2800 Mashups

Every day of the year we get new mashups get added to our directory and as of yesterday the total was an even 2800 mashups. To build these, developers have used 315 different web service APIs. Which includes a lot of APIs that are not maps. One way to see this is by using the APIs by Mashups view which shows an ordered list of how many mashups we have cataloged per API. The pie chart below shows the distribution by API over the past two weeks:


This includes a few of the most frequently used APIs like Google Maps, Flickr, Virtual Earth and Amazon e-Commerce as well as a couple that are less often at the top of the charts like 4 new Digg mashups and 3 new Technorati mashups.

And once again, the YouTube API continues to become increasingly popular, now with 221 YouTube mashups here. The latest entry, shown below, is for Kent Brewster's Blog Juice that combines 9 different APIs including the new MyBlogLog API (our earlier coverge here).


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[...] Programmableweb ya hay 2800 mashups en la web. Para construirlos los desarrolladores han utilizado 315 web services [...]