27 New APIs: Location, SMS and Thomson Reuters

This week we had 27 new APIs added to our API directory including a mobile location based service, 2,000+ dataset reference library, live competitor monitoring service, online shipping marketplace and gamification analytics platform.

We also covered some of these APIs in-depth in these blog posts:

Below is more detail on all 27 of these new APIs.

#blue#blue API: #blue is a service that stores text messages in a conversational style. With this API, client apps can, on behalf of users, do almost anything that can be done through the #blue website. This includes reading and sending messages, creating and updating contacts, and marking messages as favorites. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Data Science ToolkitData Science Toolkit API: Data Science Toolkit is a site that offers a free collection of open data sets and open-source tools for data science. The suite of tools include the following:

*Text to Places
*IP Address to Coordinates
*Street Address to Coordinates
*Coordinates to Politics
*File to Text
*Text to Sentences
*HTML to Text
*HTML to Story
*Text to People

The APIs use RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in JSON.

DecibelDecibel API: Decibel provides software and metadata for businesses to create applications for management and search of digital media. Decibel provides data and discovery services through a number of API packages for application developers. The APIs are pay as you go. Documentation of the APIs is not publicly available and users must contact the developer for access to the APIs.

FormLizardFormLizard API: FormLizard uses an online interview format to fill out forms. With their API, users can integrate the form completing and document authoring capability of FormLizard into their own applications. This API is a REST API that allows access to the interviews and interview sessions in a FormLizard account without separately logging into FormLizard every time. Responses are in XML or JSON. The API is currently in public beta.

Fwix LocationFwix Location API: With Fwix's geotagging technology, they are able to automatically index the web by latitude and longitude coordinates. The technology covers 61,000 cities in 7 countries, and is growing. The Fwix Locaion API uses Fwix's extensive database of geotagged content to provide location-based business listing data and also a way to add to the database with a writable API. Developers can build two way geo-enabled applications on the platform and get access to taxonomy, geo-tagged content, and local ads.

IActionableIActionable API: IActionable is a gamification provider. Their goal is to help companies engage with their users using feedback techniques learned from games but applied to non gaming applications. The API can be used in an application to send events and display reputation and rewards. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

InfoChimps DatasetsInfoChimps Datasets API: InfoChimps is a data platform and marketplace for sharing and selling data of all types. The InfoChimps Datasets API provides access to 2,000 "tables" of data across several categories, including science, government, sports and music.

The site allows for searching for datasets by keyword, cost and tags. Sample API calls are documented along with each dataset. Free datasets can be accessed up to 100,000 calls per month, then InfoChimps offers tiered pricing.

Lemonade StandLemonade Stand API: Lemonade Stand is a new way to buy and sell locally, a neighborly commerce platform that enables people to buy and sell goods within a community. Anyone can post a listing and other users can search locally available products. Lemonade Stand provides a simple HTTP GET/POST/PUT API, allowing developers to create their own applications that can interact with Lemonade Stand.

LinqTo.meLinqTo.me API: LinqTo.me allows users to bookmark, tag and share links with their friends via social networks. The web-service API provided by LinqTo.me allows uses to automate this from apps or websites. With the API, users can query links created by the user or their followers, query lists of favorite links and insert or edit new links. The API uses RESTful calls.

LocalmindLocalmind API: The Localmind API allows developers to include the company's local conversation platform within your own applications. Search for nearby conversations, create new conversations and interact with current conversations.

The API is currently in beta and documentation is available upon request.

Location GenomeLocation Genome API: The Location Genome Platform is a uniform solution combing Content, Context and Collaboration on top of locations. It offers a set of APIs to access rich content, deep understanding and real time collaborative information sharing about locations. It allows mobile web developers to build a context aware, content rich and personally relevant experience in their location based mobile applications. The APIs are currently in private Beta. Potential users should contact the developer to get more information and get access to the APIs.

MercuryMercury API: The Mercury API is an API that allows applications and websites to create, manage, and deploy SMS/MMS campaigns. Using the API allows applications and websites to enable SMS. The service also allows people to send single SMS and MMS messages to multiple mobile phone numbers. The Mercury platform handles mobile subscribers, delivery of messages, unsubscribes, and other aspects of SMS/MMS campaigns. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Mydrmspace.comMydrmspace.com API: Mydrmspace is the place where you can sign your multimedia with invisible and inaudible ID. You can also add hidden comments into the signed multimedia files. Wherever your multimedia files are there is your data!

Mydrmspace is the first on-line platform, where you can sign your multimedia content with a digital watermark. Digital watermarks are inaudible or invisible after they have been added to a music file, audio book, recorded speech, photo, video, document, etc. Digital watermarks should be also irremovable from digital files after they have been signed. Digital watermarks may be also used as protection of copyrights to signed multimedia content.

On Mydrmspace you can even upload your own watermark coder and decoder in order to check how effective and popular they are through our on-line community. Check how effective the signing system you developed really is. Compare it against other signing systems that have already been uploaded by their creators. Maybe your watermarking system will top all popularity ratings!

OrigoOrigo API: Origo is an open source software development and collaboration platform that can be used to host open and closed-source projects. Origo has a partially open API implemented in XML-RPC external. This means that anyone can write their own program to interact with Origo. It exposes a variety of methods that provide functionality on user accounts, projects, issues, community and wikis.

PlaceIQPlaceIQ API: PlaceIQ extracts context and meaning from location data and organizes this into actionable intelligence about a hyper local location. PlaceIQ takes large amounts of often unstructured, unrelated, location based data such as photos, place data, event data, digital and social data and extracts patterns, trends, intelligence and context from the data. The PlaceIQ API accepts a request with time and location, and returns a full JSON string with all of the attributes and scores for that location and time period. Full documentation is not publicly available.

Planning CenterPlanning Center API: Planning Center is an online service that allows users to have one central place to organize all aspects of their ministry service (such as scheduling, creating service plans, and posting music) and keep staff and volunteers connected. The Planning Center API is a RESTful API allowing developers to create their own Planning Central apps and tools.

Poszkole.plPoszkole.pl API: The Poszkole.pl API can be used to give ActionScript games the ability to report scores and statistics to the main server. The API is easy to install into an ActionScript game; simply copy some code into the beginning of the game script file to implement the service. Scores can be submitted later by calling the PoszkoleAPI.submitScore("key",value) function.

PublishflowPublishflow API: Publishflow is a service that allows online news publishers to monitor live competitor publishing activity. Instead of having to spend hours manually monitoring competitor websites, the Publishflow tools and services automatically monitors websites and notifies team members of any changes. Publishflow also provides analysis tools for determining the most popular categories/topics for a competitor's news stories.
The Publishflow API is a simple API that allows developers to create their own Publishflow applications around the provided services and tools.

PublrPublr API: Publr is a free, simple micro-blogging service that lets users upload text, video, and audio posts, as well as several other media types. The Publr API allows developers to create their own applications that can interact with Publr data/posts, using either XML-RPC or simple HTTP requests.

QuixlyQuixly API: Quixly solves a big problem in online payments today. Quixly delivers your digital files (Music Albums, PDF Books, Software, Video, Artwork, and anything else that can be downloaded) to your customers instantly and automatically once they make their purchase. Quixly generates a self-expiring URL, that is fully customizable, for them to access your digital file. Quixly can hook in to your PayPal or Google Checkout account as well and any other e-commerce platform, using our secure API, to automatically & securely deliver your digital products to your customers. You can then manage and track customer orders from within Quixly.
Quixly is also a file storage/sharing service. Upload your files and share them using self-expiring URLs that are fully customizable. File management couldn't be easier and more intuitive than with Quixly.

The full Quixly Public API has not yet been released. Below you will find the portion of the full API that is available.

The Public API is used to interface with Quixly from your own website or application. Currently the only API method available is the "orders" method. You would use this to tell Quixly when an order has been placed on your system. You would send Quixly all the necessary info about the transaction, and Quixly will take it from there. Quixly will then create an order record for the transaction and email your customer a link to download the appropriate file.
Below we have an example of how to do this in PHP. However, you are not limited to PHP and can use any language you want.

RainmakerRainmaker API: Rainmaker is a service that allows users to enhance their Google Contacts by retrieving public social information about their contacts. Not only does Rainmaker enhance Google Contacts, it also allows users to manage their contacts from the Rainmaker interface; any changes made to contacts in Rainmaker will be reflected in the user's Google Contacts.

Rainmaker also has a RESTful API that developers can use to integrate Rainmaker into their own creations. The API takes an email address as a parameter and returns available public data about the address, including social profile data, in JSON or XML format.

SafeLinkingSafeLinking API: Safelinking.net provides a way for users to hide links shared on the web, especially on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. The service puts a CAPTCHA or password on links, so bots cannot determine the true location of the link.

In addition to Safelinking's web interface there are a number of tools provided by Safelinking, including an API for developers to use to integrate Safelinking with their own applications. The API includes functionality to generate protected links and check the status of previously generated protected links.

Thomson Reuters PharmaThomson Reuters Pharma API: Thomson Reuters gathers data about investigational drugs to provide developers access to pharmaceutical research. The Thomson Reuters Pharma API allows searching of the company's database. You can filter and rank results, receive briefings about investigational drugs and more. Companies can use the API to create dashboards and competitive intelligence matrices for companies to make sense of the pharmaceutical data.

uShipuShip API: uShip is an online shipping marketplace that connects people with customer-reviewed transport companies. Transporters use uShip to place competing bids to win a customer's business. uShip�s API allows partners, affiliates, and 3rd party application developers to interact with the uShip marketplace. Using the API, users can create applications that interface with the uShip platform and build on uShip's existing functionality. Full documentation is available by contacting the uShip team.

WikimapiaWikimapia API: WikiMapia is an editable interactive map with the stated goal of creating and maintaining a free, complete, multilingual, up-to-date map of the whole world. The Wikimapia Api is a system that allows users to receive data from the maps. Users can integrate Wikimapia Geo Data into their external application or web site. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON. The API is still in beta, more features will be added soon such as roads, graphic tiles use, then adding information from mobile devices to Wikimapia DB.

youcantcall.usyoucantcall.us API: Youcantcall.us provides a web-service for rejecting and managing un-wanted callers. Developers of web-based telephony services like Twilio, Cloudvox and Tropo can easily add these tools to their existing platform. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

YummlyYummly API: Yummly is a semantic recipe search and recommendation platform. Yummly enables users to find and customize recipes based on their personal taste, nutritional and dietary preferences. The site aggregates recipes from cooking websites, and is fully integrated with Facebook. The API is currently in private beta.


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