152 UK APIs: BBC, BBC Music and CloudMade

Our API directory now includes 152 UK APIs. The newest is the Service-X API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the BBC API. We list 28 BBC mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of UK APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 94 UK REST APIs and 58 UK SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 116 UK XML APIs and 47 UK JSON APIs.

The most common tags within UK are 25 government UK APIs, 22 SMS UK APIs and 21 mapping UK APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 177 UK mashups. We named Free Postcode Maps as mashup of the day in August.

For reference, here is a list of all 152 UK APIs.

  #blue API: Text messaging storage service

  AddressingHistory API: Historical online mapping service

  AFD Software Postcode Everywhere API: UK address and bank information service

  AHDS Identifier Resolver API: UK electronic research data repository

  aql API: SMS solutions Portal

  Avetio SMS API: SMS gateway service

  Bank Account Checker API: Bank account verification service

  BBC API: Media program information service

  BBC Music API: Music information service

  Bertram Books API: UK book retailing service

  Bitsnbobs API: UK online marketplace

  Black Country History API: UK museum and history information service

  Bluevia Location API: Mobile geolocation service

  Buddycloud API: Social location service

  Bulletin Connect API: SMS Application Development Service

  Bulletin Messenger API: SMS Service Provider

  Buto.tv API: Video hosting service

  BView API: Local vouchers and offers

  Bview Content API: Local business info service

  Bview Local Search API: Local retail search service

  Bview Promotion API: Aggregate coupons for UK retailers

  Cambridge Lookup/Ibis Web Service API: Online Contact Retrieval Service

  Cash-Ticket Merchant API: Secure Payment Service

  Catch-A-Cab API: Cab booking service

  CloudMade API: Mapping and geospatial web services

  Company Wizard Open Point API: Electronic company formation services

  Conferma Booking API: UK travel booking and reconciliation service

  Conferma CSP On-Demand API: UK travel booking service

  Copac API: Search UK libraries

  CraftyClicks UK Postal Address Lookup API: UK postcode lookup service

  Culture Grid API: UK cultural institution collection information service

  Culture24 API: Cultural publishing organization

  CycleStreets API: Cycling route planning tool

  Data Greater Manchester API: Manchester, England open government data

  Data.gov.uk API: Public government database

  Data8 Companies House API: UK company search service

  Data8 Country Detection API: Country mapping and geolocation service

  Data8 Goneaway Identification Web Service API: Check last known address

  Data8 Live Number Testing API: Telephone validation service

  Data8 Mobile Validation API: Cell phone number validation service

  Data8 Movers Identification API: Address checking and update service

  Data8 Postcode Lookup API: UK address lookup service

  Data8 Preference Services API: Search marketing preference services

  Data8 Unusable/Salacious Names API: Identify unusable names

  Deduktiv ebaas distance API: UK postcodes service

  DirectGov syndication service API: UK government content syndication service

  EDINA Digimap OpenStream API: U.K. web map service

  Ericsson SMS Send and Receive API: SMS messaging service

  Esendex API: Esendex Business SMS Text Messaging Service

  eTapestry API: Online fundraising Platform

  eWebvision Youranium API: SMS text messaging service

  Festivalslab API: Event information service

  FindPeopleFree API: Find UK residents and businesses by region

  FireText API: SMS marketing service

  FreebieSMS API: Bulk SMS messaging service

  FreebieSMS Auto Dialer API: Send audio messages to phones

  Friday-Ad API: U.K. classified ad service

  Gatekrash API: UK event listings service

  Geograph API: British Isles photo service

  GetMapping API: Aerial photography and mapping service

  Graydon Company Data Webservice API: UK company information database

  Guardian Politics API: UK government and political resources

  HM Revenue & Customs API: UK tax document submission service

  Holidays Service API: Holiday dates lookup service

  Hopewiser Atlas API: Address verification service

  Hoseasons API: UK vacation search and booking service

  HotUKDeals API: UK local deals service

  I Rate My Day API: Rate your day services

  IM Group API: Vehicle information service

  Information Environment Service Registry API: Scholarly Resource discovery and syndication service

  iOpenAt.com API: Business opening hours

  iShareMaps On Demand API: UK Postcode Geocoder

  JISC Monitoring Unit API: UK education technology reporting service

  Journeys Travel Insurance API: Travel insurance service

  Jupix API: Estate Agency Service

  Justis API: U.K. legal document search service

  legislation.gov.uk API: UK legislation information service

  Lemonstorm API: Online texting service

  Little Green Plane API: U.K. mail marketing campaign management service

  Live Departure Boards API: UK train arrival/departure time board

  Local Food Advisor API: UK food market search service

  ManageMyRequests API: Information request tracking and reporting service

  MapIt UK API: U.K. postcode and location mapping service

  Met Office Datapoint API: UK weather and climate data service

  MMO Electronic Reporting System API: U.K. fishing catch and sales reporting service

  MobileTrend API: SMS Messaging Service

  Mobyko API: Mobile phone syncing service

  National Student Radio Chart API: Popular music information service

  Nearby.org.uk API: Geocoding service for UK

  Nestoria API: UK real estate listings

  Nextgen Mobile CardBoardFish API: SMS text messaging service

  NHS API: UK National Health Service

  Office for National Statistics API: UK neighborhood and census data

  Open Kent API: Kent, England county data

  Openly Local API: Government information tracking service

  Ordnance Survey OpenSpace API: Online mapping service

  ParcelMonkey API: Parcel Delivery Service

  Patient Opinion API: UK health ratings service

  Pearson Eyewitness Guides API: Travel guide to London

  Placr API: UK transit data service

  PlanningAlerts API: Alerts service for UK local planning alerts

  Postcode Anywhere API: UK and international address management software, postcode finder web services and more

  Postcode Anywhere Customer Profiling API: UK population segmentation data service

  Postcode Anywhere Geocoding API: Geolocation service

  Postcode Anywhere Government Data API: UK government data service

  Postcode Anywhere Maps API: Online mapping service

  Postcode Anywhere Route Optimisation API: Find best route between locations

  Postcode Anywhere Store Finder API: UK business listings service

  Press Association Sport API: UK sports data service

  Qype API: Local reviews service

  Raphael Research Resource API: Artwork linked data service

  RapidSwitch API: UK internet hosting service

  Redbridge DataShare API: UK government data

  ReportIt API: UK government trouble report service

  Science Museum API: British Science Museum data and services

  Service-X API: UK mapping, location, and SMS services

  Shropshire Council API: UK government portal

  Shutl API: Online purchase delivery service

  Simunix T2A API: Directory services providing UK people, address, telephone and company information

  Sitestat OneCall API: Data intregration and publication service

  Skiddle API: UK events guide

  Subway SubCard API: Subway purchase tracking and reward service

  Superbreak API: Travel booking services

  Taykt API: SMS messaging service

  Tell Them What You Think API: UK government consultations database

  Text Marketer SMS Gateway API: SMS marketing service

  Textanywhere API: SMS service

  TextMarketer SMS API: SMS messaging service

  TFL Cycle Hire API: Real-time UK Cycle Hire data service

  The Old Bailey API: UK criminal court record search service

  The Oxford Celtic Coin Index API: British coin collection images and data

  TheyWorkForYou API: Track the UK Parliament

  TMC SMS Gateway API: SMS gateway service

  Touch Local API: Business locator and review service

  Tracesmart API: UK people search service

  Transport for London API: UK transportation service

  Tube Updates API: Unofficial London transit service

  txttools API: Messaging service

  UK Civil Service API: UK public sector job service

  UK Postcodes API: UK postcode lookup service

  Unified Software AddressVal API: Matching service for incomplete UK addresses

  Unified Software BankVal UK API: Bank and card validation services

  Unlock API: Name and location mapping service

  ViaPost API: Send postal mail from electronic documents

  Victoria & Albert Museum API: Museum online collection access

  Vouchers.Im API: Shopping coupons and deals services

  Web-Merchant API: UK online payment service

  welovelocal API: Local business search and recommendation service

  West Midlands Regional Observatory API: West Midlands public information search service

  What They Claimed API: Expenses records for UK members of parliament

  Where Does My Money Go API: Government spending database

  Zoopla API: Property and real estate search engine

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