26 New APIs: Photo Sharing, Mobile Barcodes and Feed Aggregation

This week we had 26 new APIs added to our API directory including an email newsletter service, radio station database, ip geolocation service and mobile payment platform. Below is more detail on each of these new APIs.

AllCDCoversAllCDCovers API: Find cover art for CDs, DVDs and video games. Search by keyword and category. Provides URLs to thumbnail and larger versions of every cover, along with meta-data about the artist, as well as the images.

AlterGeoAlterGeo API: This API enables developers to build third-party applications that interact with the AlterGeo platform. AlterGeo combines geolocation data with social data to provide users with local recommendations based on location of the mobile device. HTTP Basic Authentication is required for most actions. This API uses RESTful protocol and responses can be formatted in either XML or JSON. Site documentation is in Russian.

Bitrix PlatformBitrix Platform API: The Bitrix API provides insight into Bitrix Site Manager (web management system) and Bitrix Intranet Portal (intranet collaboration suite). The Bitrix Site Manager is the technological base for building and managing web sites. It offers a way to develop, support and maintain web projects. The Bitrix Site Manager can be used by both commercial and personal web developers as the base to develop new sites and manage existing sites. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

BudURLBudURL API: BudURL is a fee-based URL shortener with advanced features. It allows for analytics about how much a link was clicked and where the user came from. The API allows you to shrink and expand BudURLs.

burrpburrp API: Javascript API which allows users to include burrp's local search on their website/blog. This API powers a webpage with the burrp! local widget to perform AJAX searches on one of the burrp local sites. Burrp is a local search service with reviews and recommendations. The API uses JavaScript protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

CKANCKAN API: CKAN makes it easy to find, share and reuse open content and data, especially in ways that are machine automatable. The read/write API allows you to access and update the catalog

CopacCopac API: The Copac SRU Interface allows you to search the collections of materials held in libraries throughout the UK. The API lets you search by title, source, publisher, subject and many more.

FeedzillaFeedzilla API: Feedzilla is a news feeds distributor, providing headlines and news feeds in over 2,000 categories for websites, blogs and common users. Feedzilla aggregates news feeds from over 250,000 sources, then processes and categorizes the news feeds in over 2,000 categories. Feedzilla�s news API offers easy and quick access to a vast database of news headlines.

FraudLabs Mexico Postal CodeFraudLabs Mexico Postal Code API: The PostalCodeWorld Mexico Postal Code Web Service lets you find geographical and other important information in Mexico. The Postal Code search returns information like: state name, city name, state abbreviation, latitude, longitude, time zone and more.

GraphicMailGraphicMail API: Manage all of the aspects of a GraphicMail email marketing account via its API. Add and remove subscribers, lists and newsletters. Retrieve reports on opens, clicks and bounces.

HummingBytes Q&AHummingBytes Q&A API: HummingBytes Q&A allows you to communicate via Voice, or SMS and allows you to store and later retrieve the communications. Service is fee-based and mostly focused on health care, finance, retail and media.

IZEARanksIZEARanks API: IZEARanks provides a blog ranking algorithm and a means to compare blogs. The service claims to use actual traffic, rather than estimates.

JyteJyte API: Create a "claim" and let people vote it up or down. Jyte was built as a reputation service, but anything you can claim can be added and voted upon. The API provides your applications access to Jyte groups and contacts.

LandGrabLandGrab API: LandGrab is an easy-to-play game that connects friends, families, and complete strangers in amiable games of cut-throat world domination. You can create public or private games. The API provides access to the functionality behind the web interface.

mecanbemecanbe API: The mecanbe API lets you set goals and track their progress. With the API you can set start and end dates, set update frequency, track historical success rates and much more.

MokugiftMokugift API: This API lets you plant a tree. Pass in an email address and we send an ecard to the recipient. Trees are planted in twelve countries fighting deforestation. Trees cost $1 per tree. Recipients can display their trees on facebook and other popular sites.

MytagoMytago API: Upload, decode and read two dimensional barcodes. Intended to be used from mobile devices as a means to interpret "tags" in the real world. Requires you include a public-readable image of the barcode on the web.

Netmobo FeeFactorNetmobo FeeFactor API: Netmobo is a payments platform specifically for mobile developers. Complements and expands on the in app purchase options from Android and iOS platforms. Includes subscriptions (with metered usage), discounts, special promotions and reward programs.

PhoneGnomePhoneGnome API: PhoneGnome is a hardware-to-internet service that provides voice over IP service for any internet connection. The PhoneGnome API provides application access to the service, including configuring the hardware, making calls and managing contacts.

PicmemberPicmember API: Allows developers to seamlessly integrate into their websites. Picmember provides the hosting and uploading and thumbnail generation services for free.

Ping the Semantic WebPing the Semantic Web API: Ping the Semantic Web is a repository for RDF documents. The API allows you to notify when you created/updated an RDF document on your web site. You can also import the list of recently created/updated RDF documents.

RadioReference RadioReference API: RadioReference is a database of U.S. radio stations, including locations, frequencies and call signs. The service also provides licensing information and in some cases, live stream information.

rst2arst2a API: The rst2a API provides rendering as a web service. Write your content in plain text, style it once complete, then share it as plain text, HTML or PDF.

ShowMyIPShowMyIP API: Retrieve information about an IP address, such as country of origin. More accurate, city geolocation is available to subscribers. The service is available as both SOAP and REST.

USC WebGIS GeocoderUSC WebGIS Geocoder API: Free geocoding API from the USC GIS Research Laboratory. The API will give you longitude and latitude GPS positioning results for addresses that you input.

Walker TrackerWalker Tracker API: Walker Tracker is a site for pedometer enthusiasts to share their steps and compete for the highest counts. The API provides access to a user's steps, friends and groups so that the data can be re-visualized or included in other applications.


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