225 Utility APIs: Google Translate, Bit.ly and uClassify

Our API directory now includes 225 utility APIs. The newest is the Longdo Dict API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Google Translate API. We list 41 Google Translate mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of utility APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and JSON lead the way. There are 177 utility REST APIs and 19 utility SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 119 utility JSON APIs and 117 utility XML APIs.

The most common tags within utility are 87 Internet utility APIs, 42 tools utility APIs and 39 URL-shortener utility APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 48 utility mashups. We named Loads.in as mashup of the day in March 2011.

For reference, here is a list of all 225 utility APIs.

  AChecker API: Accessibility review service

  Adeptol CloudConnect API: Online document viewer service

  Adobe Wave API: Desktop notification service

  AISpeech API: Speech recognition service

  Alchemy API: Semantic text and data dection and extraction

  Amazonca API: Online barcode database

  Apigee OAuth API: OAuth Authentication across several APIs

  ARIN Whois API: Interent registry access service

  Autodesk BIM360 Glue API: CAD software Resource service

  B54.in API: URL shortening service

  Barcodesoft API: Bar code generating service

  BigML API: Data and analytics service

  Binary Canary API: Website and online resource monitoring service

  Bit.ly API: URL shortening service

  Bitext API: Multilingual Semantic Service

  Bitl.in API: URL shortening service

  Bitlan API: URL shortening tool

  BlueMailCentral Postal API: Digital mail service

  Book Glutton API: Convert HTML to EPUB

  Boundary API: Real-time cloud environment monitoring service

  Broken Storm Short URL API: URL Shortening Service

  Browshot API: Screenshot and website sizing and testing service for multiple devices

  BudURL API: URL shortening service

  BudURL.Pro API: URL shortening service

  By Voice API: Text-to-speech conversion service

  CallMyApp API: Online cron service

  Cambridge Lookup/Ibis Web Service API: Online Contact Retrieval Service

  CereVoice Cloud API: Multilingual text-to-speech service

  Chinese Character Web API: Chinese language glyph generation service

  Classmarker API: Online hosted testing service

  Cocoafish API: Backend service for mobile applications

  CodeREADr API: Barcode scanning service

  Cogix Ratings API: Survey Creation Service

  Company Data Trees Mobile Website Detection API: B2B marketing analysis service

  Conversions API: Online calculator and measurment converter

  Copify API: Online copywriting agency

  Crawlerinfo API: Search bot and crawler information

  DeskMetrics API: Software use analytics service

  DeviceAtlas API: Mobile device detection service

  DFT.BA API: Link (URL) shortening service

  Din.gy API: URL shortening service

  Direct Mail Manager API: Direct mail marketing service

  DocMail API: Send physical postal mail via a webservice/website

  Doculicious API: Service for web forms with PDF output

  Embedly API: Rich media embed utility

  EnClout Content API: Content Extract for domains

  EnClout DMOZ API: Dmoz category for Domains

  EnClout Whois API: Whois for Domains

  Epistly API: Online letter writing service

  ESnet OSCARS API: Network traffic management service

  EuropeanNIC API: Domain registration and hosting service

  F'n Lame URL Shortener API: URL shortening tool

  Fastly API: CDN Platform

  File MD5 API: MD5 file hash service

  FileTrek API: Business file sharing service

  Flash Polling API: Online survey and questionnaire service

  G8L.US API: URL shortening service

  GatorURL API: URL Shortening Service

  GetSimple API: Content management system extension service

  GoalBit API: Video delivery platform

  Googe Refine ReconciliationService API: Semantic linking service

  Google Apps Profiles Data API: Update and retrieve Google Apps profiles

  Google Translate API: Language translation service

  Google URL Shortener API: URL shortening service

  Gravatar API: Online Avatar Service

  Gridspot API: Cloud based computational project resource

  Heroku Provider API: Cloud connection service

  Hexillion Whois API: Whois query service

  HockeyApp API: App testing platform

  HTTP Redirect Chain Enumerator API: Search Engine Optimization tool

  IActionable API: Gamification and Analytics Platform

  iCharts API: Data visualization and sharing service

  IdeaTree API: Mind map service

  Image Color Summarizer API: Graphic/image analysis service

  Intel CPU API: Access to CPU information

  IP Location API: Find user location via IP address

  IPInfoDB Fraud Detection API: Online fraud detection service

  IPInfoDB Timezone API: Web based IP timezone lookup service

  IPloc API: IP address lookup services

  IPRental API: IP address routing service

  is.gd API: Url shortening service

  itDuzzit API: Cloud application Integration service

  IttyUrl API: URL shortening service

  Ity.im API: URL shortening service

  JumboURL API: URL expanding service

  Kanbanery API: Project Management

  Kanvaso API: Twitter utility

  keen.io API: Mobile and web application usage service

  L9 API: URL Shortening Service

  LeanKit Kanban API: Workflow optimization tool

  Lica API: Photo conversion service

  Linkbee.com API: Create Short Links and Cash Links

  Linkee API: URL Shortening, Real-Time Tracking & Social Sharing

  LinksPreadeR API: URL Morphing Service

  LinkTiger API: Link Checking Service

  Litmus API: Cross-browser compatibility testing

  Long "R" Us API: URL lengthening service

  Longdo Dict API: Dictionary Search Service

  Longdo Map API: Thailand Map Service

  LongURL API: URL expanding service

  M-Software.de Thumbshots API: Thumbnail creation service

  MECAPI API: Japanese language morphology analysis service

  Metamark API: URL shortening service

  Mnemotechniques Abbreviator API: Abbreviation services

  Mokugift API: Tree planting service

  Montastic API: Website and server monitoring service

  MyELearningSpace Web Accessibility API: Website accessability validation service

  Mytago API: Mobile barcode service

  NeoSpeech API: Text to speech service

  New Zealand Post Tracking API: New Zealand parcel tracking service

  Nexiwave API: Speech recognition platform

  Ning API: Social network platform

  NN.NF API: URL shortening service

  Nodester API: Open Source Node.js Platform as a Service

  Notely API: Academic notes and calendar service

  O-Maniac! API: Url shortening service

  Open Xerox PDF-to-XML API: PDF to XML document conversion service

  OpenADR API: Automated energy grid stabilization specification

  Ow.ly API: URL shortening and expanding service

  PDFmyURL API: Convert HTML into PDF

  Pelican Climate Control API: Wireless HVAC energy solutions

  Ping.fm API: Social networking ping and update service

  Plupload API: File uploading service

  Poll Everywhere API: Simple poll service

  Poszkole.pl API: Game Statistics Service

  Prefinery API: Beta program invitation and management service

  PuppetLabs API: IT automation and security service

  Push IO API: Notification Alerts and Mobile Data Delivery

  Pushingbox API: Cloud notification service

  Qoiob API: URL shortening tool

  QR and DMX Barcode Generator API: 2 dimensional barcode generator for QR and DMX codes

  QR4 QR Code API: QR code generator

  QRdvark API: QR scanning app

  QReate.me API: Mobile tagging service

  QRickit QR Code API: QR code generation service

  r.im API: URL shortening service

  RACO Barcode API: Barcode and QR code generation service

  random.org API: True random number generator

  RapLeaf Utilities API: Data normalization and deduction tool

  Ratchet API: Real time app error reporting service

  Readability rdd.me API: URL shortening service

  RedHat OpenShift API: Cloud Computing Platform

  ReLink API: Content Management and Publishing Service

  Remoteling API: Remote code execution and memory storage service

  Retro Avatar API: Avatar creator

  Screenr Business API: Screen capture embedding tool

  Seavus DropMind API: Project and idea management

  Shorty API: URL shortening tool

  Shotbot API: Web page screen capture tool and thumbnail generator

  Shr.Im API: URL Shortening Service

  Sift Science API: Website traffic monitoring service

  SimpleDB API: Temporary data storage services

  SimpleName API: New Zealand domain name lookup service

  Simplenote API: Personal information management service

  SlimTimer API: Personal task timer

  Snappr.net API: Barcode decoding and creation services

  SocialGO API: Social network platform

  SPARQcode QRGen API: Create custom QR Codes

  speechapi API: Speech recognition and text to speech service

  SPIN RDF API: SPARQL query processing and translation service

  Stickybits API: Attach digital content to barcodes

  stikkit API: Little sticky notes that think

  Storm On Demand API: Cloud based storage utility

  Straight-Street API: Icon database search service

  Su.pr API: StumbleUpon URL utility

  Swiftype API: Website search tool

  SYSTRAN Links API: Online translation service

  t0.tv API: URL Shortening Service

  Ta with you API: Machine translation service

  TeliaSonera Developer Redirect API: URL redirection and storage service

  TeliaSonera Tag API: 2 Dimensional barcode generator

  TelPages API: .Tel domain registry service

  TestingBot API: Website testing in multiple browsers service

  theFilthylist.com API: Bad word list filtering service

  TimeAndDate API: Local time, time zone, and date service

  TimeAPI API: Online time provider

  TimesURL API: URL shortening service

  Tinylink API: URL shortening service

  TinyPaste API: Long Text Shortening Service

  to.ly API: URL shortening tool

  Todoist API: Personal task list service

  tr.im API: URL shortening service

  tru.ly Verification API: Dating verification tool

  True Key Video Hosting API: Video and radio streaming platform

  Ttb.li API: URL shortening tool

  Turbulenz API: Social gaming platform

  Tweeshot API: Web screenshot capture and sharing

  Twtmore API: Long tweet utility

  TwTube API: YouTube URL shortener

  U Mini Me API: URL shortening tool

  uberblic Doppelganger API: Data Integration Service

  UCLA.in API: URL Shortening Service

  uClassify API: Text classification services

  Umini.me API: Link shortening service

  Unitag API: QR code generator

  Unshort.me API: Link unshortening service

  Untiny API: Tiny URL Extraction Service

  Uptime Robot API: Website monitoring service

  URLAce.com API: URL shortening service

  urlBorg API: URL shortening service

  Urloid API: Short URL service

  user-agent-string API: User agent string analysis service

  Utility Mill API: Web Utility Database

  Validator.nu API: HTML5 validation service

  VeryRelated Mind Maps Keyword API: Keywords generation service

  ViaPost API: Send physical mail from the Internet

  VINquery API: Motor vehicle identifier decoding service

  Virtuoso Sponger Proxy API: RDF proxy service

  Web2PDF API: PDF creation service

  WebKnox API: Entity and fact extraction tool

  WebPurify Image Filter API: Image moderation service

  WeKnowIt Speech Service API: Speech recognition service

  Wescript API: Userscript runtime environments utility

  Whois API: Whois lookup service

  Wireless Applications Services API: RF engineering consulting services

  WiseTrend OCR API: Cloud based OCR (optical character recognition) service

  Wordpot API: Search engine optimization services

  Wordy API: Spelling and grammar check service

  World Time Engine API: World clock and time zone service

  X.nu API: URL Shortening Service

  Xa.ly API: URL shortener and monetizing service

  Yahoo Network Time API: Yahoo server time service

  Yi.tl API: URL shortener with stats

  YottaShare API: Multi-service URL un-shortener

  ZingChart API: Flash or HTML5 charting and graphing service

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