195 Science APIs: Springer, EPA and NCBI

Our API directory now includes 195 science APIs. The newest is the AnnotQTL API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the NCBI Entrez API. We list 4 NCBI Entrez mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of science APIs.

In terms of the technical details, SOAP and XML lead the way. There are 116 science SOAP APIs and 101 science REST APIs. Our directory lists 175 science XML APIs and 39 science JSON APIs.

The most common tags within science are 58 bioinformatics science APIs, 44 genetics science APIs and 35 reference science APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 66 science mashups. We named ReaderMeter as mashup of the day in September 2010.

For reference, here is a list of all 195 science APIs.

  3TIER API: Global wind and solar Resource data

  AHDS Identifier Resolver API: UK electronic research data repository

  Alaska Satellite Facility API: Satellite data archive

  AnnotQTL API: Gene annotation by chromosomal region

  Archimedes Project Donatus API: Morphological analysis data service

  Ask SciPy API: Collaborative question and answer software

  Basic Local Alignment Search Tool API: Genome database search tool

  BioCatalogue API: Life sciences web registry service

  Biodiversity Heritage Library API: Digital biodiversity Library

  BioDOM API: Bioinformatics data XML converter

  Biofab Data Access API: DNA sequence data repository service

  BiologicalNetworks API: Biological pathways analysis and visualization service

  BioMOBY API: Plant genome reference service

  Biomolecular Interaction Network Database API: Biomolecular database

  bioNMF API: Biomedical data analysis service

  Boliven Publications API: Patent and scientific document Portal

  Brain Maps API: Brain section images

  Cancer Bioinformatics Infrastructure Objects API: Cancer-related scientific information service

  Center for Biological Sequence Analysis API: Biological sequence and molecule analysis services

  ChEBI API: Chemical entity search service

  ChemBank API: Biomedical database

  ChEMBL API: Chemical compound search service

  Chemcaster API: Cheminformatics management Platform

  ChemSpider API: Chemical structure database

  ChromA API: Chromatography-mass spectrometry alignment service

  CIPRES API: Supercomputing rescource

  ClinicalTrials.gov API: Clinical trials database and registry

  CO-OPS API: Coastal oceanographic information service

  CO2 Benchmark API: CO2/greenhouse gas estimation service

  Conservation Scorer API: Homologous protein sequence similarity calculator

  CopasiWS API: Biochemical system simulation service

  CORDC HF RADAR Maps API: Vector mapping service

  Cornell eBird API: Bird sighting and identification service

  CSA/NBII Biocomplexity Thesaurus API: Biocomplexity Thesaurus search service

  CyberArmy API: Online knowledge sharing community

  Data Science Toolkit API: Open Source tools for science

  Data Translation Web Service (DTWS) API: Space physics data service

  data.nasa.gov API: NASA datasets

  DataFed WCS API: Air quality data visualization service

  DataONE API: Biological research data repository

  Deepdyve API: Scientific and medical journals

  Diabetic Complications Consortium API: Diabetes and health care information service

  DIALIGN API: Multiple protein and nucleic acid sequence alignment service

  Divide-and-Conquer Multiple Sequence Alignment API: Amino acid, RNA, or DNA sequence alignment service

  dkCOIN API: Biomedical resource database

  DKFZ SoapDB API: Genetics and protein sequence databases

  DLESE API: Digital Earth science library

  Duplicated Genes Database API: Database of co-located and duplicated genes

  e-Fungi API: Fungi genomics database and analysis service

  Earth Observing System API: Earth observation data clearinghouse

  EarthScope Data Portal API: North American earth sciences data service

  EBI API: Bioinformatics research database

  EBI CENSOR API: Biological sequence repetition masking service

  EBI ClustalW2 API: Global multiple sequence alignment service

  EBI ClustalW2 Phylogeny API: Phylogenetic tree creation service

  EBI DaliLite API: Pairwise protein structure comparison service

  EBI InterProScan API: Protein signature recognition service

  EBI Kalign API: Multiple sequence alignment service

  EBI Lalign API: Local pairwise sequence alignment service

  EBI MAFFT API: Multiple sequence alignment service

  EBI MUSCLE API: Multiple sequence alignment service

  EBI MView API: Bioinformatics data reformatting service

  EBI NCBI BLAST API: Database search for biological sequences similarities

  EBI Phobius API: Protein topology and signal peptide prediction service

  EBI PRANK API: Probabilistic multiple alignment service

  EBI PSI-BLAST API: Database search for related protein sequences

  EBI SBO API: Ontology for computational modeling of systems biology

  EBI T-Coffee API: Multiple sequence alignment service

  EBI Whatizit API: Molecular biology term identification and reference linking

  EBI WSDbfetch API: Biological database search service

  EBI WU-BLAST API: Database search for biological sequence similarities

  Elsevier Article API: Scientific journals and articles search service

  EMBOSS Backtranambig API: Protein to nucleic acid back-translation service

  EMBOSS Backtranseq API: Protein to nucleic acid back-translation service

  EMBOSS Matcher API: Local pairwise sequence alignment service

  EMBOSS Needle API: Global pairwise sequence alignment service

  EMBOSS Sixpack API: DNA visualization tool

  EMBOSS Stretcher API: Global pairwise sequence alignment service

  EMBOSS Transeq API: Nucleic acid to peptide translation service

  EMBOSS Water API: Local pairwise sequence alignment service

  Encyclopedia of Life API: Biology Encyclopedia

  EPA Envirofacts API: Environmental database

  EPA Project Catalog API: EPA project information service

  EPA Station API: Find EPA monitoring stations by geographic area

  EPA Station Catalog API: EPA monitoring station information service

  EPA Watershed Summary API: EPA watershed information service

  Epidemic Marketplace API: Research data sharing and collaboration service

  FlyBase API: Drosophila genomic information database

  FlyMine API: Research animal genetic data service

  Footprint Services API: Astronomy observation database and visualization service

  GeneCruiser API: Genomic information database

  Genetics Home Reference API: Genetics research site

  GenomeQuest API: Biological data managment platform

  Genomic Name Server API: Bioinformatics database

  Geo3DModelService API: Dutch underground geologic mapping service

  GeoAstro API: Astronomical event service

  GeoNet Quake API: New Zealand earthquake reporting service

  Global Biodiversity Information Facility API: Species datasets

  GlobPlotter API: Protein structure prediction service

  GMOD API: Remote Querying of Biological Databases

  Golm Metabalome Database API: Metabolic molecule database

  Grid5000 API: Computer science research group

  Helioviewer API: Solar and heliospheric data access

  HMMER API: Protein sequence search and alignment service

  HUSAR Bioinformatics Lab API: Suite of bioinformatics services

  IBCP gBIO API: Protein sequence analysis service

  IceLogo API: Peptide sequence alignment consensus visualization

  iHOP Genetics API: Biological protein sequencing service

  IOOS SOS API: Coastal conditions information service

  iPlant Semantic Web HTTP API: Botanical linked data/semantic web data service

  iRefIndex API: Protein interaction databases

  IST Bioinformatics Web Services API: Bioinformatics databases

  KnotInFrame API: DNA and RNA frameshift site prediction service

  LifeDesks API: Online science and taxonomy community

  MARAN API: Micro-array data preprocessing service

  MetriDyne API: Real-time measurement accumulates service

  MiMI/Metabolomics API: Protein interaction information service

  miRMaid API: miRNA database access service

  Mouse Resource Browser API: Mouse-related bioinformatics resource service

  myExperiment API: Workflow sharing services

  MyGene.Info API: Annotated gene information service

  NASA Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer API: Satellite data purchasing service

  National Library of Medicine ChemSpell API: Chemical reference database

  National Virtual Observatory API: NVO directory interface

  NCAR Digital Library API: Atmospheric science digital resource search service

  NCBI Entrez API: Life sciences search services

  NCBO BioPortal API: NCBO Ontology Tools

  ncRNA fRNAdb API: Functional RNA sequence search service

  NEEScentral API: Earthquake engineering services

  Neuroscience Information Framework API: Neuroscience resource inventory

  NextBio API: Science data research platform

  NOAA ERDDAP API: Oceanic science data service

  NOAA MADIS API: Meteorological data observations

  novoseek API: Biomedical search engine

  NSDL Repository Update Service API: XML repository content management service

  NSDL Search API: Online science library

  NSIDC API: Frozen Earth observation datasets

  Numismatic Search API: American Numismatic Society search service

  OligoSelection API: DNA microarray experiment minimal subset calculator

  OMA Browser API: Proteins search engine

  Open Data Catalogue Austria API: Austria open data

  OpenHazards GetEarthquakeProbability API: Earthquake prediction service

  openModeller API: Ecological niche modelling service

  Orion API: High-performance computing services

  ParsCit API: Citation and logical structure parsing service

  Passta API: Structure-based protein relationship identifier

  Pearson Correlation Coefficient API: Calculator for the Pearson Correlation Coefficient ρ

  Pfam API: Protein domain family database

  Phylogenetic Footprinting API: Phylogenetic footprinting service

  pknotsRG API: RNA secondary structure prediction service

  PlanetLab Central API: Computer networking research database

  PLoS Search API: Scientific literature search service

  Praxeon API: Medical language search service

  ProThesaurus API: Protein name thesaurus

  PSLC DataShop API: Educational research repository

  PubChem PUG API: Molecular library database

  PubMLST API: Biological database

  pyMantis API: Collaborative life-science data management service

  RCSB Protein Data Bank API: 3D protein database

  Reflect API: Biology and chemical tagging service

  Reputer API: Genomic repeat detection service

  RIOJA Journal Repository API: Scholarly article data retrieval service

  RNAfold API: RNA secondary structure prediction service

  RNAforester API: RNA secondary structure comparison service

  RNAhybrid API: RNA hybridization prediction service

  RNAshapes API: RNA shape prediction service

  Roci API: Phylogenetic tree-building tool

  Rose API: Evolution modeling service for protein sequences

  RxNorm API: Clinical drug vocabularies

  SABIO-RK API: Biochemical reaction database

  Science Museum API: British Science Museum data and services

  ScienceBase API: Geological science data catalog

  SciVerse Framework and Content API: Science Reference Research Platform OpenSocial

  SEGUID API: Protein sequence ID generation service

  Simple Semantic Web Architecture and Protocol API: Botanical semantic web conversion service

  SkyServer API: Astronomical data and image service

  SLiMFinder API: Shared protein motif discovery service

  SMART API: Protein domain identification and annotation service

  SNOTEL API: Snowpack data service

  Space Physics Interactive Data Resource API: Astronomy and physics data service

  Spire ITIS API: Taxanomic serial number and scientific name database

  Springer API: Scientific journal and books database

  Strand Map API: Interactive mind-mapping service

  Strand Map Service API: Interactive maps for students and teachers

  The SEED API: Genomic information database

  Thomson Reuters Pharma API: Investigational drugs data

  Thomson Reuters Web of Science API: Citation reference index

  TreeBASE API: Phylogenetic tree database

  uBio Namebank API: Animal scientific naming and search service

  USGS National Water Information System API: Water quality data service

  Virtual Solar Observatory API: Solar images and data

  WikiPathways API: Biological pathways wiki

  World Bank Climate API: Climate change information portal

  World Register of Marine Species API: Marine animal scientific naming service

  XNAT API: Medical imaging informatics platform

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