19 of the Worst Developer Frustrations

A recent post by James Smith on Edgement highlighted the many frustrations that developers face on a regular basis, with cartoons and GIFs to perfectly sum up the common threads.

One of the general topics includes mistaken identity, with many people not aware of the difference between developers and IT guys. Possible even worse than this, however, is the case one dev getting kicked out of Starbucks while working on a research paper in latex because a customer believed he was “hacking people’s passwords”.

The unexplained debris in other people’s work is another common problem. Simple inefficiencies or obsolete structures somehow get left behind to leave no intuitive path through processes. Then there is the knock-on effect of attending to one minor issue, only for a complete crash to occur shortly afterwards. And that is probably just after the moment that Stack Overflow went down.

With other posts that deal with interruptions, ignorance and being managed (especially on a Friday afternoon), every developer will find something to relate to in this list.

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19 Frustrations Every Programmer Can Relate To