18 New APIs: Gravatar, Internet Radio and Semantic Analysis

This week we had 18 new APIs added to our API directory including a speech recognition service, dining deals search service, email marketing service, album cover archive, online avatar service, temporary email service, social reading record, image manipulation service, SMS group message service and semantic text analysis service. We covered the API for ethical product ratings more in-depth on the blog. Below is more detail on all 18 of these new APIs.

AISpeechAISpeech API: AI Speech specializes in computer speech recognition, analysis, tone analysis and dialog management techniques. AISpeech JavaScript API provides AI Speech Ltd's pronunciation evaluation, speech recognition, and text-to-speech technologies. With the API developers can implement speech enabled applications. AISpeech API supports:

* Audio Recording.
* Speech Pronunciation Evaluation, Chinese and English.
* Multi-style Text-to-Speech, Chinese and English.

Documentation is in Chinese.

BiteHunterBiteHunter API: BiteHunter is a service that offers a real time stream of dining deals and offers in the US (right now , NYC , SF and Chicago - soon the entire US). BiteHunter allows users to search for deals by types of food offered near a given location or to sign up to receive daily deals. BiteHunter also offers an API for developers who want to integrate BiteHunter into their own applications and websites.

CakeEngineCakeEngine API: From Website: "CakeEngine Montreal-based email marketing Platform for marketing agencies, freelance designers, and software developers. You can customize it, brand it, and extend it with a wide array of third-party add-ons or with its CakeMail API."

Dive.ioDive.io API: Dive.io is an online social service where SCUBA divers can post information about dives they have completed and places they dive. Other users can then browse dive records and see other user's opinions on the dives. Dive.io also provides a RESTful API allowing developers to create their own applications and websites for accessing Dive.io data and uploading/retrieving dive records.

Feest.jeFeest.je API: Feest is a Netherlands-based location sharing service, which also incorporates other location sharing services like Foursquare. The Feest API is in private beta and public documentation is not available. The site is in Dutch.

FoxyCartFoxyCart API: FoxyCart is a customizable shopping cart/checkout application with many features that is designed to seamlessly be integrated into an existing store. FoxyCart is free to use in development and is $19.99/mo for live stores. The FoxyCart API is a RESTful API that can be used to Fetch and add/update XML records of Customers, Customer Addresses, Transactions, and Subscriptions.

FreeCovers.netFreeCovers.net API: From Website: "Freecovers is a large, fast and easy cd cover archive. It maintains a huge database of high quality cd and dvd covers. The FreeCovers API has been created to allow folks to easily add content to their site, by integrating our content into their design.

The API allows full-freedom in how you use the content you retrieve, and is a great way to add that extra something to your site."

FuelFrogFuelFrog API: FuelFrog is a webservice that lets users track their gas usage and mileage. Users can add information about gas purchases to their account after filing up, view their gas spending trends, see gas price historical data for their city, and gain information about their car's gas efficiency. In the near future, users will be able to compare their vehicle to others and see how they compare. In addition to the website interface, FuelFrog offers a RESTful API for accessing and adding user data.

GoodGuideGoodGuide API: The GoodGuide API enables developers to access GoodGuide.com data through a REST-based interface. Version 1.0 of the GoodGuide API currently supports one operation, search, that returns information and GoodGuide ratings about entities. An entity as defined by the GoodGuide API is a product, company, brand, or product category for which there is a GoodGuide rating. Through the API, you can find information about any entity currently available on GoodGuide.com.

GoodGuide provides information about the health, environmental and social performance of products and companies.

GravatarGravatar API: Gravatar is a Web Service that lets users create profiles and avatars called Gravatars. A Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Gravatar has several developer services that do not require application Authentication (although to edit user information in XML- RPC a user must be authenticated).

Guerrilla MailGuerrilla Mail API: Guerrilla Mail is an anti-spam solution, where a user is given a temporary Email address which they can use without the need of disclosing personal information. Users can also subscribe to Guerrilla Mail and receive a permanent Guerrilla Mail address (although mail sent to that address will only be stored for an hour). The Guerrilla Mail API is a JSON based HTTP API that provides all the functionality to create a fully featured app. Developers can use the API to create their own Guerrilla Mail website or application, or integrate Guerrilla Mail with their own applications.

I'vReadI'vRead API: I'vRead is a record of what books a user has read. Users don't need to sign up for an I'vRead account, they only have to post a Tweet in the format 'book name @ivread comment' and it will update their I'vRead record. Other users can then see lists of what other users have read or lists of popular books. The I'vRead API is a way for developers to integrate I'vRead into their own applications/websites. The API can be used to get JSON or RSS data about Recent Reads or User Information.

magicklymagickly API: Magickly is an image manipulation service. The hosted version of the app, magickly.heroku.com acts as the base URL, then the image URL is appended to the query string as a src=, followed by any of the supported operations.

NewsBlurNewsBlur API: NewsBlur is an RSS Feed reader. NewsBlur's API allows users to retrieve their feeds, feed counts, feed icons, feed statistics, and individual feed stories. No API Key is required, but users are required to authenticate before using any of the API endpoints. The API uses HTTP POST protocol.

ProcessWireProcessWire API: From Website: "The JQuery javascript Library is enjoyable because it's syntax is simple and fun to use, and it lets you get a lot done without a lot of work. ProcessWire's API is inspired by jQuery and it's style and syntax.

The goal behind the ProcessWire API is to provide the level of accessibility and control to your site's pages that jQuery provides to the DOM."

SMS GupShupSMS GupShup API: GupShup is a free (for India) group SMS service to connect with your friends and follow your passions over SMS. Users can send messages to groups of friends by joining or creating groups others can join/subscribe to and can receive messages from the groups they have subscribed to. The GupShup RESTful API allows developers to access messages sent through GupShup. These messages can then be integrated into websites or other applications.

SourberrySourberry API: Sourberry is an open internet radio service based in Turkey. The service allows anyone to broadcast live radio, syndicated through the Sourberry network. Sourberry offers a RESTful API for developers to use to retrieve the status of the Sourberry service and its current programs. The API returns either JSON or XML formats and the documentation is in Turkish.

SyllabsSyllabs API: Syllabs develops technologies for semantic analysis of text content. The Syllabs API, lets developers integrate the functionality of the semantic analysis platform in their own web site or application. The API currently offers the following functionality:

Language detection: the API can automatically identify the language and encoding of your text.
Information extraction: the API can extract key terms and "named entities" (people, places) from your text, that you can use to add semantic tags to your content.
Related keywords: Starting with one or more terms, the API can generate a set of related keywords, that you can use to link to similar topics.

The Syllabs API is currently available to select partners as part of a private beta program. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.