2000 Mashups

What do you get when you mix 450 APIs, thousands of developers around the world, some hacking, and a lot of innovative ideas? You get a big universe of mashups with a sample of 2000 now listed here at ProgrammableWeb.

Since our launch in late summer 2005 we've seen a lot of growth in this idea of web-as-platform, open APIs and mashups. At least three new mashups have been added here every day since, about one new API listed every other day, and thousands of mashup developers have registered at PW. And what's being built? From fifteen-minute mapping hacks to VC-funded startups we can use the pie chart below to get a sense of the subject matter: mapping, photo, search, shopping, travel, video, and a big tag cloud more.

Mashup Pie

We can start to see here and elsewhere how market segments within the API ecosystem are forming. Conincidentally, ZDNet Executive Editor and Mashup Camp organizer David Berlind called me earlier today in checking on a story he was writing that hits on many of these same ideas, a piece now posted at ZDNet: eBay’s new APIs: Harbingers of the Net’s commerce operating system to come?. David does a great job of drawing the analogy between how in the earlier desktop era it was the operating systems of Windows, Mac and Unix that provided the primary platforms for applications and how today we're see web-based APIs from Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL and eBay becoming the new platform providers. And, that's not to mention the phenomenal recent success of the Facebook API building the Social OS.

David points-out that within the Internet as operating system we're seeing it begin to form "verticals" or specialty areas of focus like shopping, enterprise, mobile, infrastructure, government, mapping, etc. And in there his story notes one other thing, this time ProgrammableWeb-related: that we're working on some new sections of PW that will provide windows into these sorts of verticals as a way to track the news, key players, APIs, and mashups in these markets as they take shape. We'll have more details on that those features soon...


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