25 New APIs: Beer Data, Social Sharing and eBook Search

This week we had 25 new APIs added to our API directory including a CRM for small business, ebook price data engine, virtual learning management system, fax delivery service, phone number verification service and corporate social networking Platform. We gave a little extra attention to two of these APIs in posts about a tall glass of beer data and a 6 sided popularity metric. Below is more detail on all 25 of these new APIs.

BrainHoneyBrainHoney API: Agilix BrainHoney is a state-of-the-art learning management system to help educational institutions improve students' learning experience. It is designed with course authoring, learning objective management, gradebook management, and student tools to make virtual learning easier.

BrainHoney supports the Distributed Learning Application Protocol (DLAP) for system Integration. BrainHoney ToGo Player, BrainHoney Web Server, and BrainHoney Reporting Server interact with the BrainHoney Servers using the DLAP API. This same API can be used to integrate third party applications with BrainHoney. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

Brewery DBBrewery DB API: Brewery DB is an open Library of breweries and beers. Currently serving in private beta, its API allows users to query the database. Users must register before using the API. All requests require an API Key and are limited to 100 requests per hour. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Carbon CalculatedCarbon Calculated API: Carbon Calculated provides industry leading carbon and energy management software that is fully compliant with government regulations. The data that Carbon Calculated is based on is accessible through the Carbon Calculated browser and through the Carbon Calculated API, which is free and open to all developers.

Checklist.comChecklist.com API: Checklist.com provides a checklist platform that helps people manage their daily lives with pre-made, interactive checklists which can be shared with anyone and accessed anywhere. The API gives users full access to the platform. With the API, users can get checklist templates or specific user checklists, tasks, contacts & settings. Applications can also make updates to this information. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

ClicRDVClicRDV API: ClicRDV is an appointment management software. It provides a planning tool built fully customized to manage user calendars and employees over the internet. With the API, users have the functionality to synchronize customer records and calendars, import calendars or client files, export data and build custom interfaces. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML, JSON and CSV. Site and Documentation are in French.

CopytoCopyto API: Copyto is a private bookmarking service for people who don't want to get lost in tons of bookmarks by saving only the useful parts of the pages that they find online. Copyto not only keeps urls of your bookmarks. You will be able to select all or some of the content on your bookmarked page to save it as long as you want. Copyto enables you to save any portion of a web page.You can share your bookmarks with your contacts or groups on Copyto and create conversations over it. The Copyto API enables developers to interact with the Copyto web site programmatically via simple HTTP requests.

DezrezDezrez API: Dezrez provides real estate software as a service to real estate agents. The software manages the sale or rental of a property, including marketing materials and agency analytics.

The Dezrez API provides an XML-based integration with other websites. Search listings based on a number of factors and receive complete details on properties. The developer then has complete control of how to display property details or search results.

EEA DiscomapEEA Discomap API: The European Environment Agency (EEA) provides the public with GIS APIs to get a wide range of environmental data for Europe and helps you create your own map-services. As of today EEA covers the thematic areas such as Air, Water, Biodiversity, Land and Noise. More topics will be added. Services exposed from discomap.eea.europa.eu are allowed to be re-used by anybody. EEA content can be integrated in many different ways by developers or by any end-user who might find an interest in combining EEA's information with their own or other public map-services (mashups).

As of today EEA covers the thematic areas such as Air, Water, Biodiversity, Land and Noise. We support access of these service to as many possible ways EEA can handle. All these map-services have meta data and a simple interface that allows you to discovered.

These map-services are exposed in many other portals such as the INSPIRE Portal, ArcGis.com, GEOS and many other. EEA gives anybody the rights to re-link these services into there own web-site or portals. EEA however only maintains it's meta data from the services hosted in this infrastructure.

Evature Travel SearchEvature Travel Search API: Eva is a system designed to comprehend free text travel queries. Eva supports formal language queries as well as queries written in search language. Eva converts those requests into a structured search query with various parameters which can be programmatically used in a database search. The Eva Web API provides a direct way to access the Eva Engine via an HTTP request. It uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in JSON.

Flashcard ExchangeFlashcard Exchange API: Flashcard Exchange is an online flashcard service, with many different categories and topics. The Flashcard Exchange RESTful API has just now been made public. The API has also been enhanced to provide two way communication with third party applications.

kooaba Querykooaba Query API: The kooaba Query API allows for recognizing rigid objects in digital images via a web-service. kooaba�s image recognition service can easily be integrated into mobile or desktop applications using the kooaba query API. It also provides access to an enormous database of tens of millions of objects from various categories.

LuzmeLuzme API: Luzme is now used by people all over the world to find eBooks, and by corporate customers to source timely and accurate eBook price information. The Luzme API allows access to accurate and comprehensive ebook data in Luzme�s ebook database, including price, author, all major US and UK stores, and all ebook formats.

The Luzme API is currently in beta test mode; if you would like to try it, sign up for a free account on the Luzme website.

OffiServOffiServ API: OffiServ is a service that delivers to Small and Medium Enterprises a set of processes solving common office problems and impediments, without a necessity to design own processes or to buy BPM software. By using OffiServ companies can improve their employees efficiency. OffiServ offers process support in service desk, resources, purchasing, employee address book, employee leaves, HR services and secretary.
OffiServ API is an open API that allows access to the service using programming interface. Developers can acquire data from the service, manipulate it and also invoke actions. OffiServ API is based on REST model and uses JSON for data formats.

It's currently in Beta.

PhaxioPhaxio API: Phaxio makes integrating fax capabilities into a software system almost effortless. Phaxio API is simple and powerful. The graphical Front-end is useful, clean, and informative. And the pricing is dead simple: 7 cents per page. There are no monthly subscription fees and no phone lines to buy.

The site is currently in Beta, and v2 of the API is coming soon.

PhoneifyPhoneify API: Phoneify is a service that provides JavaScript widgets and an API for real-time phone verification of your customers & users. Verification is handled in several steps: a user enteres a phone number and receives a passcode, they receive a phone call/text later and must enter the correct passcode, if the passcode is correct the user is verified. Javascript Hooks can be used to immediately trigger events on the verification or failure of verification of a user (Since Javascript occurs client side, this method is discouraged due to security concerns; Direct API calls should be used instead).

Readability Readability API: Readability is a subscription service that lets users bookmark articles/webpages and read them later in a comfortable reading view. Readability also supports the writers and publishers of content/articles by paying them part of a users subscription fee when a user bookmarks their content. The Readability API allows users to interact with articles in their reading list as well as article contributions. Users can easily add bookmarks to their reading list as well as pull the content for an article in their reading list.

ReportGridReportGrid API: ReportGrid provides analytics and visualizations in the cloud. The system is built to interpret and share Big Data in order to gain new insights. The service helps bring real-time reporting to large and small businesses, as well as their customers. The ReportGrid API is provided as both a RESTful and a Javascript API.

SendloopSendloop API: Sendloop is an email marketing and list management service designed for small businesses. Key features include integration with major services and platforms, analysis and reporting, and a full featured API for developers.

The Sendloop API makes integration of Sendloop with third party applications and websites possible. With the help of Sendloop API, you can get your data from Sendloop without visiting the Sendloop User Interface.
You can gather your data from Sendloop API, populate and use it in your own systems. There are endless possibilities about things you can do with the Sendloop API. You can develop a desktop application, mobile application, websites, etc.

Shared CountShared Count API: Shared Count is a service that lets users input a URL and check to see how many Likes/Shares/Tweets/etc. that URL has experienced. To get these counts, Shared Count retrieves the data from the official 'Share' buttons provided by services like Facebook and Twitter.

SiteKreatorSiteKreator API: SiteKreator is a web application for designing, maintaining and hosting customer-ready web sites. It offers fully customizable design templates, image galleries, E-Commerce feature, email marketing tools, SEO, online forms, and community building tools.

SiteKreator API enables resellers and licensees to manage accounts using simple RESTful interface ( HTTP GET/POST requests). You can open, close, update, suspend an account, log-in and others.

Text-Processing.comText-Processing.com API: Text-Processing.com is a natural language service. Using semantic and sentiment analysis, the service provides tools for determining meaning behind text.

The text-processing.com API is a service for text mining and natural language processing. It is currently free and open for public use without Authentication, though that may change in the future.

The API uses a simple HTTP protocol with JSON data format.

TradeshiftTradeshift API: Tradeshift Apps gives you the ability to extend the functionality of Tradeshift, the fastest growing business-to-business network in the world.

The Apps API is written in JavaScript, you can use our REST API from within and also connect to your own remote web services/applications, essentially enabling you to add any kind of functionality to Tradeshift, for example features ranging from business credit rating and currency hedging to invoice styling features and region-specific tax and accounting packages... whatever you can think of!

The best bit: You can also monetize your Apps and sell them for a monthly fee.

WindsocWindsoc API: Windsoc is a service that allows users to get and share data in a uniform way across various sources. Users can pull data in such as activities, followers and profiles and they can share links, messages, comments, tweets and more. The data sources include facebook, flickr, twitter, foursquare, linkedin and many more. The API uses RESTful calls and the responses are formatted in JSON or ATOM using the ActivityStrea.ms format.

WorkbooksWorkbooks API: Workbooks is an integrated suite of CRM and Business applications designed explicitly to give small and mid-size organizations the tools to drive top line growth, increase productivity, reduce operating costs and improve the performance of their business.Workbooks brings together customer relationship management (CRM) and back-office accounting applications. Together, the Workbooks applications effortlessly drive best practice in sales and marketing, customer order management, customer service, invoicing, purchasing and company management.

The Workbooks API provides simple, powerful and secure access to the Workbooks Service. The API allows complete access to the majority of Workbooks record types, allowing you to read, create, update and even delete records.

YoolinkProYoolinkPro API: YoolinkPro is a corporate social network. It is a productivity software that fosters collaboration and communication between members of a company. It's a SaaS solution, which exists in different versions depending on the size of your company. Features include activity stream, directory, groups, profile page, and secured access and data for a corporate environment.

YoolinkPro API is designed for developers who wants to interconnect YoolinkPro with their own applications, or create new application relying on their YoolinkPro account.
Before starting developing a YoolinkPro third-party application, an administrator of the YoolinkPro account should ask YoolinkPro to enable the YoolinkPro API support for his account.