19 New APIs: Streaming Music, Phone Verification and Cloud Storage

This week we had 19 new APIs added to our API directory including a phone number verification service, gift recommendation service, file sharing service, airfare tracking service and slideshow creation service. We looked in-depth at the Rdio music streaming API and the "Robin Hood of Travel". Below is more detail on all 19 new APIs.

4Shared4Shared API: 4shared is an online storage and file sharing service that was founded in 2005. Users can upload, store and share all types of files, including music, video, photos and documents.

The 4shared API provides developers access to more than 100 API functions, including access web account, upload/download files, search files and create and delete folders.

Carbon CalculatedCarbon Calculated API: Carbon Calculated provides industry leading carbon and energy management software that is fully compliant with government regulations. The data that Carbon Calculated is based on is accessible through the Carbon Calculated browser and through the Carbon Calculated API, which is free and open to all developers.

CommuniCart Customer ServiceCommuniCart Customer Service API: CommuniCart provides online shopping cart and ecommerce website design services. The CommuniCart Customer Service API allows authorized customers to login to the user's information system and query available products. Using the API, developers can allow customers to search a catalog of items, import a product catalog into their own catalog and get their wholesale pricing from the developer. The API is included at no cost for every CommuniCart storefront. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML. Full documentation is not publicly available.

e-Similatee-Similate API:
Reduce the time, cost and complexity of developing secure commerce-enabled applications with e-Similate for developers. The e-Similate service is a streamlined integration program designed to help software companies and application developers easily combine Fifth Third Processing Solutions’ robust transaction processing solutions with value-added services and workflows to form complete payment solutions.

With a full suite of developer-centric resources including; complete software development toolkits, APIs, sample code, sample applications, developer sandbox, and on-demand support, e-Similate provides business and technical resources to help Software Companies streamline integration projects, satisfy PCI and PA-DSS compliance requirements, define channel partnerships, and publish applications to active Commerce Marketplaces.

EEA DiscomapEEA Discomap API: The European Environment Agency (EEA) provides the public with GIS APIs to get a wide range of environmental data for Europe and helps you create your own map-services. As of today EEA covers the thematic areas such as Air, Water, Biodiversity, Land and Noise. More topics will be added. Services exposed from discomap.eea.europa.eu are allowed to be re-used by anybody. EEA content can be integrated in many different ways by developers or by any end-user who might find an interest in combining EEA's information with their own or other public map-services (mashups).

As of today EEA covers the thematic areas such as Air, Water, Biodiversity, Land and Noise. We support access of these service to as many possible ways EEA can handle. All these map-services have meta data and a simple interface that allows you to discovered.

These map-services are exposed in many other portals such as the INSPIRE portal, ArcGis.com, GEOS and many other. EEA gives anybody the rights to re-link these services into there own web-site or portals. EEA however only maintains it's meta data from the services hosted in this infrastructure.

FirstGivingFirstGiving API: FirstGiving provides donation processing for any of the 1.2 Million 501(c)3 non-profit organizations in the United States. The RESTful API provides access to the the company's directory of charities. Developers can create applications to encourage donations and, if they choose, developers can earn revenue from transaction fees.

Search based on name, EIN, city, state, zipcode and a few other factors. Retrieve detailed information about the non-profit, including its UUID, which can be used when processing a donation.

Flashcard ExchangeFlashcard Exchange API: Flashcard Exchange is an online flashcard service, with many different categories and topics. The Flashcard Exchange RESTful API has just now been made public. The API has also been enhanced to provide two way communication with third party applications.

GenabilityGenability API: Genability provides tools to gain insight into electricity usage. The Genability API is a RESTful interface to detailed, accurate and up-to-date tariff and energy pricing data. Search by zipcode and other criteria.

The API is not free, but charges a few cents per request. There is also a price per tariff, though you then have unlimited access to that tariff.

The API can respond with XML, JSON or JSONP formats.

Gifts.comGifts.com API: Gifts.com is the Internet's number one gift recommendation site. The products featured on Gifts.com are hand-selected and categorized by a team of professional trend experts. This assortment is comprised of a unique array of products submitted by the some of the web's best retailers. With access to the Gifts.com API, you will be able to work with its premium content and come up with creative new ways to help people become better gift givers.

Intuit Payments ConnectIntuit Payments Connect API: Access transaction services, value-added services and data services to form rich payment service bundles and workflows.

Intuit Payments Connect provides business and technical resources to help software companies streamline integration projects, satisfy compliance requirements, define channel partnerships, and deploy applications to market. This unique mix of market-facing resources allows software companies to quickly and cost-effectively deliver innovative, just-in-time payment solutions to customers.

With a full suite of developer-centric resources including free software development toolkits, developer sandbox, and on-demand support, Intuit Payments Connect is the definitive source for payment application developers.

Lead ReporterLead Reporter API: Lead Reporter is a sales lead management software that allows you to deliver all your leads to one centralised system from your website, sales team and more, allocate leads to the appropriate member of your sales team, manage your sales process, and track your conversion rates.
The Lead Reporter API allows a user to insert and export leads from the system. In order to utilise the API functionality, an account administrator must first create a web service user in their system.

PhoneifyPhoneify API: Phoneify is a service that provides Javascript widgets and an API for real-time phone verification of your customers & users. Verification is handled in several steps: a user enteres a phone number and receives a passcode, they receive a phone call/text later and must enter the correct passcode, if the passcode is correct the user is verified. Javascript Hooks can be used to immediately trigger events on the verification or failure of verification of a user (Since Javascript occurs client side, this method is discouraged due to security concerns; Direct API calls should be used instead).

RdioRdio API: We're making a music service that takes the work out of deciding what to play next--follow friends and people with great taste in music, get inspired by what they're playing, and listen to their playlists. In addition to the existing Rdio interfaces, there are also APIs that allows developers to create their own interfaces using Rdio's services. The Web Services API is based on calls made to the Rdio server through HTTP Post requests and allows developers to access Rdio's data. The Web Playback API is based on an Adobe Flash file (SWF) and Javascript, and allows developers to incorporate the playback of licensed Rdio music into their web applications.

ReportGridReportGrid API: ReportGrid provides analytics and visualizations in the cloud. The system is built to interpret and share big data in order to gain new insights. The service helps bring real-time reporting to large and small businesses, as well as their customers. The ReportGrid API is provided as both a RESTful and a Javascript API.

SendTabSendTab API: Most of SendTab's functionality is within an extension for web browsers. The extension lets you share links instantly between computers. You are, in essence, sending tabs from one computer to another, where you can then open up the link to view. You can then return to previously sent tabs through a searchable history, so it's also a bookmarking service.

The SendTab API is RESTful and allows developers incorporate SendTab data into their own applications.

SlideBombSlideBomb API: SlideBomb's API lets you create slideshows that show up on the SlideBomb website. SlideBomb slideshows can contain Youtube videos, images, and other mashable media online.

The service is in beta and uses JSON-RPC to process requests.

Snipt.netSnipt.net API: Snipt is a service to share and refer back to code snippets, commands that programmers use frequently. The Snipt API is for developers who want to create their own applications that can interact with Snipt. All methods use HTTP GET requests, which means developers can request data from Snipt, but not send data to Snipt.

SubSiftSubSift API: SubSift supports academic peer review with what it calls "submission sifting." SubSift connects conference or journal papers to potential peer reviewers using papers written by the peer reviewer. The system is built upon online bibliographic databases, such as Google Scholar.

SubSift provides a RESTful API for developers to use to create their own applications and websites that can interact with SubSift data and services.

YaptaYapta API: Yapta aims to help travelers get a better handle on pricing by providing easy-to-use tools and information that assures they get the best value from their travel spending.

The APIs enable applications to track pricing on specific flights offered from hundreds of airlines around the world. Flight prices can be monitored both before purchase -- in an effort to help travelers buy at the lowest price -- and after purchase, in an effort to help travelers capture an airline refund when the price drops."


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We have a unique API that provides Telephony Data in a restful API format. There are docs on our site www.tirs.us and you can request access there as well.

The API provides telephony data on telephone numbers via a reverse phone append.