20+ Google JavaScript APIs in One Playground

Get ready for slides and monkey bars. You can now access nearly two dozen Google JavaScript APIs in the AJAX playground. YouTube, Friend Connect and a host of options join Calendar, Blogger and, of course, Maps.

The AJAX playground launched early last year with nine APIs. Developers can edit code and see the results without reloading the page. Most of the updates to the playground are for the AJAX Search API: Blog, Book, Image, Local, News, Patent and Video.

Google also added its Calendar API and Google Friend Connect API to the playground. Also, since Google promoted Maps V3 to production, the playground now includes many mapping examples from both versions.

Getting started with any API can be a chore. Providing initial samples is a great way to make it easier. And even better is providing samples that can be edited, as Google has done with its playground.

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via Pamela Fox