275 Flickr Mashups

In the past few weeks we've seen an influx of new mashups built on the Flickr API, bringing the total number of Flickr-based mashups listed on PW to 275 (click here to see all 275). And it's not that Flickr is the only photo API out there. Far from it, we have 24 photo APIs in our directory. But a combination of a great service, flexible API and of course rich underlying data make for good mashup material. Here are a few of the newest entries:

  • Flickr Wrappr: Uses the DBpedia API and for each of the 1.95 million DBpedia concepts, the wrappr generates a collection of flickr photos that depict the concept, utilizing multilingual labels and geo-coordinates provided in Wikipedia entries.
  • Europe Photo Helix: A helix designed of Flickr photos of Europe.
  • Flickr Mania: Flickr browser that also lets you geo-tag Flickr photos via a GPS track file.