28 APIs Used in 7 Days: Amazon, COLOURlovers, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube

This past week 19 new mashups were added to our mashup directory and 28 different APIs were used to build them. A couple of the newer or less frequently seen APIs include Microsoft adCenter and COLOURlovers. The most often used APIs this week are Box.net, Google Maps and Twitter. And the most commonly used types of APIs were Mapping (4 APIs, 11 mashups), Social (4 APIs, 10 mashups) and Advertising (3 APIs, 3 mashups). The list below shows which APIs were used by which mashups:

Amazon EC2 Amazon EC2 used in Android Store Locator

Amazon eCommerce Amazon eCommerce used in Boutique Boss, Oscarscreeners

Amazon S3 Amazon S3 used in Umeshu.in

Box.net Box.net used in ezShare Pro and Box.net, Gmail and Box.net, LinkedIn and Box.net

COLOURlovers COLOURlovers used in The Color of Words

Eventful Eventful used in iMusicMash

Facebook Facebook used in Advertisement Tool - AdverTool, iconize.me

geocoder geocoder used in Locamio.com

Google AdWords Google AdWords used in Advertisement Tool - AdverTool

Google AJAX Libraries Google AJAX Libraries used in Boutique Boss

Google App Engine Google App Engine used in Gmail and Box.net

Google Base Google Base used in Locamio.com

Google Earth Google Earth used in Locamio.com

Google Maps Google Maps used in Class 3 Outbreak Game, ipap.me, Locamio.com, MarineTraffic.com: Live Ships Map, MonsterPreps, One Block Off The Grid, Umeshu.in

Google Maps Flash Google Maps Flash used in Android Store Locator, Class 3 Outbreak Game

Last.fm Last.fm used in iMusicMash

LinkedIn LinkedIn used in LinkedIn and Box.net

LyricWiki LyricWiki used in iMusicMash

Microsoft adCenter Microsoft adCenter used in Advertisement Tool - AdverTool

Rezgo Rezgo used in Almago

Tumblr Tumblr used in MonsterPreps

Twilio Twilio used in Twilleetio

Twitter Twitter used in Advertisement Tool - AdverTool, iMusicMash, ipap.me, MonsterPreps, Twilleetio, Umeshu.in

Wikipedia Wikipedia used in iMusicMash, Oscarscreeners

Yahoo BOSS Yahoo BOSS used in iMusicMash, ipap.me

Yahoo Search Yahoo Search used in iMusicMash

Yahoo Search Marketing Yahoo Search Marketing used in Advertisement Tool - AdverTool

YouTube YouTube used in iMusicMash, MonsterPreps

Mashups of the day:
And each day there is one mashup selected to be Mashup of the Day. Here are last week's winners:

 Advertisement Tool - AdverTool

 Android Store Locator





 The Color of Words

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