2 New Google APIs

Google continues their rapid expansion of new APIs -- we have just added two more to our listings: the Google Safe Browsing API and the Google Custom Search API. What are they?

Google Safe Browsing API: How does Mozilla Firefox help prevent phishing attacks? It uses this API. As Google describes it: "The Safe Browsing API is an experimental API that enables client applications to check URLs against Google's constantly updated blacklists of suspected phishing and malware pages. Your client application can use the API to download an encrypted table for local, client-side lookups of URLs that you would like to check." Google suggests some possible use cases:

  • Warn users before clicking on links that appear in your site when they lead to malware-infested pages.
  • Prevent users from posting links to phishing pages from your site.
  • Check a list of pages against Google's lists of suspected phishing and malware pages.

Google Custom Search API: This one is a bit different than others as it's a means for creating Google Custom Search Engines, or CSE's, on the fly. From their description "You can now exploit the full power of your ideas to dynamically generate Custom Search Engines. You host the CSE specification on your web site and include the url for this specification in your CSE search request. Google retrieves the CSE specification from your website when your user searches in the CSE."

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