250 APIs

The new APIs keep rolling-out and the count here is now at 250 APIs. Overall, they're currently being added at about a rate of one every other day. Besides the APIs from the GAMYe players (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo!, eBay), some of the more unusual ones include the Where's Tim API to see where the GPS-tracked Tim Hibbard is located 24x7 and not one, but two bible APIs.

Some of the newest entries are:

  • Alexa Thumbnail Service: New API from Amazon that provides programmatic access to thumbnail images for home pages of web sites. A for fee service at $0.0002 per thumbnail returned. Has both REST and SOAP support.
  • GovTracker: Services offered by the Rhode Island Office of the Secretary of State's eGovernment and IT Division.
  • MoveDigital: A media distribution service for media and other large files via mobile phone stream or BitTorrent. For more details see TechCrunch.
  • Skyhook Wireless: Location-enable applications running on Wi-Fi devices from laptops to PDAs.
John Musser

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