23M Gamers Generate 2.3B API Calls Over 18 Months On Azure

As games have developed through the ages, the rise of the digital age has allowed players to compete against programs instead of other human competitors. In a recent article as part of YourStory’s CloudSparks Series, Chandan Raj discussed how Playblazer has grown its user base.

Founded in 2013 by Nikhil Soman and Kunal Gangakhedkar as a Back-end service provider, Playbalzer enables social and multi-player game developers to create games quickly by leveraging more than 15 collaborative pre-built game services. The increase in smartphone users in India’s emerging market has supported the company’s growth to 23 million players.

Playblazer’s two major IP games are Real Steel Friends ((by Dreamworks IP & Jump Games) and Panem Run (by Lionsgate, Robomodo& Reliance Games) which is the official game of ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ movie. Between these two games, the company’s 23 million players have amassed over 100 million game sessions totalling an incredible 2.3 billion API calls.

This user explosion occurred in less than 18 months of working with all of India’s major game studios, as well as 60 indie studios all over the world. While the Platform was built on AWS, its adoption of Azure allowed the team to expand their infrastructure into more regions. The company is now planning joint sales initiatives with Azure in markets such as Korea, Europe and the U.S.

With an infrastructure that allows game studios to adopt new game mechanics rapidly and scale accordingly, and with the backing of Azure, Playblazer looks set to continue growing its client base to reach even more players globally.

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