26 APIs Used in 7 Days: COLOURLovers, Facebook, Flickr, Google, Twilio, Twitter, and YouTube

This past week the new mashups added to our mashup directory used 26 different APIs to build them. Some of the newer or less frequently seen APIs include ChartLyrics Lyric, ConceptShare, Google Sites, Menu Mania, Thumbalizr, W3Counter and Whois. The most often used APIs this week are Box.net, Flickr and Google Maps. And the most commonly used types of APIs were Tools (4 APIs, 4 mashups), Search (2 APIs, 2 mashups) and Social (2 APIs, 3 mashups). The list below shows which APIs were used by which mashups:

Alexa Web Information Service Alexa Web Information Service used in WooRank

Amazon eCommerce Amazon eCommerce used in Readit.Me

Box.net Box.net used in ConceptShare and Box.net, Dictamus iPhone Dictation Service

ChartLyrics Lyric ChartLyrics Lyric used in Artist Cloud 4 Smartphone

COLOURlovers COLOURlovers used in Grid-based Palette Browser

Compete Compete used in WooRank

ConceptShare ConceptShare used in ConceptShare and Box.net

EchoSign EchoSign used in Sharemethods + EchoSign

Facebook Facebook used in Readit.Me

Flickr Flickr used in flickRate, flickRate

Google Ajax Feeds Google Ajax Feeds used in Mash Trends

Google App Engine Google App Engine used in Artist Cloud 4 Smartphone

Google Maps Google Maps used in Premier Inn Hotels Route Planner, WooRank

Google Search Google Search used in Mash Trends

Google Sites  Google Sites used in WooRank

Google Translate Google Translate used in WooRank

Last.fm Last.fm used in Artist Cloud 4 Smartphone

Menu Mania Menu Mania used in MSN Restaurant Finder

Salesforce.com Salesforce.com used in Sharemethods + EchoSign

Thumbalizr Thumbalizr used in WooRank

Twilio Twilio used in Out Loud

Twitter Twitter used in Mash Trends, Out Loud

W3Counter W3Counter used in WooRank

Whois Whois used in WooRank

Yahoo Geocoding Yahoo Geocoding used in WooRank

YouTube YouTube used in Artist Cloud 4 Smartphone, Mash Trends

Mashups of the day:
And each day there is one mashup selected to be Mashup of the Day. Here are last week's winners:

 Artist Cloud 4 Smartphone

 Dictamus iPhone Dictation Service


 Grid-based Palette Browser

 Out Loud