20 New APIs: FitBit, Sched.org and Very Short URL Shortener

This week we had 20 new APIs added to our API directory including a task management service, tag cloud creation service, hotel and travel news search service, URL shortening service and a fitness tracking tool. For that last one, we looked closer in The FitBit Gets a Personal Fitness API. Below is more detail on each of these new APIs.

DelcampeDelcampe API: Delcampe.net is an international auction website. Among the services Delcampe offers, is a SOAP based API. With this API, developers can create their own applications build around the Delcampe.net services. Add your own items to be auctioned in various ways: standard auction, fixed price, bulk or a combination. Also retrieve information about completed auctions to help automate manual tasks.

FitbitFitbit API: Fitbit is a website that offers tools for users to track their personal data, such as weight, activity, total sleep, etc. Fitbit also offers an API for developers to use to create tools and application that access Fitbit services and data. Users can then authenticate an external website/application to use their Fitbit data, and use the external application to push data to Fitbit. The API is still being developed.

FuturemailFuturemail API: With the Futuremail API, you can schedule emails to any date and time you wish. Developers can use the Futuremail API with any website, running from a server or processed client side. It can be used using in any of the web programming languages like PHP, ASP.NET, Python, Javascript etc.

Lead ZeppelinLead Zeppelin API: Lead Zeppelin is an easy-to-use web CRM that keeps your contacts (customers) separate from your leads. Add your team and you can assign leads to them, share files and add tasks. Web-to-lead forms can be created for integration with your website.

The Lead Zeppelin API allows you access to your lead data from your website or application. Methods currently available allow you to retrieve all lead data, retrieve data associated to a single contact or lead, or add a lead to your account.

LitmosLitmos API: Litmos is an easy-to-use, SCORM-certified, learning management system. The Litmos API (Magnum) enables developers to connect their applications to the Litmos training engine. This allows for greater integration of training data generated in Litmos with any other systems that are currently used within your organization.

microPledgemicroPledge API: microPledge is a company that lets users team up to fund various projects, including playgrounds, software, or charity. Alternatively, users can user microPledge to gauge public interest in advance, if they have a product concept. MicroPledge offeres an API that allows developers to create applications that use the microPledge services and data. MicroPledge also has a sandbox that developers can use to test their applications.

NetaliveNetalive API: Netalive.org is a social community allowing users to have discussions about any topic with other users. Users can post topics, posts, responses to posts, and personal journals. The Netalive API allows developers to access read-only data from Netalive; the API can pull data such as Posts, Topics, and Recent Posts from Netalive but it cannot push data to Netalive. The API has two protocols, XML-RPC and REST. The REST API is easier to use and consumes less bandwidth than the XML-RPC API, however the XML-RPC API is more standardized.

Nevistas NewsNevistas News API: Nevistas API allows you to integrate our database of news content with your software or website. The API provides methods for basic news display by channel and retrieving data for a specific news item. These services are free to use and available to anyone.

PlancakePlancake API: Plancake is a free online project and task manager, easy-to-use and feature-rich. Plancake services include Tasks, Notes, GTD (Getting Things Done), Email-To-Inbox, an Android app, and an API. The Plancake API is a RESTful API that allows developers to create tools, interlaces, and extensions to the Plancake services that can interact with the Plancake data.

SCHED*SCHED* API: SCHED* is a service for event scheduling and planning, with social network integration and tools for attendees to build their own agendas, along with other services. For conference organizers, SCHED* provides a RESTful API to remotely sync the SCHED* database with your existing event database.

socialmodsocialmod API: Socialmod is a service that makes it easy to moderate user generated content (UGC), including text, videos, pictures, and Twitter posts. Socialmod also provides a RESTful API for developers who wish to make their own applications and interfaces to interact with the Socialmod service.

SyncTVSyncTV API: SyncTV is a powerful platform for premium video service providers who want to extend their service to the millions of connected TVs, Blu-ray players, set-tops, smart phones and tablets now available from all major manufacturers. SyncTV offers a turn-key system including the world of SyncTV enabled devices and the powerful SyncTV content management and transaction engine to a new age of television networks and content producers. SyncTV provides two APIs, a RESTful API and a Javascript API, for developers to use to build their own applications using SyncTV services and data. Developers will be given a developer id, unique for each developer and each platform they develop for.

t0.tvt0.tv API: t0.tv is a URL shortening service, allowing users to convert long URLs to something that can be shared in more places online. t0.tv also provides an API for developers to build their own applications using t0.tv services or to create short URLs automatically. Developers can also use the t0.tv API to get statistics on their short URLs, such as how many clicks the URL has and when the last click occurred.

TagulTagul API: Tagul is a service that can take an XML description of a tag cloud and turn it into an interactive tag cloud image. The Tagul API is an XML-RPC API for developers to use to generate tag clouds through their own interface, instead of using Tagul's web interface. The API is not free; it is available for a monthly fee.

TaskoTasko API: Tasko is a web-based task management service, based on the TaskPaper software for Mac/iPhone. The Tasko API is an XML-RPC API that lets developers create their own interfaces for Tasko. The API is still a work in progress, with functionality being added as requested.

TeamworkPMTeamworkPM API: TeamworkPM (Teamwork Project Manager) is an online teamwork & project management software application that helps managers, staff and clients work together more productively online. TeamworkPM provides tools for project and task management, time tracking, file management and communication between users. The TeamworkPM API allows developers to create their own applications that can interact with TeamworkPM data.

Teidu MikroblogTeidu Mikroblog API: Teidu is a micro blogging service that provides a simple API for developers who want to access Teidu Mikroblog's data from their own websites and applications. The Teidu Mikroblog API is a RESTful API, with more formats (SOAP, XML-RPC, and Javascript)
coming soon.

TinyPasteTinyPaste API: TinyPaste is a service that lets users create short URL links to long text strings to use in place of large blocks of text, similar to the URL-shortening services. In addition to the web interface, TinyPaste offers a simple API that lets developers create their own applications using TinyPaste services and database of web links.

Yandex MoiKrugYandex MoiKrug API: MoiKrug, or "My Circle" in Russian, is the social network for Russia's biggest search engine, Yandex.ru. MoiKrug provides an API for developers to use to build applications that access MoiKrug user data and services. MoiKrug uses OAuth 2.0 to authenticate users, and returns information in JSON or XML formats. The API is currently in beta version.

Zvtra.ruZvtra.ru API: Zvtra.ru is an online bookmarking service. Users can user the Zvtra.ru bookmark plugin to easily save webpages and articles for future reading. In addition to the bookmarking tool, Zvtra.ru also provides an open API. The Zvtra.ru Отложим на завтра ('postpone until tomorrow') API allows developers to develop their own applications around Zvtra.ru's tools and services.


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