1Password Launches New Enterprise Events API

1Password, an enterprise password management solutions provider, has announced a new Events API that is intended to improve login visibility for IT professionals. This new offering greatly expands the number of events that are reported programmatically on the Platform.

Previously the company had exposed some login details via API, including failed sign-in attempts and the most recent instance of someone accessing each vault item. With the launch of this new Events API, developers now gain access to successful login details and information of every historical instance of item use.

1Password outlined in the blog post announcing the new API exactly where in an organizations Stack they imagine this new API fitting:

“We’ve built the API with SOC (Security Operations Center) and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tools in mind – database tools which analyze and present time-series event data with alerts, dashboards, visualization, and search.”

To support this goal, the company has announced preliminary integrations with both Elastic and Splunk. Developers that want to test out the APIs functionality can check out a sample Python script provided by 1Password. 

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