20 New APIs: Paspartout, Locr and Electricity Metering

This week we had 20 new APIs added to our API directory including a photograph sales service, online portfolio service, online marketing service for local businesses, micro-blogging and social network service, electricity metering service, online survey service, and a time tracking and project management service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

CIPRESCIPRES API: The CIPRES project is a multi-site collaboration for Phyloinformatics and Computational Phylogenetics. The goal of the CIPRES project was to enable large-scale phylogenetic reconstructions on a scale that supports analyses of huge data sets containing hundreds of thousands of bio molecular sequences. The REST API provides web services for end users to submit a job to the Portal programmatically. Currently, only one job submission is allowed for each request. The REST API provides the same functionality as those provided by the browser-based service. The API uses XML for its return format.

ElasticHosts Cloud Computing ElasticHosts Cloud Computing API: ElasticHosts is an elastic cloud computing provider. Users can configure ElasticHosts' sophisticated cloud infrastructure to match their needs with any web browser. They provide web hosting solutions on a virtual server.

The ElasticHosts API allows users to create drives, upload, and download drive images, and create and control virtual servers on their infrastructure.

ExposureManagerExposureManager API: ExposureManager provides business tools for photographers, such as selling photographs, proofing capabilities, order management, and more. ExposureManager is a service for photographers optimized for sales - online and offline.

The ExposureManager API provides a programmable interface to galleries, photos, image uploads, and processing.

FluksoFlukso API: Flukso is a web-based community metering application. Install a Fluksometer near your fuse box, and you will be able to monitor, share, and reduce your electricity consumption through the website.

With the Flukso API, you can retrieve time series data of electricity sensors.

Granicus Open PlatformGranicus Open Platform API: Granicus supplies governing agencies with the software and hardware to integrate streaming media into their communications tool set. The Granicus Open Platform API enables developers to connect their existing IT infrastructure and integrate enterprise systems with Granicus to share data across all systems.

The Granicus Open Platform API is used to add, update, extract, or delete information in MediaManager and MeetingServer. Developers using the API can duplicate many of the functions a user may be able to complete in the web-based version of MediaManager. The API is often used by Integration partners to pass public meeting information and agenda content to a MediaManager Event record for use during the broadcast and recorded meeting.

Granicus Training Management SuiteGranicus Training Management Suite API: Granicus supplies governing agencies with the software and hardware to integrate streaming media into their communications tool set. The Training Management Suite was specifically designed for government and helps organizations build, schedule, and track trainings for both staff and citizens. The Training Management Suite API enables organizations to integrate this product suite with Learning Management Systems and other business systems. The API uses REST and SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

KijubiKijubi API: Kijubi is a experience marketplace dedicated to aggregating and organizing things to do all over the US. Kijubi's search engine stores information on activities on the water, in the air, or on the ground - from family fun to sightseeing to adrenaline and exotic adventures.

Kijubi's API program enables users to access Kijubi information in real-time, such as business listing info, overall business rating, and recent review excerpts into your consumer Web site or mobile application.

Limelight NetworksLimelight Networks API: Limelight Networks is an internet platform and services company that integrates business-critical parts of online content, namely digital content both online and on mobiles. With their services, customers can engage audiences with digital media, optimize advertising, manage digital assets and build customer relationships.

The Limelight Networks APIs are for programmers who are writing client or server applications that interact with the data contained within a Limelight Video Platform account. They have Documentation for playing and managing content, analyzing data, and mobile services.

LocrLocr API: Locr is a service that allows users to geotag their photos with GPS locations. Locr also provides an online community in which users can share their photos. Locr is supported on Windows, Mac, and some mobiles, such as the iPhone.

The Locr API allows users to integrate Locr content in other websites and programs. Some of the features the API offers are accessing and showing photos, finding users, and sharing albums.

MerchantCircle.comMerchantCircle.com API: MerchantCircle is an online network of local business owners, combining social networking features with customizable web listings that allow local merchants to attract new customers.

The MerchantCircle API allows developers to access business names, locations, coupons, deals, and more information within MerchantCircle.

PaspartoutPaspartout API: Paspartout is an online service that allows users to create and maintain online portfolios of their work.

The Paspartout API allows developers or Paspartout site owners to create widgets and/or use public data from Paspartout. Some data that is accessible through the API include pages, categories, prices, and images.

PicScoutPicScout API: PicScout is an online image service that allows photographers and image owners to identify, license, and track their content. PicScout also serves image buyers to search for and purchase images. PicScout was acquired by Getty Images in 2011.

The API allows developers to create applications that will search the image database and return image licensing and metadata information.

Public documentation is not available.

QaikuQaiku API: Qaiku is a micro-blogging and social networking service. It allows users to post short text or images. Qaiku supports multiple languages so all content can be searched and posted in each user's language. Qaiku also has a mobile application.

Qaiku's API is based on the Twitter REST API. The Qaiku API allows developers to do various functions with Qaiku's functionality and data, such as posting messages, reading streams, reading comments, and listing friends and followers.

Silo BreakerSilo Breaker API: Silobreaker is a news service that offers information on a variety of subjects, including current affairs, technology, and the business world. Silobreaker's products intend to help users from numerous industries with news search purposes and analysis.

Silobreaker's API lets users, partners, and site owners extend their own services with Silobreaker's content. While the API is available to everyone free of charge, its use is subject to acceptance of Silobreaker's terms.

The API is currently under development (beta), with additional functionality being developed in the future.

Steam WebSteam Web API: This API allows users of the Steam game Team Fortress 2 to include data from their game play, such as player rankings and stats, on their own sites. The service allows the user to submit a request using any of the languages in the OpenID Library, or the Steam Condenser language pack, and have it returned in XML, JSON, or VDF.

Survey ConsoleSurvey Console API: SurveyConsole is web based software for creating and distributing surveys. It consists of an intuitive wizard interface for creating survey questions, tools for distributing surveys via email or websites, and tools for analyzing and viewing survey results.

The SurveyConsule API allows users to access survey information, responses, survey data, sending surveys, and more.

TimeLogTimeLog API: TimeLog develops and sells web-based solutions within time tracking especially to project-oriented companies in Europe.

The TimeLog API is based on standard web technologies, web services, and XML. Users can use the API to integrate data from TimeLog Project into intranet, extranet, applications, and more. Users can get data on numerous things, such as time registrations, tasks, projects, and customers.

Wikidot Wikidot API: Wikidot is a web application service where people can create collaborative web spaces that look like a traditional wiki, a forum, or a blog. Users can use a mix of forums, wiki pages, templates, modules, custom themes, add-in packages, and reusable site templates to create almost any collaborative web project.

The Wikidot API is a way computer programs and automated system can access and interact with Wikidot for some user. User scripts can use this API to access Wikidot data like which sites belong to a user, page meta data, like title, tags, or parenting, the actual content of a page, and information about attached files.

Yahoo NotificationsYahoo Notifications API: Notifications are messages sent to users that can consist of the following: invites, comments on their updates, gifts, or requested actions from online games. The Notifications API can bu used to get a list of a user's notifications or send the user a notification. Notifications have daily limits and can be blocked by the receiver. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Yahoo StatusYahoo Status API: The Yahoo! Status API allows for users to set and share their status on Yahoo! and on applications. The user's status is a string with a maximum length of 140 characters; anything longer will be silently truncated. The Status API filters unsafe user input to avoid security issues such as invalid characters in a URL, SQL injections, or cross-site scripting. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.