$2,500 Rainmaker API Challenge: "Build Something Cool"

Rainmaker is a simple and powerful identity API designed to help users get more info about the people in their contact lists. Rainmaker recently announced a developer's contest for apps built on its Rainmaker API.

The Rainmaker API Challenge is offering up cash and prizes for the most innovative uses of their API. From the contest page:

The Rainmaker API Challenge
The Rainmaker team is proud to announce the Rainmaker API Challenge, a month-long competition to create exciting new Apps based on the Rainmaker API.

Build Something Cool!
See Rule #1
The criteria used to judge the contest will be a combination of creativity and utility of the app incorporating the Rainmaker API. Just build something cool!

The prizes offered include large amounts of free API calls, as it is a paid service, and $2500 cash for the winner. They also include credits on many services, and free hosting for your app. You can read a little more about the contest and prizes. The deadline for this one is June 30th, 2011 at 11:59 PM MDT, so if you want in, you better get cracking.

The API itself uses RESTful calls, and returns results in JSON and XML. As it is a paid API, you will need to get an API key. Requests are simple: send the API an e-mail address with an API Key, and it'll send you back all the info Rainmaker has about that e-mail address. Pretty simple, but it's often useful to know a lot more about those e-mail addresses you have.

When you're done with your awesome mashup, be sure to add it to our directory.

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