26 APIs Used in 7 Days: Pinterest, iTunes and Vimeo

This past week 13 new mashups were added to our mashup directory and 26 different APIs were used to build them. Some of the newer or less frequently seen APIs include Airbrake , Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon SNS, iSpeech Automated Speech Recognition, iTunes & App Store Search, MongoLab, New Relic, Pinterest and Planning Center. The most often used APIs this week are Google Maps, HotelsCombined and Seatwave. And the most commonly used types of APIs were Database (4 APIs, 4 mashups), Tools (4 APIs, 4 mashups) and Social (3 APIs, 4 mashups). The list below shows which APIs were used by which mashups:

Airbrake  Airbrake used in Ministry Ops

Amazon DynamoDB Amazon DynamoDB used in vuzzbox

Amazon EC2 Amazon EC2 used in vuzzbox

Amazon RDS Relational Database Service Amazon RDS Relational Database Service used in vuzzbox

Amazon S3 Amazon S3 used in Ministry Ops

Amazon SNS Amazon SNS used in Ministry Ops

Disqus Disqus used in San Diego School Pal

Dropbox Dropbox used in San Diego School Pal

Facebook Facebook used in Mapinterest

Google AJAX Libraries Google AJAX Libraries used in Ministry Ops

Google App Engine Google App Engine used in Jozomello

Google Fusion Tables Google Fusion Tables used in Estate Agent Locator

Google Maps Google Maps used in Estate Agent Locator, Mapinterest, San Diego School Pal, Strange Strollers Oxfam Trailtrekker 2012 Training Map

HotelsCombined HotelsCombined used in 10best, Hipmunk, Room77

Instagram Instagram used in Strange Strollers Oxfam Trailtrekker 2012 Training Map

iSpeech Automated Speech Recognition iSpeech Automated Speech Recognition used in vuzzbox

iTunes & App Store Search iTunes & App Store Search used in Ministry Ops

MongoLab MongoLab used in San Diego School Pal

New Relic New Relic used in Ministry Ops

Pinterest Pinterest used in Mapinterest

Planning Center Planning Center used in Ministry Ops

Seatwave Seatwave used in FanTastic Top Artists, MusicDNA ID, What's On Air Pro

Twilio Twilio used in vuzzbox

Twitter Twitter used in Mapinterest, Strange Strollers Oxfam Trailtrekker 2012 Training Map

Vimeo Vimeo used in Ministry Ops

YouTube YouTube used in Jozomello, Ministry Ops

Mashups of the day:
And each day there is one mashup selected to be Mashup of the Day. Here are last week's winners:

 Estate Agent Locator



 Ministry Ops

 San Diego School Pal

 Strange Strollers Oxfam Trailtrekker 2012 Training Map