16 New APIs: Movie Reviews, Payments and Weather

This week we had 16 new APIs added to our API directory including a social movie review service, twitter management service, online payment service and weather mapping service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

CloudCacheCloudCache API: CloudCache offers an API with a RESTful interface to offer memcached-like cache in the cloud. Using OAuth, it looks very much like S3 and features fast, transient key-value store. The API offers open source language bindings for Ruby, Java, PHP, Python, and more to follow.

Connect2FieldConnect2Field API: Connect2Field is a field service software for your service business hosted in the cloud. It allows you to schedule work to your staff and dispatch the work to their mobile phone. The API allows you to send and receive client and job data and features a RESTful interface.

CyberSource SimpleCyberSource Simple API: CyberSource helps you accept payments on your website. The service supports payments by credit card, electronic check and PayPal. There are several methods that can be used and developer kits in a number of languages.

DropstrDropstr API: Dropstr is a cloud management service that allows for the creation of shared environments for friends and coworkers. The Dropstr API allows users to create applications for a way to access stored online data. Depending upon what type of data and/or functions are requested will determine what type of authentication required. The basic RESTful API call can access all public files and folders without any functions required. For modifying, editing, or accessing more private information, users will need to access our Oauth API. Public documentation is not currently available.

EdisonAve GeocoderEdisonAve Geocoder API: Provides both forward and reverse geocoding on a per-use cost. The service turns a latitude/longitude pair into a meaningful address or place name. An address or name can also be turned into coordinates.

Elastic EmailElastic Email API: Elastic Email provides direct email sending through a REST API. Elastic Email is a simple email delivery service for cloud applications. The API allows users to send an email to a single recipient or group of recipients, get the status of a single send transaction including delivery statistics for recipients and determine how much credit you have left in your Elastic Email account. Responses are formatted in XML. Code samples are provided for PHP, C# and Java.

EntirewebEntireweb API: The Entireweb Search API provides direct access to the search engine's results. Since you receive the results as XML or JSON, you will have full control of how the results are presented on your page. The service is free up to 1,000 daily requests.

LoopFuseLoopFuse API: LoopFuse provides a webservice API for getting and inserting information from your LoopFuse OneView account programatically. LoopFuse OneView is an enterprise marketing automation platform. Among the methods the API performs are sending email campaigns to a prospect, getting lead information list management. The API uses a RESTful protocol with responses formatted in JSON.

MomboMombo API: Mines Twitter for movie-related tweets and attempts to determine the sentiment. Provides methods to search movies, find lists of the most popular and retrieve details, including tweets, about the movie. Read our Mombo API overview post.

My TweepleMy Tweeple API: My Tweeple is a people information management tool. The majority of its data comes from Twitter and its primary purpose is to help users decide which people to follow on Twitter. My Tweeple has a number of export features, including its API. The API features a RESTful inteface and returns data in the XML format.

PoligraftPoligraft API: Feed in a news article, blog post or press release, and Poligraft will present you with an enhanced view of the interconnections between the people, organizations and relationships described in the piece. Read our Poligraft API overview post

ScraperWikiScraperWiki API: The ScraperWiki API lets users retrieve data from the ScraperWiki datastore to use in their own applications. ScraperWiki is an online tool to make that allows users to write screen scraper code. The API uses RESTful calls and responses can be formatted in XML, JSON, PHP, YAML or CSV. Read more in our
ScraperWiki API overview post.

ShareaholicShareaholic API: The Share API allows developers to give users the ability to share content/links from their (or any) website, desktop app, mobile app, etc to any of 300+ supported destination services.

UK PostcodesUK Postcodes API: The UK Postcodes API allows users to access the site database. UK Postcodes provides postcode lookup services. Using the RESTful API, users can return data for a given postcode. Responses can be formatted in XML, JSON, CSV or RDF.

WeatherBug GEOWeatherBug GEO API: Place radar, satellite, temperature images over Google and Bing Maps. The WeatherBug GEO API returns the images in tiled format, for use in overlays with existing map tiles. Read more in our WeatherBug Geo API overview post.

WebFactionWebFaction API: The WebFaction API is a XML-RPC interface for managing many control panel and account tasks. With the WebFaction API, users can automate application installation, email address configuration, and more. WebFaction is an internet hosting service. The WebFaction API allows users to write scripts to automate certain tasks that would normally be accomplished via the control panel or SSH. The API is a set of methods available via XML-RPC calls.

Adam DuVander The former ProgrammableWeb Executive Editor, Adam is an API expert now helping regular people connect them at Zapier. Previously he worked at API companies SendGrid and Orchestrate, and wrote for Wired and Webmonkey. Adam is also the author of mapping API cookbook Map Scripting 101. Find him at AdamD.org.

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