITA World Tracer API: Mishandled Baggage Management Service

Slice API: Online shopping assistant

Snoobi API: Web and communications analytics service

Snowy Evening API: Bug and issue tracking service

Space-Track.org API: Orbital object tracking services

Splitwise API: Bill splitting and IOU tracking application

StatCounter API: Web site tracking service

StatHat API: Application statistics tracking

StatTrackr API: Basketball statistics tracking service

Strava API: Social fitness service

StreetEagleGPS API: Dispatch and Route Service

Stride API: Sales tracking application

Strim API: URL shortening and analytics service

Telogis API: Dispatch Management Service

ThinkGeo Cygnus Track API: Vehicle location and tracking services

TinyArro.ws API: URL shortener with stats

Track & Field Results Reporting System API: College Track & Field results tracking service

TrackThis API: Package tracking service

Trendspottr API: Social media trend monitoring and search service

TSO Mobile API: Fleet vehicle tracking and optimization service

Tuhunga API: Data Analytics Service

Tweet Marker API: social networking post tracking service

TweetReach API: Tweet Exposure Tracking Service

Tweettronics API: Brand monitoring and tracking service

Twitscoop API: Twitter trend visualisation tool

TwitSprout API: Social media dashboard service

Unofficial Heavens Above API: Satellite tracking service

Vend API: POS and inventory management service

VesselTracker API: Ship and boat traffic tracking service

ViewRanger BuddyBeacon API: Live tracking map tool

VitaDock Online API: Health monitoring services

Vizu API: Digital brand advertising measurement

Warranty Life API: Product purchase tracking service

Webmention.io API: Webmention and pingback tracking service

WhatsNew? API: Blog user tracking and updating service

Where the ISS at? API: Internation Space Station tracking tools

Where2GetIt Geospatial API: Non-mapping geospatial services

whos.amung.us API: Real time web site visitor data

Wi-Flight API: Flight Data Collection Service

Willpath API: Health tracking project

xbrlGlobalLedger API: Accounting Service

YackTrack API: Social media conversation tracking service

Yootles API: Social IOU Service

YouTrack API: Issue and bug tracker

YouTracker Icon Creator API: Icon Creation Service

YRC API: Package shipping services

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