270 Video APIs: YouTube, Flickr and Skype

Our API directory now includes 270 video APIs. The newest is the WorldStream TV API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the YouTube API. We list 645 YouTube mashups. Below you'll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of video APIs.

In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 193 video REST APIs and 31 video JavaScript APIs. Our directory lists 152 video XML APIs and 130 video JSON APIs.

The most common tags within video are 41 social video APIs, 38 media video APIs and 33 photo video APIs.

On the mashup side, we list 664 video mashups. We named Erfahrungen.com as mashup of the day three weeks ago.

For reference, here is a list of all 270 video APIs.

  12seconds.tv API: 12-second videoblogging

  5min API: Instructional video database

  5Min Videopedia API: Instructional video collection

  90sec.tv API: Embed videos on web sites

  Angel Eyes API: Image and video detection service

  Animoto API: Video creation Platform

  Ankoder API: Video transcoding service

  AnyClip API: Video Clip Sharing Service

  AOL Video API: AOL Truveo Video Search

  AOL Video Upload API: Video upload and sharing service

  Apideo API: Video streaming service

  Atlas API: the global video & audio index

  AuraLink API: Online video conferencing service

  AutoNetTV Relay Pipe API: Automotive video and web content service

  Aviberry API: Video encoding service

  Bambuser Metadata API: Live video broadcasting

  Bambuser oEmbed API: Embedded video player

  Banta API: Socialised Media Platform Service

  BetterEncoding API: Video encoding software

  Blinkx API: Video search service

  Blip.tv API: Video upload and sharing service

  Blubrry API: Media hosting service

  Boxee API: Media center service

  Brightcove API: Video publishing service

  Brightcove Player API: Video publishing service

  Brightroll API: Video advertising platform and network

  Buto.tv API: Video hosting service

  Buzzoola API: Video hosting and distribution platform

  Cellblock API: Real-time Multimedia File Sharing

  Chute Media API: Photo application development tools

  Citrix Online GoToMeeting API: Online meeting service

  Citrix Online GoToTraining API: Online training service

  Click2Stream API: Streaming video platform

  Clipta API: Video Search

  CoolStreaming API: Online streaming video service

  Cortexica API: Image recognition service

  CoveritLive API: Live event publishing platform

  Cozimo API: Online Image and Video Collaboration

  CPUsage CirrusGrid GridVid API: Cloud based parallel video encoding service

  CultClip API: Product video services

  DaCast API: On demand video streaming service

  Dailymotion API: Video sharing site

  Dave.TV API: Video distribution network

  Digitalsmiths API: Video search and recommendation service

  eCoComa Video API: Online video search service

  Embedly API: Rich media embed utility

  EncoderCloud API: Video file encoding service

  Encoding.com API: Video encoding service

  Ericsson Converting Media API: Media Conversion Tool

  Ericsson Streaming Media API: Streaming Media Status Tools

  ffwd API: Video sharing and discovery

  Film Crave API: Movie database of reviews, trailers, and reference

  Flickr API: Photo sharing service

  Flingo API: Video sharing service

  Fliqz API: Video search service

  Flixya API: Video, photo, and blog sharing platform

  Floobs API: Streaming video service

  Flyhour API: Random video discovery service

  FoxTranscribe API: Online human transcription service

  Framesocket API: Video management and publishing platform

  Framey API: Website video recording tool

  GamesRadar API: Video game cheats and guides services

  GarageTV API: Video sharing service

  GoalBit API: Video delivery platform

  Gomi API: Cloud video encoding service

  Google Plus Hangouts API: Video chat

  Granicus Open Platform API: Government open data service

  Grouper Video API: Video sharing service

  Hey Spread API: Video distribution services

  Hey!Spread API: Video mass-distribution service

  HeyWatch API: Video encoding services

  Hictu API: Video microblogging service

  HighlightCam API: Video summarization service

  How do you pronounce and use...? API: Multimedia pronunciation dictionary

  Howcast API: How-to video search service

  hu.ly API: URL shorten tool

  idiomag API: Musical artist information service

  ImageShack API: Online photo and video sharing service

  Impossible Software API: Cloud-based video platform

  InteliVideo API: Training video monetization platform

  Internet Video Archive API: Movie trailers, music videos, and game trailers service

  Ipernity API: Media sharing service

  Jabbakam API: IP camera platform

  JayCut API: Online video editing service

  JM Data MovieApp API: Movie information and rental service

  Joomeo API: Media interfacing service

  Joost API: Online television

  Justin.tv API: Live video service

  Kadoo API: Cloud-based video hosting service

  Kaltura API: Media platform customization service

  Kamcord API: Video game recording and sharing service

  Kantar Video Analytics API: Video analytics service

  Kensei Media API: Video hosting platform

  Kewego Video API: Video platform service

  Khan Academy API: Online learning and instruction platform

  Kinomap API: Geolocated video sharing platform

  KIT Video API: Video storage, encoding, and broadcast platform

  Koemei API: Video and audio file transcription service

  Kyte API: Streaming interactive television service

  Latakoo Flight API: Video Transfer And Sharing Service

  Limelight Networks API: Online video platform and content management service

  Lipfeed.com API: Multimedia platform

  LiveRail API: Video advertising service

  Livestream API: Video Streaming Tools

  LiveVideo API: Video repository and user community

  LongTail Video Bits on the Run API: Online video player

  Magma API: Video directory and discovery service

  Magnify.net API: Curated video channels

  mailVU API: Video platform to record or distribute content

  MediaCast API: Management and content software extension service

  MediaCore API: Video community platform

  MediaPlatform API: Video Sharing Service

  Medioh API: Video search service

  Meebo API: Web based messaging platform

  Mefeedia API: Video feeds and community

  MegaMeeting API: Web videoconferencing service

  Meridix API: Sports webcasting service

  Meridix LiveID API: Live stream and media access service

  MetaCDN API: Cloud-based content delivery and media streaming service

  Mobli API: Real-time media sharing and social networking platform

  Mosami API: Video processing for live applications

  Motionbox API: Video sharing service

  Movieclips.com API: Movie scene search and information service

  MovieMeter API: Retrieve film information in Dutch

  MovieZine.se API: Movie database query service


  Muecs API: Media file sharing service

  Multiply API: Social networking and media management

  Muzu.tv Data API: Music video web site

  Muzu.tv Player API: Music video web site

  Mydeo Media Manager API: Video streaming service

  MyShowroom.TV API: Live broadcasting service

  MyVidster API: Social video bookmarking

  NDS Service Delivery Platform API: Digital television platform

  Netflix API: Movie rental service

  New York Times Movie Reviews API: NY Times newspaper movie review archives

  Nimbb API: Webcam and video streaming service

  Nirvanix API: Internet storage service

  Numote Live API: TV and video engagement platform service

  ooVoo API: Web video chat room service

  Ooyala Analytics API: Video analytics services

  Ooyala Interactive Video API: Interactive video distribution services

  Ooyala Video Player API: Video player customization services

  Open Images API: Audiovisual archive service

  OpenCrypt Video Conversion API: Video conversion and management service

  OpenCrypt Video Conversion API: video conversion

  Opensubtitles API: Movie subtitles service

  Orb API: Digital media remote access and management

  Overlay.TV API: Video hosting service

  Overwolf API: Game and social application Integration service

  PalBee Mashup API: Conferencing and collaboration services

  Panda API: Video encoding service

  Pando API: File delivery and management services

  Patrick's Aviation API: Aviation Video Data Service

  PBS COVE API: PBS video metadata service

  PermissionTV API: Video distribution platform

  Phanfare API: Photo and video sharing service

  Pikchur API: Photo and video uploading service

  Pixorial API: Video collection and creation application

  Playwire API: Video hosting and publishing platform

  Pond5 API: Stock media marketplace

  Qik API: Mobile video sharing

  Qumu API: Business video platform

  Qwiki API: Interactive wiki with media

  Radbox API: Video bookmarking and saving service

  Rambla API: Live Video Streaming and Monitoring Service

  Raydash API: Video chat service

  RealGravity API: Video hosting platform service

  Reality Digital OPUS API: Social media management service

  reGame.tv API: Gaming video streaming service

  Regus API: Global Meeting Room, Video, Hot Desks on demand

  Renderfarm.fi API: Online rendering service

  Revver API: Video services

  RightsLine API: Media Library and rights management service

  Roku API: Digital media streaming service

  Rovi Cloud Services API: Digital entertainment technology

  Sapo Social API: Social media management tools

  SchoolTube API: Video hosting/sharing service for schools

  Screenr Business API: Screen capture embedding tool

  ScreenTunes API: Media based search engine

  ScreenTweet API: Media sharing service

  Seesmic API: Video dashboard and community

  Sensr.net API: Realtime camera upload service

  SesameVault API: Video sharing service

  shelby.tv API: Online video sharing and discovery service

  Shutter API: Photo and video sharing service

  Skype API: Internet communication

  SlideBomb API: Slideshow creation service

  Social Video Bytes API: Social application-based advertising network

  Socialcam API: Video sharing application

  Sorenson 360 API: Video encoding service

  SpeakerText API: Online transcription service

  SproutVideo API: Video hosting service

  StormSwift API: Mobile Video Distribution Service

  StreamAPI API: Video streaming service

  Streaming Video Provider API: Hosted media storage and streaming service

  Streamio API: Online video management platform

  Stupeflix API: Video creation service

  SubDB API: Video subtitle database

  SublimeVideo API: HTML5 video player service

  SWITCHcast API: Swiss video lecture service

  SyncTV API: Media Streaming Service

  Tagoo API: Audio and video search engine

  TED API: TEDTalks video library

  TelVue PEG.TV API: Cloud-based streaming video service

  The Movie DB API: Movie and cast information database

  TheTVDB.com API: Television show database

  ThirdPresence API: Mobile video publishing service

  Tinychat API: Video chat service

  TokBox OpenTok API: Multi party video chat

  Totspot API: Private website creation service

  Trailer Addict API: Movie trailer viewing service

  Transloadit API: Media upload, processing and storage

  True Key Video Hosting API: Video and radio streaming platform

  TubeMogul API: Video advertising and marketing service

  Tvider API: Mobile Twitter Media Sharing/Uploading Service

  Twistage API: Online video platform

  TwitchTV API: Video game broadcasting and chat community

  Twitvid API: Video social network

  TwTube API: YouTube URL shortener

  Userplane API: Communication software for online communities

  Ustream.TV API: Live video streaming service

  Utribo Connect API: Click to call and video service

  VCASMO API: Presentation construction ad sharing service

  Veenome API: Visual data reader for videos

  Veoh API: Internet television, video, and social platform

  VHX API: Web video dashboard

  VHX Megaplaya API: Web video player

  VidCaster API: Video site creation platform

  Viddler API: Online video service

  Viddy API: Social video sharing service

  Video Grabber API: Video download and capture service

  Video.js API: HTML5 video player

  VideoBam API: Video hosting service

  Videobl API: Video capture tool

  VideoBloom API: VideoBloom is a leader in end-to-end online video advertising and distribution solutions.

  Videodetective API: Film trailers, cast, images, and related information

  Videofy.me API: Video management and publishing platform

  VideoSurf API: Video search service

  Vidly API: Video hosting and playback optimization service

  Viewdle API: Video face recognition service

  Vimeo API: Video sharing service

  Viocorp API: Mobile video advertising service

  Virool API: Video advertising service

  VISUALPLANT API: Cloud Video Platform

  VMIX Media Platform API: Media management platform

  VodoModo API: Geolocation video provider

  Vodpod API: Video sharing and discovery

  VoiceBunny API: Voiceover platform service

  Vuclip Video API: Mobile video sharing and search

  Vyew API: Online meeting and webinar service

  vzaar API: Video hosting service

  Warp API: Video Streaming Platform

  Webcams.travel API: Webcam repository

  WhyGo API: Video conferencing services

  Wiqet API: Multimedia and video widgets

  Wiqet MultiMedia API: Online multimedia presentation tool

  Wistia API: Video hosting service

  WorldStream TV API: Multicultural video and audio content service

  Yahoo Live API: Live video streaming service

  Yahoo Music API: Music and musician info and videos

  Yahoo Video Search API: Video search

  Yahoo WebPlayer API: Web media player

  Yahoo Wretch API: Photo and blog hosting services

  Yospace API: Mobile video platform and service

  YouTube API: Video sharing and search

  YuMe AFP API: Target video advertising platform and network

  Zeitin Vidi API: Streaming video service

  Zencoder API: Online video transcoding service

  Zinc.tv Remote Control API: Remote control service for online media

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