24 New APIs: Dice Jobs, OneNote, and Open Civic Data

This week, we had 24 new APIs added to our API directory including a medical records portal for patients, a personal health monitoring service, and a tax filing and records application. We also shared coverage of the API Strategy and Practice Conference in Amsterdam.

Blue Button ConnectorBlue Button Connector API: Blue Button is a service that allows people in the U.S. to access their own medical records online in order to track their health and check reports for accuracy. Not all doctors or medical service providers make data available through Blue Button, but the number of providers that do is increasing. Health data can be shared with doctors, specialists, or other trusted persons. Blue Button is also available through apps. Blue Button Connector allows users to access their data programmatically via REST calls.

BrandwatchBrandwatch API: Brandwatch uses proprietary technology to search the social web and monitor mentions of its clients brands or products. It gathers data from social networks, blogs, forums, and other sites, then filters, analyzes it for delivery via webapp. The Brandwatch API gives its clients the option to access data on the clients' own products, applications, or reports.

CampaynCampayn API: Campayn is an email marketing service that allows users to create, share, and track email newsletters. Users can design emails from scratch or use one of Campayn's templates. Templates automatically adjust to the recipeint's device and software so that everything appears as intended. Users may also import and organize contact lists, create simple sign-up forms, and enable social sharing via buttons. Campayn's reporting tracks whether recipients open emails, click on links, or share received emails. The Campayn API allows users to retrieve and manage their contacts, contact lists, forms, and emails.

Dice JobsDice Jobs API: Dice is a website where technology and engineering professionals can search for jobs. It provides listings for more than 80,000 jobs in technological fields, as well as articles on technological developments and career advice. The Dice Jobs API allows users to search for jobs, retrieve jobs by ID, and get lists of recommended jobs.

Driving-DistancesDriving-Distances API: This collection of distance calculators, route planners, and other travel-related calculators, uses postcodes and ZIP Codes to make its calculations. Primarily for the United Kingdom, the service also includes some tools for the United States, Canada, Australia, India, and New Zealand. Interested developers can contact the provider for more details about how to integrate Driving-Distances tools and calculators in websites or applications.

Earthquakes Canada Seismograph StationsEarthquakes Canada Seismograph Stations API: Data.gc.ca is a part of Canada's Action Plan on Open Government, enhancing transparency and accountability. The Earthquakes Canada Seismograph Stations API provides current information on the seismograph stations through Canada. This information is gleaned from NRCan's Canadian National Seismic Network's Station Book. The information available includes location, deployment date, station name, instrument type, etc. This API is navigable by HTML and is available in GeoXML and GeoJSON formats.

G2ReaderG2Reader API: G2Reader is an RSS feed reader that, according to its founders, was inspired by Google Reader. It allows users to track blogs, websites, and RSS feeds in one place. The G2Reader API provides access to 1)user and session details, 2) subscription details, and 3)feed details, so that users who have subscribed to the service can access their G2Reader content on third party applications.

iHealthiHealth API: iHealth provides wireless scales, blood pressure monitors, and other mobile monitoring devices, along with an app that allows patients to track their own health data, including weight, BMI, bone mass, heart rate, blood pressure, diet, and physical activity. The iHealth API allows third party applications and services to interact with an iHealth user's health data, after user authorization. Responses are given in JSON and XML.

jsDelivrjsDelivr API: jsDelivr is a free, public, open-source CDN (content delivery network) that offers JavaScript libraries, jQuery plugins, fonts, CSS frameworks, and more. Anyone can submit a project to jsDelivr for hosting and delivery to interested parties. Developers can use REST calls to retrieve hosted libraries in JSON format. The API may also be used to search for libraries that meet certain criteria.

Mozilla DOMMozilla DOM API: The Mozilla DOM API is a Document Object Model for HTML and XML documents. It connects scripts or programming languages to web pages, providing structural representations of documents. Developers are able to modify content and visual presentation. Web developers have access to all of the properties, methods, and events to manipulate and create web pages. They are organized into objects that are available via scripting languages. Per provider, API specifications are not yet stabilized.

One DegreeOne Degree API: One Degree provides a way to find, manage, and share nonprofit services, that includes reviews and feedback. Currently available for the San Francisco Bay area. The API enables access to their free, public database of social services and agencies. This API is still in Beta.

OneNoteOneNote API: Microsoft OneNote is a notebook tool, subdivided into sections and pages, where users can jot down and organize notes, insert images, online content and drawings, and also record audio or video. OneNote notebooks can also be stored on OneDrive, which allows for syncing across devices and platforms, and sharing notebooks with others. The OneNote service API allows developers to integrate and manipulate OneNote user data in their own applications on a variety of platforms and devices, and supports the capture of many different file types.

Open Civic DataOpen Civic Data API: Open Civic Data (OCD) is a project that provides free tools and formats for organizing government data in a way that allows the data to be consumed by apps and other tools. The OCD data model is designed to handle information on people, organizations, events, bills, and votes. Anyone is free to search for OCD data or to add their own. Data may be retrieved as a bulk download or via API. The Open Civic Data API also allows users to search through all of the information captured by the OCD project.

Oslo Public LibraryOslo Public Library API: The Oslo Public Library (Deichmanske bibliotek) is the largest public library in Norway. The library has an online book recommendation service that can be accessed either through the website or via API. The API allows developers to integrate the ability to find and store recommendations into other applications. The API documentation located on the Oslo Public Library website is entirely in Norwegian, but the documentation on GitHub is in English.

PS Print StudioPS Print Studio API: PS Print Studio is a cross-platform printing service that allows users to take images and print them in different formats. PS Print Studio has created a REST API and mobile SDKs for developers to use customisable templates, add photographs, fonts, or PDFS as assets, and initiate print orders. As product resellers, developers can choose to process payments themselves or earn commission on orders placed with PS Print Studio.

SatisfactionHubSatisfactionHub API: SatisfactionHub is a satisfaction survey and site metrics tool for websites. The service aims to help users grow their customer base by measuring customer satisfaction and encouraging fans to spread the word. SatisfactionHub offers REST and JavaScript APIs for programmatic access to their survey and metrics resources. Use the API for site visitors, site stat summaries, to schedule email surveys, and more.

TacoFancyTacoFancy API: TacoFancy is a community-driven taco recipe repository. It includes multiple directories that contain tortilla recipes, salsas, full taco descriptions, taco-like foods, etc. People are encouraged to fork and submit their own recipes. The TacoFancy API allows users to retrieve a random taco recipe, get information about a recipe's contributors, and see who made what contribution.

TalkBackTalkBack API: ThingSpeak facilitates the collection of data from sensors and actuators in connected devices, the Internet of Things. Sensors monitor devices or conditions, and actuators allow control over devices to change conditions. The TalkBack API takes data collection a step further and provides a channel for a user to give a connected device a command, or a series of queued commands.

TaxJarTaxJar API: TaxJar provides retailers with easy access to the information they need to file their sales tax returns for all counties and cities in the U.S. TaxJar provides access to its information through two APIs: the Smart Sales Tax API and the Sales Tax Rate API. The Smart Sales Tax API allows users to determine the amount of sales tax that should be withheld based on a shipment's origin and destination points. The Sales Tax Rate API allows users to retrieve the sales tax rate for a given location.

VerticalResponse RESTVerticalResponse REST API: VerticalResponse provides online marketing tools for use over email and social media channels, with messages optimized for use on desktop computers and mobile devices. The VerticalResponse REST API allows developers to utilize its marketing tools in their own applications, so that end users can manage marketing campaign contacts, organize contacts into lists, post or send social media messages or emails, and collect statistics on those messages.

World DanceSport FederationWorld DanceSport Federation API: As the international governing organization for DanceSport, the World DanceSport Federation provides regulations, standards, and advice for competitions in Latin, Standard, Acrobatic, Line, New Vogue, Salsa, Wheelchair, and other types of dance. The WDSF API allows third party applications created by authorized competition scrutineers to transmit and share competition results and scores with the WDSF in a standardized format.

XplentyXplenty API: Xplenty is a cloud service that processes big data for large and small companies. Its platform provides all the system administration needed to use Hadoop, so that businesses can access their data through the XPlenty dashboard without investing in new infrastructure and data personnel. The Xplenty REST API allows the control and management of data processing jobs and job clusters, and also provides the ability to monitor job and cluster activities and status.

YAddressYAddress API: YAddress from Yuri Software is a web service that provides address correction, validation, standardization, and geocoding for US addresses. It can be used from any development environment that is Web-enabled. Through a CLR function, this functionality can be used from Microsoft® SQL Server. YAddress can correct misspellings, abbreviations, and alternative street and city names. It provides the corrected addresses in USPS standard form, and also assigns the correct ZIP. Supports both HTTP and SOAP.

YayMicroYayMicro API: YayMicro is a microstock image agency founded in 2008 in Oslo, Norway. Photographers and other content creators upload their images to the YayMicro online marketplace for customers to purchase and download. The YayMicro API service allows users to resell YayMicro images using a flexible image license or subscription. Each agreement is negotiated separately.


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