28 European APIs, Mashup the Continent

Out of the over 500 APIs listed at ProgrammableWeb, how many are offered by companies based in Europe? With MashupCamp Dublin in a couple weeks, this seems like a good question. In taking a look at the directory there are at least 28 European APIs (that is, companies headquartered or founded in Europe, even though they now be part of a larger, non-European company, like Skype). These APIs come from a variety of countries including the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Luxembourg, Spain, and Russia.

  • 23: Photo sharing service. API is Flickr compatible. European team.
  • AMEE: Avoiding Mass Extinction Engine. CO2 caclulations. UK.
  • AQL: Bulk SMS messaging services. UK.
  • Betfair: Online betting exchange. UK.
  • BT: Variety of APIs for messaging and voice. UK.
  • Clickatell: SMS messaging services. UK.
  • eCourier: Delivery services and package tracking. UK.
  • Esendex: Business SMS messaging services. UK.
  • ImageLoop: Animated slideshow service. Germany.
  • iShareMaps: UK postcode geocoder. UK
  • Jaiku: Micro-blogging service. Now part of Google. Finland.
  • Joost: Online television and video service. Luxembourg.
  • Lokad: Online time series forecasting tools. France.
  • Multimap: Global online mapping service. UK.
  • Nearby.org.uk: Geocoding service. UK.
  • Nestoria: UK and Spain real estate listings. UK.
  • Netvibes: Personalized home page and widgets. France.
  • OddsMiner: Sports betting XML feeds. UK.
  • Panoramio: Geo-centric photo service, now owned by Google. Spain.
  • Pikeo: Photo sharing service. France.
  • Pingdom: Web site monitoring services. Sweden.
  • Skype: Messaging Platform. Luxembourg.
  • Talis: Library 2.0 reference services. UK.
  • TheyWorkForYou: Track the UK Parliament. UK.
  • TradeSports: Online sports betting exchange. Ireland.
  • ViaMichelin: Mapping, directions, and travel booking services. France.
  • Vodafone Betavine: Mobile web services. UK.
  • Yandex: Russian search engine. Russia.

If anyone is aware of European APIs in our directory but not included above or other non-US APIs we don't currently catalog please let us know in the comments or with our share an API page.

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