17 APIs Used in 7 Days: Google Tasks, Twitter, Wikipedia

This week we had 38 new APIs added to our API directory including a mobile geolocation service, email marketing and delivery service, social search and recommendation service, online mapping service, professional social networking Platform, virtual dating application and a wine search service. In addition, we provided more in depth coverage of a weather data logging service and an image sharing service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs." alt="" /> This past week 14 new mashups were added to our mashup directory and 17 different APIs were used to build them. Some of the newer or less frequently seen APIs include Discogs, Google Tasks, MusixMatch and WareNet CheckWare. The most often used APIs this week are Google Maps, Twitter and Wikipedia. And the most commonly used types of APIs were Reference (3 APIs, 5 mashups), Music (3 APIs, 3 mashups) and Social (2 APIs, 3 mashups). The list below shows which APIs were used by which mashups:

Amazon EC2 Amazon EC2 used in Hashtagram

Amazon eCommerce Amazon eCommerce used in populrBuys

CrunchBase CrunchBase used in Kaiten Browser

Discogs Discogs used in Kaiten Browser

FanFeedr Sports News FanFeedr Sports News used in DimePickers

Foursquare Foursquare used in TripsQ

Freebase Freebase used in FairSpin

Google App Engine Google App Engine used in populrBuys

Google Maps Google Maps used in Berlin Gay Maps, TripsQ

Google Tasks Google Tasks used in Mavenlink Collaboration, Producteev Task Management for Google Apps

Instagram Instagram used in Hashtagram

MusixMatch MusixMatch used in Got Lyrics?

Spotify Metadata Spotify Metadata used in Tubufy.com

Twitter Twitter used in Hashtagram, Kaiten Browser

WareNet CheckWare WareNet CheckWare used in CheckWare product information, Omni tool for android

Wikipedia Wikipedia used in Kaiten Browser, WikiGuess

YouTube YouTube used in Tubufy.com

Mashups of the day:
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Got Lyrics?


Kaiten Browser