24 New APIs: SMS, Cloud Storage and Lyrics

This week we had 24 new APIs added to our API directory including a file sharing and cloud-based storage service, video encoding service and transit data service. Below is more detail on each of these new APIs.

Anchor SMS Customer ManagementAnchor SMS Customer Management API: The Anchor SMS Gateway API uses XML to access an SMS Application with SMPP Binds to a Tier 1 Aggregator in the US, Canada and Mexico. Anchor Mobile distributes enterprise level mobile connectivity solutions in the form of software, hosted applications, hardware and knowledge through training or support. The API offers features such as add new account, update number of keywords for an user and add new keywords. It uses RESTful calls.

CloudAppCloudApp API: CloudApp is a simple cloud-based, file-sharing utility. It allows you to share images, links, music, videos and other files straight from your desktop (Mac only for now). Once files are uploaded, the desktop client copies a short URL to share files with friends and followers straight to your clipboard.

CreatelyCreately API: Creately is a visual collaboration platform used by project teams to communicate more effectively. With Creately's easy to use interface and Shared Projects, everyone on your design, development and business teams can collaborate on software designs, wireframes, business & strategy diagrams easily.

Creately was also covered on the blog: Creately Defines Its Own "Web File" With New API

gNewBookgNewBook API: Chilean social network built on open source software. Has Twitter-like API and is built to integrate with other social networks.

IdeoneIdeone API: The Ideone API allows users to run code in multiple languages online. Ideone is an online compiler and debugging tool which allows users to compile and run code online in more than 40 programming languages. Using the API, developers can create their own desktop applications, www pages, on blogs and mobile devices. It can be used for educational, personal and business purposes.

The API allows users to upload source code and share it with everyone on the Internet, run the code (with input data) on server side in more than 40 programming languages, download results of the execution (output, standard error, compilation information, execution time, memory usage, etc.). It uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

ImgurImgur API: Share photos using Imgur and its API. There are two options: anonymous upload or OAuth upload, which connects your photos to your account and gives your app twice the number of uploads per hour.

Intel ConnectionIntel Connection API: The Intel Connection Web API provides web developers with JavaScript access to information about the device's connection state. For instance, in combination with other information about the device, a web app might use connection information to request a video stream which is approprate for the device's current bandwidth capability. A web app may determine that current signal strength is not sufficient for the app to function appropriatly for the desired user experience - and may prompt the user re-orient the device or move closer to a wireless access point.

Intel Power WebIntel Power Web API: The Intel Power Web API provides a web app with JavaScript access to information about the devices power and battery state. For instance, in combination with other information about the device, a web app might use Battery level information to determine if a will be able to complete an activity - such as watching a lengthy movie or playing a game. The API uses JavaScripts protocol.

IP CommerceIP Commerce API: IP Commerce enables software companies to create, certify and deliver any kind of payment application rapidly through a proven life cycle management process with free development tools. A series of language neutral, open APIs enable application developers to integrate with the IP Commerce Platform through direct XML or SOAP and REST Web Services implementation options. IP Commerce provides payments integration access to software companies, financial institutions and service providers seeking easy access to new payment services through one API. The free Commerce APIs and integration tools from IP Commerce support payments integration needs with a variety of language and protocol options. Multi-service and multi-channel needs are supported for integration. Users must sign up for full documentation.

LyrDBLyrDB API: LYRDB offers free access to their database to make searches and retrieve lyrics through an HTTP interface. Users can also submit new lyrics with the API. LYRDB is a lyrics database containing more than 1,000,000 lyrics. Responses are returned in text format.

Mapping L.A.Mapping L.A. API: Los Angeles Times API provides boundaries of cities within Los Angeles metropolitan area. The data is available in a number of formats. The boundaries can be displayed on a map or used to check for whether specific points are within the bounds.

MusixMatchMusixMatch API: The musiXmatch LyriX API is 100% legal, because it pays licensing fees. Search for songs by artist, title or lyrics. Receive the lyrics in return. MusiXmatch�s LyriX API also lets you surround lyrics text with detailed metadata about the artists who performed it, the genre, influences, related artists and more.

PandaPanda API: Panda is a powerful video encoding service. Upload files of just about any type and Panda will encode the video in a format fit for displaying on the web. Features the ability to create streams for the iPad and iPhone. Has a jQuery uploader script to simplify the client upload process directly to Panda.

Plum Voice Plum Voice API: Plum Voice is a provider of telephony platforms that support VoiceXML, speech recognition and text-to-speech. Developers use the Plum API to create advanced voice applications including IVR, automated phone surveys, and call routing systems.

ProSMSProSMS API: ProSMS.gr is an SMS Gateway service, with an HTTP API that enables client applications to send SMS ad-hoc and receive detailed delivery reports, i.e. messages that convey the status of SMS transmission, on per Short Message basis.

Public Transit ScorePublic Transit Score API: The Public Transit API returns the Transit Score� for a location and provides access to nearby public transit stops and routes. Contains data from over 100 transit agencies. From the company that created Walk Score.

SharedBookshelvesSharedBookshelves API: Book-sharing service for churches. Congregation members can add their books to the site, then anyone can search to find books available to loan to other members. API can be integrated into church websites.

Similar Site SearchSimilar Site Search API: Similar Site Search API returns up to twenty similar websites to a given URL in JSON format. If a URL does not exist in the database, a bot will automatically find similar sites.

SingTel Network Delivery PlatformSingTel Network Delivery Platform API: Provides access to core telco features, such as SMS and MMS messaging. Also allows for querying the user's phone type and WAP push. Location and billing coming soon.

SingTel was also covered on the blog: SingTel Woos Mobile Devs with Consumer Apps Challenge

Snoopon.meSnoopon.me API: Snoopon.me API provides access to the data from the most controversial service on the net - Snoopon.me - a screen-blogging service that let people share mini-snapshots of their computer screens.

TellmewhereTellmewhere API: Europe's #1 location sharing site has an API. Search places, retrieve reviews and write reviews. Access a list of nearby places that your friends like.

ViewTextViewText API: The ViewText API allows users to request online article text in JSONP format. ViewText transforms web pages into an easy to read format, cleaned of navigation elements, scripts, and other objects, leaving only text to read. Users give ViewText a URL, and it returns just the page content. ViewText also handles RSS feeds, transforming feeds which contain snippets of content into a new feed containing the full article content. Future releases of ViewText will handle additional formats. ViewText was created to make browsing news articles and blog posts easier on mobile phones.

The ViewText API scrapes the page and attempts to remove the design elements so that the content can be viewed in plain text. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSONP.

WeoGeoWeoGeo API: WeoGeo is a geospatial library and market containing geographic data in GIS, CAD and raster files. The API is meant to support the library by providing access to datasets and other elements of the WeoGeo site. Data can also be added or deleted.

Winnipeg TransitWinnipeg Transit API: Provides access to transit data in Winnipeg. Developers can access transit routes, stop locations, system messages and even a complete trip planner API. The service is currently in beta.


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